What is the evil in the drug mad America?

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So did trump want to put an end to drug abuse in the United States?

It’s naive. Trump has only one reason to call the opioid crisis a public health emergency, because he wants to:

Nima: I’m the leader of the United States. The United States belongs to me. You’ve made the United States a mess. What good has it done me?

It’s not good for me. Why should I let you fool around?

You have made a lot of money. So many people die in America every year, but what about me?

Therefore, in 2017, the number of drug abuse deaths in the United States reached 76000 in that year. Trump demanded strict control over opioids. As a result, four years later, the number of deaths in that year exceeded 100000.

Are you taking good care of me?

In the United States, one out of every 10 people overdoses drugs, and 11 million of them have reached the point of abuse, that is, crazy drug use.

In 2021 alone, 107000 people died of overdose in the United States, an increase of 12% over 2020. Among these 100000 people, more than 80000 died of opioid use.

Let’s take another look at the news. After Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan Province, one of the countermeasures proposed by China is:

China US drug control cooperation was suspended.

This seems to have caused great unease on the US side. Gupta, director of the National Narcotics Policy Office of the White House, said that this is unacceptable to the United States.

This information may confuse many people.

What drugs do Americans take when they are free? Is this medicine better than donuts?

What the hell are the opioids that kill so many people in the United States?

Why does the suspension of Sino US drug control cooperation make the United States dissatisfied?

Let’s talk about it one by one.

Americans abuse drugs, 80% of which are opioids.

The opioid drug Americans love most is fentanyl, and many Americans feel uncomfortable without taking drugs.

Opioid “Opium”, if you are not familiar with the name, then it also has a famous name, opium!

In the earliest history of mankind, opium was not created as a drug.


Opium is extracted from opium poppy. As early as 3400 BC, people in the two river basins, that is, today’s Iraq, began to grow this crop. At that time, it was found to have the effect of relieving pain and calming the nerves, and it was given the good name of “happy plant”.

Around the fifth century BC, the Greeks squeezed the flowers or fruits of opium poppy into medicine. At the beginning of the sixth century AD, the Arabs spread the opium poppy to Persia and began to call it “Opium”.

In ancient times, when there was no scientific and technological means, doctors liked to use opium very much, but opium was extremely harmful. After several times of use, it would cause drug dependence and lifelong addiction, and it was difficult to get rid of it. There would be uneasiness, tears, sweat, runny nose, irritability, trembling, shivering, shivering, and anorexia

At the same time, excessive use will cause irreparable damage to the human body and even cause death. The symptoms include coma, respiratory depression, hypotension, small pupil, destruction of endocrine and immune system functions, etc.

In ancient times, opium did not begin to become popular on a large scale. First, the purification technology was limited, and second, we did not know how to use it. It was easy to burp farts if we swallowed it directly. It was the British who started to harm the world.

In the 17th century, British doctors invented the Opium tincture “d” ? NG “, dissolving opium in alcohol and adding a lot of other drugs can quickly achieve analgesic effect, he sighed:

I can’t help but sing praises to the great God, the creator of all things, who brings comfortable opium to human suffering. No matter from the number of diseases it can control or the efficiency it can eliminate diseases, no medicine has the value of opium. Without opium, medicine would be just a cripple.

In 1757, Britain occupied Bangladesh, which was rich in opium poppy. With the rise of the industrial revolution, the pharmaceutical industry developed rapidly, and opium soon became the price of cabbage. In 1821, Britain only needed 1p to buy a bottle of opium tincture, while it still needed 2.1p to buy a pound of bread.

The “magical” curative effect and low prices made opium products popular in Britain.

It is no exaggeration that the British working class at that time was in dire straits, and soon regarded opium as the best placebo.


The long working hours and poor working environment make the workers suffer from rheumatism, asthma, arthritis and other occupational diseases. They have to support their families on a meagre income. They have neither time nor money to see a doctor. What should they do?

Let’s have a bottle of opium tincture. One bottle goes into the soul. There’s nothing that can’t be solved by opium. If one bottle is not enough, we’ll have another 10 bottles.

In fact, even if I go to a doctor, the doctor likes to open a bottle of opium tincture, drink it, and forget all my troubles

How popular was tincture of opium at that time?

In the 18th century, British workers generally worked more than 16 hours a day and had no time to take care of their children. Therefore, parents in the slums actually fed opium tincture to lull their children to sleep. In 1820, a British food company directly produced balagaoli, a candy for children containing opium. The so-called “let children eat it without crying” was popular for a while, which shows how crazy they are.

Throughout the 19th century, opium was widely used in Europe and the United States. We all know that Britain launched the evil Opium War in 1840, but Britain also became a big opium importer, and opium from India poured in continuously.

In 1830, Britain imported 91000 pounds of opium, and by 1860 it had risen to 280000 pounds. Opium was sold everywhere in the streets and alleys of all cities in Britain.

In 1860, the abuse of opium in Britain had caused a large number of social problems. Two fifths of drug poisoning was caused by opium. Moreover, the proliferation of opium made the crime rate rise steadily. Robbery and killing for purchasing opium, taking opium to induce hallucinations, resulting in blood cases, opium smuggling and other vicious crimes.

The United Kingdom finally realized that the country would not be a country for a long time… Only in 1868 did it pass the drug pharmacy act, which began to control opium products and prohibit the sale of non medicinal opium.

Then we will talk about how the United States has come to this stage.

Around 1850, Bayer company of Germany invented the famous opioid morphine as a powerful analgesic. Just 10 years later, the civil war broke out with the highest casualty rate in the history of the United States. The whole United States was killed in a river of blood. The conservative figure was 750000 dead and 400000 injured

At that time, there was no penicillin and other drugs, so it was very easy to get infected after being shot, and the probability was about to be hung. So the military doctors highly praised morphine. Because it could not save the wounded soldiers anyway, it was used in large numbers on the battlefield to provide relief from pain.

Later, the proportion of veterans who experienced the civil war who were addicted to morphine injection was very high, and this phenomenon was also called soldier disease or army disease.

The drugs that are popular in the United States today are mainly called fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a powerful analgesic drug invented in 1960. It is characterized by extremely short onset time. If it is injected intravenously, it will have an immediate effect in 1 minute and reach a peak in 4 minutes. The efficacy is far more than heroin, 80 times that of morphine!

Around 1980, fentanyl began to be widely used as a medical drug for analgesia and tranquilization. Like the children’s tablet candy in Britain, fentanyl lollipops were also available in the United States, becoming a popular drug.

In the United States, the largest enterprise producing fentanyl is Janssen company. If you are not familiar with it, its parent company is Johnson & Johnson.

No matter fentanyl or others, the biggest characteristic of all opioids is addiction.

As soon as I eat, I can’t stop.

From the above, here comes the question. Drugs like fentanyl are better than drugs. Moreover, large companies such as Johnson & Johnson produce them in an industrialized way, and the prices are far cheaper than ordinary drugs. They can be bought directly in pharmacies. Have not drug addicts found the best drugs with the lowest prices?

In capitalist countries, pharmaceutical companies have invented opioids such as fentanyl, and the next thing to do is to make huge profits.

In the 1990s, American pharmaceutical companies hired a large number of experts and scholars to publish academic articles that concluded that the addiction of opioids was not as serious as imagined, and it was not enough to be feared and could be safely used.

This scene is the same as the American sugar industry scam in the depth | why Americans are becoming more and more stupid | I wrote earlier. In the 1950s, it was a period of huge profits for the American sugar industry giants. They hired a large number of American scientists to serve as their platforms, and issued articles in the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of agriculture, misleading people that fat, not sugar, was the main cause of human obesity and heart disease and hypertension.

It was not until 2009 that the dark curtain was uncovered.

The trick of the sugar industry company is to make people accumulate more fat and have the possibility of high blood pressure and diabetes. However, once they take or overdose opioids, they may become permanently addicted and cause a life-long tragedy.

After that, the major drug companies in the United States promised that they would not become addicted to opioid analgesics. Subsequently, they gave American doctors a lot of benefits and kickbacks for full promotion.

Opioid drugs such as fentanyl have extremely rapid effects, and are promised by pharmaceutical companies that they have no side effects and benefits. Patients will be able to take them as soon as they eat them, and they will have to be repeat customers. Wouldn’t it be foolish for doctors in the United States not to prescribe such drugs?

Not only that, since the 1990s, a large number of drugs in the United States have been added with opioids such as fentanyl. The reason is very simple: “the effect is not only good enough to explode”, but also it is necessary to come back again and again to buy them and become loyal consumers. Who can’t afford the money of American pharmaceutical companies… “

Is it really as good as they say?

What is the result of this?

Fentanyl drugs are popular, and “derivatives” are constantly developed. For example, in American universities, they are called “smart drugs”.

In May this year, three female students at Ohio State University in the United States took an excessive amount of smart drugs for exams. When their roommates found out, they convulsed and frothed at the mouth. They immediately called the police.

When the police arrived, one girl had stopped breathing, and the other two were rushed to the hospital. Two days later, another person was declared dead because of overdose.

The two students who died were not stupid and sweet, but real school bullies. One person is studying for a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, a medical preparatory course, and will graduate next year. The other is a computer major student, who has already got an offer from Google and is about to graduate.

This scene is extremely common in the United States, and they are only two numbers of 100000 people per year.

“Smart drugs” are popular in American universities. In fact, they are opioids containing fentanyl. This kind of neurostimulant can increase people’s alertness and temporarily reduce fatigue. It has a certain effect of improving concentration and making thinking more flexible.

But it has strong addiction and drug resistance, and it is extremely easy to cause death after overdose.

Less than 3 jin of fentanyl can kill 500000 people.

The huge profits of fentanyl have led to a large number of counterfeit drugs or smuggled drugs in the United States. As long as these counterfeit drugs contain more than 2 mg of fentanyl, they can kill patients.

However, in order to get the patients to know, about 40% of the counterfeit drugs found in the United States contain potential lethal doses of fentanyl.

As we have just said, today, the strong addiction of opioids has led to one in every 10 Americans taking excessive drugs, and 11 million of them have reached the level of drug abuse.

The number of deaths caused by opioid abuse increased by more than 5% every year, and finally exceeded 100000 by 2021.

Today, the population of the United States accounts for 5% of the world, but the consumption of opioids accounts for 80% of the world.

Many American patients often don’t know at all that fentanyl is contained in the drugs prescribed by their doctors, or they simply don’t know what opioid drugs are. They know that these drugs are very useful, and then they become addicted for no reason, so they can’t eat them, or they are “happy to death” after eating them directly

According to the prescriptions prescribed by American doctors for patients, the time period for taking opioids is often 17.5 days, which is long enough to make patients addicted.

About 70% of the drug abusers in the United States are poor people at the bottom. Because of their poor knowledge and limited information, they do not know what they eat at all. They only know that it is impossible to stop eating in the end

You become a drug addict after seeing a disease for no apparent reason. Do you say that you are a fucker or not?

On October 26, 2017, US President trump signed a new administrative memorandum at the White House, requiring that the opioid crisis be regarded as a public health emergency to reduce the number of deaths caused by excessive consumption of opioids nationwide.

Because in the United States, cities such as Philadelphia have been almost destroyed by drugs along with the abuse of drugs and drugs. There are drug addicts everywhere, and they have become zombie cities,

The United States will soon be a nation without a nation



So does trump want to put an end to drug abuse in the United States?

It’s naive. Trump has only one reason to call the opioid crisis a public health emergency, because he wants to:

Nima: I’m the leader of the United States. The United States belongs to me. You’ve made the United States a mess. What good has it done me?

It’s not good for me. Why should I let you fool around?

You have earned money. So many people die in America every year, but what about me?

Therefore, in 2017, the number of drug abuse deaths in the United States reached 76000 in that year. Trump demanded strict control over opioids, so four years later, the number of deaths in that year exceeded 100000.

Are you taking good care of me?

In fact, in the past few decades, a large number of “people of insight” in the United States have called for strict control of opioids, and “people of the people” have also held many rallies to call for this.

And drug abuse has caused such great harm to the United States, why can’t it be controlled?

In fact, this logic is the same as the fact that the United States cannot ban guns.

If drug abuse is to be eradicated, what about the huge profits of opioid pharmaceutical companies?

Hospitals, doctors, dealers, including politicians who have received benefits… The entire interest chain has been formed and a stable interest alliance has been formed. Why should they control?

More than 30 million people in the United States have taken excessive drugs, and 11 million people are addicted to drugs. Many people are counting on this drug to make a living. If anyone wants to crack down on opioids, will his vote be rejected?

Therefore, drug abuse in the United States will become a dead circle that can never be broken, just like the prohibition of guns.

So, let’s return to the last question. What is the relationship between the suspension of Sino US drug control cooperation and fentanyl?

Um, didn’t the US government say that it would strictly control opioids? But they can’t control it. The more they control it, the more… But they must give themselves a step, so the United States still brought out its magic weapon:

It’s all China’s fault!

In the past few years, both trump and Biden have been talking nonsense, believing that the drug abuse in the United States is due to China

In the trump era, one of the reasons for launching a trade war against China is that “China has not strictly controlled the flow of fentanyl raw materials into the United States”;

In the Biden era, at the end of last year, an executive order was signed to impose sanctions on 15 entities and 10 individuals in China, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, including four Chinese enterprises and one individual. Biden’s logic is that they all led to drug abuse in the United States;

First of all, we would like to say that China has strict control over opioids and extremely strict restrictions on drugs. Fentanyl drugs have long been listed as a whole. All illegal production and smuggling are dealt with as drug crimes.

For example, 1.4 billion Chinese people used 1.6 tons of morphine in 2016, while 320 million Americans used 19.6 tons. That is to say, the per capita use of morphine in the United States is more than 50 times that of China. This is also the reason why 100000 people in the United States die each year

However, opioids are synthetic drugs and require various raw materials. China does not export fentanyl to the United States. However, many raw materials are exported due to the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, and are used as raw materials for fentanyl by pharmaceutical companies in Mexico, Brazil or the United States.

Biden’s logic genius is similar to:

China is the world’s largest steel producer and the largest steel exporter.

The United States is the country with the largest number of private guns in the world, with 2.65 guns per capita.

Steel must be used to manufacture firearms.

So Biden and trump have come to the conclusion:

Why is free America shooting every day?

Because it’s China’s fault. If they don’t produce steel, we won’t be able to make guns?


In fact, Biden has another layer of selfishness.

On November 30, 2021, the US state-run drug Center opened and officially opened in New York. Two people died on that day.

The relationship between the Democratic Party and the US medical system is deeply intertwined. Biden wishes that large pharmaceutical companies in the United States could monopolize opioids and make huge profits. However, because the raw materials in China are relatively cheap, the opioids synthesized by Mexican pharmaceutical companies have a great impact on American pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, Biden hopes to crack down on opioids in other countries

If you want to export it, you can only monopolize it in the United States

This is Biden’s mind.

What does the suspension of drug control cooperation mean?

That is to say, if the United States finds illegal fentanyl drugs, if they are related to Chinese enterprises, if the United States wants to trace them, China will refuse to provide clues

In fact, this is more symbolic. China will not give up its harsh crackdown on drugs because of this.

And we will certainly not import this kind of drugs into the United States because we simply can not commit the crime. Sooner or later, the ship of the United States will sink

It has nothing to do with any other country. The United States is destined to be the world’s largest drug Empire forever and can never turn back, because the US government itself represents capital, including the interests of pharmaceutical companies, and can never be separated.

Now, India and Mexico have become the manufacturing centers of new fentanyl drugs, and two new stars are rising.

The US medical and health expenditure accounts for the highest proportion of GDP in the world, reaching an astonishing 18%, which is almost the total of the world. However, a large number of Americans sneak into Cuba every year because of the strong marketing ability of American pharmaceutical companies, their lobbying ability to the government and their ability to share the spoils.

In the future, the United States will only become more and more crazy about taking drugs

Nearly 200 years ago, Britain launched the evil Opium War, importing opium from India and selling it to China, while the United States, as an accomplice, imported opium from Türkiye, accounting for 10% of the opium trade with China;

At that time, the United States was only a short time after the founding of the people’s Republic of China. It was through this 10% trade that the United States gained the original accumulation of evil, opened up the industrialization of the United States, and gradually became a powerful country.

However, even at the end of the Qing Dynasty, opium addicts accounted for 1.7% of the population in China, and in 2021, the proportion of drug users and drug abusers in the United States had reached 7.2%!

I have to say: I always have to pay you back when I come out.

Don’t worry, the good play is behind. Take your time

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