What is the difference between a carp like dragon and a snake like dragon? Which is more powerful?

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Do you like the Dragon Story? Today, the editor of China story network will give you a detailed explanation~

As the most common creature in ancient Chinese mythology, there are indeed many kinds of dragons. Although they are all called “Dragons”, the evolutionary archetypes and symbolic meanings are different. Let’s solve this problem.


First of all, let’s introduce the most basic “dragon culture” in China. The dragon culture is the most representative traditional culture of the Han people and all ethnic groups in East Asia. In China, the dragon has the ability to carry clouds and rain. It is the strength of scale insects and is regarded as the representative of power and auspiciousness. It can exorcise evil spirits and avoid disasters. At the same time, the emperors in ancient China regarded themselves as dragons, which shows their high status.

Although it is said that the dragon is the long of scale insects, there are many people talking about its appearance. However, the most basic image of the dragon is “nine like”. It has the appearance of nine kinds of animals. According to different types, it is different in thickness and length. It can be seen or hidden in the sky and omnipotent in the world. Dragon, Phoenix, tortoise and Lin are collectively called “four spirits”, which is what we call green dragon, Phoenix, cinnabar and Xuanwu.

When it comes to green dragon, it is also called “Canglong”, which is a kind of dragon. The combination of fish into dragon and snake into dragon in our question is the most representative dragon in the East, which frequently appears in cultural works. Therefore, the green dragon is also called “Oriental Green Dragon” in the West.

So what is the difference between the carp turning into a dragon and the snake turning into a dragon mentioned in the question?

As the name implies, the so-called “carp turns into dragon” is the Dragon evolved from carp, and the snake turns into dragon is the same, but the status between the two is not the same. Let’s talk about the fish transformed dragon first. This kind of dragon should be the lowest among all kinds of dragons. There are also many myths and legends. For example, when the four masters and disciples passed through Zhu Ziguo in the journey to the west, Sun Wukong once cured the king’s stubborn disease with a pill made of the “horse urine” of the white dragon horse. When Zhu Bajie asked xiaobailong Ma for “horse urine”, Bailong Ma said:

“If I urinate in the water, the fish in the water will eat Jackie Chan; if I urinate in the mountain, the grass in the mountain will taste and become Ganoderma lucidum, and the immortal boy will pick it up to live a long life. How can I give it up here?”

As the prince of Xihai dragon, Xiaobai dragon is a pure dragon. Little white Dragon said that if he urinates in the water, the swimming fish in the water can turn into a dragon. This shows that the status of the Yuhua dragon in the dragon family is really inferior.

We all know an old saying:

“Jinlin is not a thing in the pool. It will turn into a dragon in the event of wind and rain“

These words are used by talented people who have ambitions to describe themselves, and carp leaping over the dragon gate has become the aspiration of every family for success since ancient times. It has gradually become a custom, and it is precisely because of this fish that the Dragon gradually loses its original meaning.

Besides, the snake turns into a dragon is different. The snake turns into a dragon is a very difficult process, and its final form is Yinglong. Yinglong is a very high-ranking dragon, also known as Huanglong. It is the only one with wings on its back among all kinds of dragons. Yinglong is located in the center of the five directions, and the five elements are in charge of the earth. Now it is thunderous, but hidden, the wind and rain never stop. However, not all snakes can evolve from such a dragon with infinite power.

At first, the snake was a “Cobra”. After 500 years of cultivation, it became a “dragon”. After a thousand years of cultivation, the “dragon” became a “Horned Dragon” (white dragon horse is one of them). After a thousand years of cultivation, the “Horned Dragon” can become a “Ying dragon”. Yinglong is a real dragon that can be compared with the candle dragon and the green dragon. It is a dragon higher than the white dragon horse. It can be seen that many snakes died on the way of Jackie Chan.


Speaking of Ying long, there is another story:

At the beginning, the tribes in the Yellow River Basin led by the Yellow Emperor and the tribes in the Yangtze River Basin led by Chiyou had a war, and both sides tried their best, and Ying Long was a general under the Yellow Emperor. Ying Long is good at “storing water”, and Chiyou also has a spirit that is good at calling the wind and rain. His ability is even better than Ying long. The heavy rain will soon drown the Yellow Emperor’s army.

The Yellow Emperor was in a weak position and refused to wait for his death, so he asked the goddess of heaven to help stop the heavy rain and wipe out the Chiyou tribe. Ying Long killed Chiyou and Kuafu in the war. Due to the great loss in the war, Ying long could no longer fly back to Tianting with his remaining divine power, so he quietly came to the South and lived in the mountains. Times have changed. In a blink of an eye, it was the Dayu era. The flood broke out and the people suffered. Dayu shouldered the important task of saving the common people, and Ying Long came to help, sweeping the floor with his tail, and once again saved hundreds of millions of people.

Speaking of this, we should all understand that there is a huge difference between the fish turned dragon and the snake turned dragon. No matter how hard the process of achieving the positive result is, or how high the skills and abilities are, the snake turned dragon is far more than the fish turned dragon. However, in the final analysis, these are all things recorded in the fairy tales. It is hard to say whether the Dragon really existed or ever existed.

However, since our ancestors regarded the dragon as one of the twelve zodiac animals, it is not groundless. Perhaps in the near future, when major archaeological discoveries are made, the dragon will really appear.


So, do you believe there are dragons in this world? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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