What is the identity of Princess Longji in the list of gods? Why did Princess Longji have children?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com brings you why Princess Longji has children? I hope it can help you.

Speaking of this princess Longji is actually very interesting. There are many stories about him and Erlang God, and they are also very tangled. Recently, some netizens said that they don’t remember what the princess Longji is, and that Princess Longji at that time actually had children, so whose child is it? Let’s analyze it together!


Princess Longji was finally named “hongluan star” by Jiang Ziya.

Hongluan star, the lucky star in Chinese mythology, the wedding match and other wedding events. According to the novel “list of gods”, Princess Longji, who was originally a fairy in the Ruigong palace and the daughter of the West queen mother born to Emperor Haotian, was demoted to earth because of her desire to think of the world. She practiced Taoism in the qingluan douque in the Phoenix Mountain. Her usual dress: wearing a fishtail crown, wearing a bright red silk dress, and taking the qingluan as a mount.

At present, there is no answer to the question of who Princess Longji’s child is. Princess Longji actually did not have a child.


Introduction to Princess Longji

Princess Longji is a virtual character who appeared in the fairy novel “the romance of immortality” of the Ming Dynasty. She was originally an immortal, the daughter of Haotian God, born of the golden mother of yaochi. She was thoughtful and once lived in the heavenly palace. At the peach Festival, she lost her rites and was demoted to the qingluan dueque in the Phoenix Mountain. Because Luoxuan fire burned Xiqi City, she went down the mountain to help the king of Wu defeat Zhou, make up for her mistakes, and hoped to restore her immortal home and return to heaven one day. Because Fuyuan Xianweng said that she had a marriage with Hong Jin, the old man under the moon went down to earth to marry Hong Jin, the defeated general under his hand. When attacking the ten thousand immortals array, Princess Longji was knocked down by the goddess of the golden spirit with the four elephant tower, and was killed by the truncated immortals. Her husband Hong Jin was also killed by the goddess of the golden spirit with dragon and tiger Ruyi. Later, he was enthroned by Jiang Ziya and became a red Luan star.


Princess Longji is noble, beautiful and kind-hearted, has high magic power, and is proficient in water magic. She is one of the powerful generals of the Zhou army. She once defeated Luo Xuan, slashed Kong Xuan, and captured Hong Jin. She was mounted on qingluan and divine whale, and she has many body-protecting weapons, including magic treasure fog dew heaven and earth net, four sea bottle, heaven and earth needle, and binding dragon rope; The weapons are two dragon sword, Luan flying sword, yaochi white lightsaber; Its treasure is specially used to overcome fire. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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