What is the identity of Chang’e in myth and legend? How is it different from Chang’e in journey to the west?

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Many people don’t know Chang’e, so they will enjoy it with the Xiaobian of China story network.

Marshal Tianpeng, in his famous book journey to the west, was demoted to the mortal world because he flirted with the fairy Chang’e. the key is that he became a pig embryo. He became a pig from a god of heaven at once. This gap in status and psychological gap would be difficult for anyone to bear. The reason for all this is that he flirted with the Chang’e fairy, which is even more strange. Why was he demoted to earth for this reason? Who is the Chang’e fairy?


??1. Marshal Tianpeng

Marshal Tianpeng, the predecessor of the pig eight precepts in journey to the west, is one of the four northern saints, the Taoist Dharma protector, in Taoist legends. If you put aside the image of Zhu Bajie, which has been basically fixed in movies and TV dramas, and look at Marshal Tianpeng recorded by the ancients, you may not imagine that this is the same person. Marshal Tianpeng has 360000 magic soldiers in his hands. He himself is also three headed and six armed. He is extremely powerful and brave. There is also a “Tianpeng mantra” spread among the people, which is said to be able to protect himself.

However, looking back at the pig Bajie in journey to the west, although he is in Buddhism, he can’t get rid of the two things: Food and beauty. When he meets a beautiful woman, whether it’s a man or a demon, he will always show the same expression. When he meets something delicious, he must be the first to jump at it. In particular, he was demoted to the lower world or because he flirted with Chang’e fairy, which further exposes his nature.


??2. Who is Chang’e

But why did Chang’e have so much face that marshal Tianpeng was treated like this? Chang’e in myth and legend, of course, is Hou Yi’s wife. Because of an elixir of immortality, she has changed from a human being to a fairy. However, she has always lived in the Cold Moon Palace and has been accompanied by loneliness all the year round. However, the image of Chang’e has changed again and again. Perhaps few people know that in the myth of Chang’e in the Han Dynasty, she eventually became a toad in the Moon Palace.

No one knows why Chang’e has such an “ending”. However, fairy tales are all made up by people, so some inappropriate or aesthetic damage can be changed again. Therefore, Chang’e, once such an unacceptable image, has gradually evolved into a Moon Palace fairy. Beauty is beautiful, but it is noble and cold. No one can approach her any more. Only a dumb rabbit can accompany her.


??3. Chang’e in journey to the West

However, in journey to the west, Chang’e fairy is different from Chang’e in general myths and legends. Chang’e is not a specific person, but a profession. There are many female immortals collectively called Chang’e, but everyone has their own different names. The Chang’e fairy in Zhu Bajie opera is actually a neon fairy. But why did Marshal Tianpeng receive such a serious punishment, especially the wrong pig embryo?

There are different opinions on this matter, but one of them is reasonable. As we have mentioned in previous articles, the queen mother of the West and the Jade Emperor are not husband and wife. She is the leader of female immortals. Her status is no lower than that of the Jade Emperor. Where did Chang’e get the elixir of immortality? Hou Yi got it from the queen mother of the West. Who is Hou Yi? The queen mother of the West appreciated the person who shot the sun and gave him the elixir of immortality. Anyway, Chang’e, who was promoted to immortality, was a female immortal under the queen mother. Although her status was not high, she was not easy to provoke. After all, there was such a backstage as the queen mother.

Therefore, the Jade Emperor must deal with this matter and not let the Queen Mother lose face. Therefore, marshal Tianpeng can only bear these crimes by himself. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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