What is the force Liu Bei has successively relied on (who Liu Bei has successively depended on)

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Speaking of Lu Bu, I think in addition to the words “Lu Bu in people, Red Rabbit in horses”, you will also think of the nickname “three family slaves”. There is no way. Who let Lv Bu really turn to the three bosses? Why is he said to be a family slave with three surnames? First, his surname is Lu. Second, Ding used to be his adoptive father, so he was also named Ding. Third, he later killed Ding Yuan and recognized Dong Zhuo as his adoptive father, so his surname was Dong. So, the title of “three family slaves” came into being.

Although Liu Bei has been wandering all his life and defected to many people, at least Liu Bei has not recognized anyone as his adoptive father. I think that is why Liu Bei has not been scolded. Let’s take a look at how many people and forces Liu Bei has trusted in his life.



In 175, Liu Bei went out to study. At that time, he worshipped the monk Lu Zhi as his teacher. I think this is the first. After leaving Lu Zhi, Liu Bei defected to Zhu Jun, defeated Zhang Bao under Zhu Jun, and Zhu Jun became a general on horseback. As for Liu Bei, because his relationship is not hard enough, he can only be a county captain. Later, Liu Bei, the county lieutenant, couldn’t hold the post because of the whip, so he ran to Daizhou and ran to Liu Hui.

After staying at Liu Hui for some time, Liu Bei felt that he had no future. It happened that his old friend Gongsun Zan took the army to fight against Dong Zhuo and passed by Liu Bei’s territory. So Liu Bei joined Gongsun Zan’s camp. Later, Liu Bei was promoted by Gongsun Zan and became the prime minister of Ping Yuan.

In 194, Cao Cao sent troops to attack Xuzhou, where Mu Tao Qian asked Liu Bei for help. If Lv Bu hadn’t stabbed Cao Cao in the back, Tao Qian and Liu Bei would have become the soul of Cao Cao at that time. Because of the instability in the rear, Cao Cao had to withdraw. So Tao Qian was finally safe, and Liu Bei stayed at Tao Qian, and Tao Qian became the fifth person Liu Bei defected to.

After Tao Qian died, he handed Xuzhou to Liu Bei. However, it was not long before Xuzhou was occupied by Lu Bu because of Zhang Fei. In addition, Liu Bei was defeated by Yuan Shu, which made Liu Bei have to temporarily negotiate with Lv Bu and rely on Lv Bu to resist Yuan Shu’s attack. After Cao Cao calmed down, he focused on Xuzhou again. Just as Liu Bei and Lv Bu had a grudge, Cao Cao invited Liu Bei to attack Lv Bu together. Don’t want the information leaked. When Lv Bu learned about this, his first reaction was to beat Liu Bei.

Under such circumstances, Liu Bei had to run to Cao Cao and become his younger brother. It was because of Cao Cao that Liu Bei met Han Xiandi, and he also got the title of emperor uncle. Later, Liu Bei accepted the dress edict, so under the pretext of fighting with Yuan Shao, he left Xudu with his brother and younger brother. He also left Cao Cao’s 50000 troops.

This made Cao Cao angry and immediately sent troops to attack Liu Bei. Liu Bei was defeated, and even his two wives were controlled by Cao Cao. However, Liu Bei had to go to his seventh boss, Yuan Shao. When Guan Yu returned to Liu Bei from Cao Cao, Liu Bei told Yuan Shao that he wanted to go to Jingzhou and persuade Liu Biao to attack Cao Cao together. Yuan Shao believed that and let Liu Bei go.

After leaving Yuan Shao, Liu Bei ran to Runan and gathered many soldiers. Originally, he wanted to attack Xudu while Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were in the battle of Guandu, but he didn’t want to send troops to attack Liu Bei immediately after winning the battle of Guandu. In this way, Liu Bei was defeated by Cao Cao again, so he really had to go to Liu Biao.

In Jingzhou, after Liu Biao’s death, there was the Red Cliff Battle. After the Red Cliff War, Liu Bei finally occupied several counties in Jingzhou, relying on his own tears, Zhuge Liang’s ingenuity, and the courage of his soldiers and generals to kill the enemy. In a real sense, he has his own territory. He doesn’t have to run to others everywhere and be younger brother to others like before.

If so, Liu Bei has defected to 8 people in his life. There is no way. Although he is the queen of King Jing of Zhongshan, he can only sell straw sandals in his generation, starting with Cao Cao and Sun Quan. If you don’t have a solid foundation, you can only temporarily depend on others. The facts proved that Liu Bei’s choice was right. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Zhuge Liang to wait for Liu Bei.

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