What is the identity of Bodhi? Why did Bodhi tell Sun Wukong not to reveal his identity?

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What is the identity of Bodhi? Why did Bodhi tell Sun Wukong not to reveal his identity? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

Although Bodhi has the qualification of an immortal, he is not an immortal in heaven. In fact, Bodhi is probably a figure who has jumped out of the three realms. After Sun Wukong was ready to go out of the mountain, Bodhi’s father told him not to disclose his name, even in a slightly threatening tone. This makes many people unable to understand. What are the scruples of Bodhi’s father? Perhaps this is related to his real identity, but from the perspective of Sun Wukong, it may be just for practicing martial arts. Otherwise, there will be Bodhi ancestors busy on the way to get scriptures.



Wukong left Lingtai Fangcun mountain, said goodbye to Bodhi, returned to Huaguo Mountain, and began his arduous entrepreneurial road.

Everyone who starts a business has a big dream. Wukong is no exception.

Unlike other people who started from scratch, Wukong had already had his own career before learning from a teacher, which is Huaguoshan real estate. He has a territory and a group of monkeys under him. I went outside to study for better development. To put it bluntly, it is to live forever.

After coming back, everything changed. Because the monkeys have no heads, Huaguo Mountain is bullied. The person who bullies them is the devil in the water. Many monkeys were taken away, and the devil of the mixed world also came to the door in two or three days. Fortunately, marshal Ma Liu and general bengba were involved in the struggle, which ensured that the industry of Huaguo Mountain was not completely absorbed by the devil king.

After Wukong came back, he killed the demon king and regrouped. Huaguo Mountain prospered again. In order to improve his strength, he went to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea and grabbed the golden cudgel. He made a big fuss in the underworld and sold many monkeys dead.

Seeing that the cause of Huaguo Mountain is flourishing day by day, it turns out that there is an unexpected situation, and Tianbing day will encircle and suppress it.

Although it is said that before the encirclement and suppression campaign, Sun Wukong was recruited to serve as Bi Mawen for more than half a month, and he also managed the peach garden for a period of time. He was even given the false name of the great sage of heaven. But in the end, Caesar’s will go to Caesar and the Jade Emperor’s will go to the Jade Emperor.

For the first time, he was surrounded and suppressed by the heavenly soldiers, but he was led by tota Li and Nezha. Because of Nezha’s release of water, Wukong escaped a disaster.

However, I can’t avoid the first day of junior high school and the fifteenth day of junior high school. The second time, the heavenly soldiers and generals came again. This time, tota Li Tianwang still led the team. But the generals who went with the army were super luxurious. They include the four heavenly kings, the twenty-eight constellations, the nine Yao star officials, the twelve yuan stars, the five directions of enlightenment, the four value meritorious Cao, the East and West stars, the north and South gods, the five mountains and the four blasphemies, and the universal astrology. A total of 100000 heavenly troops have deployed 18 heavenly and earth nets.

Good fellow, if this situation really hits, I’m afraid Huaguo Mountain will be trampled to dust.

As the saying goes, the ignorant are fearless. Wukong used the magic skills learned from Bodhisattva to create countless great saints. He was stunned and fought with the heavenly soldiers and generals. Even fought alone to defeat the Jiuyao star.

However, I saw that the great sage’s stick had withstood the four heavenly gods, Li Tuota and Prince Nezha, and they were all in the air for a long time. He turned out thousands of great saints, defeated Prince Nezha, and defeated five heavenly kings. This fighting power is really powerful, my monkey brother.


Because the eight trigrams stove of the Supreme Lord Lao Jun failed to trap Wukong, the Buddha of the Tathagata came out and pushed Wukong to the foot of the five elements mountain. Now, within the three boundaries, we can finally calm down for a period of time.

After the tempering of the five elements mountain, Wukong’s Huaguo Mountain entrepreneurship has come to an end. After coming out, he followed the Tang monk to the west to get scriptures. It can be said that he has entered a new venture capital company.

Strictly speaking, the scripture gathering group is different from Wukong’s Huaguo Mountain and various departments of Tianting. Because Huaguo Mountain is Wukong’s initial entrepreneurial base, Tianting is a place where there are organizations. And the scripture gathering group can only be regarded as a tertiary institution of the heavenly court and the Buddhist world.

Among the members of the Buddhist Scripture group, Tang monk is the reincarnation of the second disciple of the Buddha. It is similar to taking a temporary post for training. Whether he succeeds or not, he has a home. He has failed nine times before. Even if he fails this time, it is nothing more than a game of numbers plus one.

Bajie’s identity is also very special. Although he was Marshal Tianpeng of Tianting before he came to earth, his real identity is relatively complex. Maybe he didn’t join the scripture group for the original intention of the Jade Emperor, but various relationships are intertwined, and the Jade Emperor may not be able to fully control it.

Monk Sha is the real lineage of the Jade Emperor. In front of him, the golden cicada was reincarnated nine times to get scriptures, but all of them were eaten by the monk Sha who was blocked in the Liusha river. It can be seen that an agreement satisfactory to all parties must be reached before it can be passed.

For the little white dragon to join, in fact, Guanyin Bodhisattva gave Tianlong Babu a chance. The reason is that the dragon clan in the eight heavenly dragons, on the surface, belongs to the Tianting, but its status is relatively low. Once the Tianting holds a banquet, it eats dragon liver and Phoenix marrow, and the Dragon Kings are definitely unhappy. This is true not only in the heavenly court, but also in the Buddhist realm. The Dapeng will eat many dragons at a meal. If it goes on like this, the dragon people will definitely resist. These are all practical problems that need to be solved.

Since the dragon people can provide delicious food, the heaven and the Buddha world certainly cannot give them too high a status. Because their position is too high, what should they do if they don’t let them eat dragon meat? But if people like Dapeng eat endlessly and the dragon people are angry, what will they do if they eat the dragon as an endangered animal in the future?

By taking advantage of the Sutra, Tianting and the Buddhist world planned two events together. One is the case that the Dragon King of Jinghe River changed the rainfall without permission, and the other is the case that the Pearl on the Dragon Palace of Xihai was stolen.

The first thing was that the Dragon King of Jinghe River was beheaded, which was a great shock to the dragon people; The little white dragon eye in the west sea looks like it will be killed again. When the dragon people are worried, things turn around. Guanyin Bodhisattva saved the little white dragon from the Dharma field. After that, little white dragon became the dragon horse of the Tang Monk and officially became a member of the scripture group.

Then the last indicator is Sun Wukong’s.



Both Bajie and Sha Seng used to work in Tianting, so they knew what to do along the way.

The simplest and most effective routine of the eight Commandments is to hang the first hand directly. As long as Tang Seng is right, the eight commandments listen to master’s words most and speak what master likes to hear most. Besides these two points, meritorious service is also indispensable. However, it is not easy for a normal demon to fight. Do you know which is the mount of Lingshan, which is the follower of Taishang Laojun, and which is the boy of Maitreya Buddha? Therefore, along the way, the eight commandments mainly attack those non mainstream vice demons. What are the tiger pioneers of the yellow wind monster, the jade faced fox, the concubine of the ox demon king, and the uncle of the Golden Horn king, Hu AQI. There is also a combination demon that obviously has no background combat power value. For example, Xingxian, guzhigong and shibagong in Jingji mountain. Good guy, there are six big tree monsters and four small monsters all at once.

There is also the Bibo lake. There is a super powerful demon here. It is a nine headed insect. Nine worms can’t beat them, but Bajie killed a lot of dragon sons, dragon grandsons and dragon mothers in bibotan.

According to the number, Bajie killed more monsters than Wukong.

As for monk Sha, he is a typical worker who does not contribute. Because, among all the members of the scripture group, he is the only one who is a serious member of the heavenly court. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you hit the monster or not, nor does it matter whether you slip or not. He only needs to ensure that he can follow Tang Monk all the way to the west to complete the task. From this point of view, monk Sha’s willingness to complete the Scriptures in the west is stronger than that of the eight commandments and Wukong. Xiao Bailong is also resolute.

Xiao Bailong is really a hard worker. Because he shoulders the task of rejuvenating the Dragon nation. If he gets a positive result in the west, the status of the whole dragon clan will rise. Therefore, in the Baoxiang state, when Wukong was demoted and the Tang monk was turned into a tiger, little white dragon dared to become a palace maid to kill the Yellow robed monster. After the failure, when Bajie was about to run away with his luggage, it was little white dragon who killed himself by biting Bajie’s soap clothes, breaking them up and breaking them to reason. Finally, Bajie was moved to invite Sun Wukong to Huaguo Mountain.

The scripture group said it all over again, and finally it was the turn to say Wukong.



Among these people, each has his own background, so each has his own selfish heart. Whether it is active or not, whether it is hard-working or not, whether it is really hard-working or clever, there is a personal purpose in it. Only Wukong didn’t.

Wukong has no parents and family. He jumps out of a crack in a stone. Several brothers were sworn in Huaguo Mountain, and the ox demon king was completely separated from these people.

Then there are only his followers left. Bodhisattva had a word in advance that he should not mention himself. Now, Wukong is all alone.

Why did Wukong tell Tang Monk about the “no worries” in the Heart Sutra on the way? Because he is “free from fear” because he is “free from fear”. So, along the way, Tang monk was the most afraid. When he met with mountains and rivers, Tang Monk immediately said, “disciples, be careful!”! In case of any setback, Bajie will return to Gao Laozhuang. Monk Sha asked the elder martial brothers to “take care of the younger brother”. They all have concerns and thoughts.

Only Wukong has no idea. His only worry was why he was so devoted to the public, but he was always cursed by the old monk. It was not until he got to the lonely garden in shewei state that Wukong finally realized that everyone had their own selfish thoughts, so he restricted himself secretly.

When Wukong understood that the essence of the Heart Sutra was wordless, he realized that Bodhisattva’s painstaking effort to not mention his name was to make himself completely free from worries. So in the end, although he was a non Buddhist editor, he became a Buddha with Tang monk! Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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