What is the identity of white bone spirit in journey to the west? Can Baigujing enter and leave the underworld freely?

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you the identity of “journey to the west”? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

First, solve the identity problem of Baigujing.

Based on the book, after Sunwukong’s three successful battles, he said the identity of the white bone spirit: “a zombie with hidden spirits”.

The monsters in journey to the west, except for the spirit of bones, are all cultivated into monsters from living things. Whether they have anything to do with heaven or Lingshan, the original form is biological.

Only Baigujing, which is essentially lifeless, whether its body is Baigu or zombie, is a dead thing and has no soul.


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Then let’s talk about its soul. To be a monster, soul is necessary. There are probably two sources of the spirit of white bone spirits:

One is the spirit of bones or zombies themselves.

In this case, the owner of the bones probably died in vain, that is, he died in an accident. In this way, after death, because there is no spiritual messenger to hook the dish, the soul will become a wandering soul, the so-called lonely soul.

The other is not the soul of the white bone’s former owner.

That is to say, the souls of the dead have been officially incorporated into the underground system. Later, the souls are cultivated by bones or zombies, which is more awesome.


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Finally, whether you can enter and leave the underworld freely.

If it is the first kind, iron can’t, because this soul is already recorded in the book of life and death, and sooner or later it will return to reincarnation. This Law of heaven and earth must be observed even when immortals cross the robbery, not to mention a solitary soul, who didn’t hook you at that time, but just couldn’t find you. Now there’s no reason to take the initiative to send it to the door?

If it is the second kind, it is probably possible. Because this is already similar to “corpse solution Fairy” or “ghost Fairy”. Although it’s not pleasant to hear, it is already the category of “Fairy”. It has temporarily transcended reincarnation, or it is not in reincarnation itself. It is a bug of the heaven and earth system, and the netherworld has no jurisdiction over it.

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