What is the image of dragon in history? Why are the nine sons born by dragons different?

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We know that no matter people or animals, their offspring must be the same as themselves. First of all, they must be similar in appearance, which is also a kind of genetic inheritance. However, in ancient myths and legends, there is a saying that “the nine sons born by dragons are different”. The original intention is to say that even if they are all descendants of dragons, each one is very different and unique, but there is another problem in the middle. Since they are all born by dragons, it’s OK to have different looks, but why are they not dragons, which are so different from dragons? Today, the editor of China story network will bring you relevant details.


??1. What are the nine sons of the dragon

The image of dragon has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The image of this animal that exists in myths and legends is “nine similarities”, that is, it is a combination of the characteristics of nine real animals, but as for which nine kinds of animals, there is a great controversy. Now it is widely accepted that it is the view of painter Dong Yu in the Song Dynasty, That is, “horns like deer, heads like cattle, eyes like shrimp, mouths like donkeys, bellies like snakes, scales like fish, feet like Phoenix, whiskers like people, ears like elephants”, in addition, there are other statements, similar.

Which nine sons is the Dragon giving birth to? There are two versions of this, but it is generally believed that the nine sons are “prisoner ox, Jain canthus, mocking wind, purao, lion dragon, Pang, Pang, Pang, negative Pang, Pang kiss”. In the other version, there are also some familiar gods and beasts, such as gluttonous gluttonous food, Jiaotu guarding the door, etc. However, although these divine beasts were all born of dragons in mythology, none of them looked like dragons. On the contrary, Jiuzi had nine shapes.


??2. What does it look like

Among the nine sons of the dragon, the eldest prisoner cow loves listening to music. It is said that he often squats on the head of the piano to enjoy music, so many heads will be engraved with its appearance. The second one is stingy and aggressive. It’s what Jain will report. The third mockery wind is an animal that looks like a lion and a tiger. It is on the eaves of the palace. Old four Pulao is like a coiled dragon. He likes to shout and is afraid of whales. The old five lion dragon is also like a lion, but he doesn’t like sports, likes sitting still, and also likes fireworks, which is on the incense burner.

Lao liumian looks like a tortoise and has infinite power. It is said that he can camel over three mountains and five mountains, but he was subdued by Dayu when he had nothing to do. The old seven is like a tiger, distinguishing right from wrong, good from evil. It can be seen in the prison gate and the government hall, and he is kind-hearted. His character can probably refer to Bao Gong. Lao Ba is more like a dragon and loves literature. It exists on both sides of many stone tablets. The last old nine kisses with a big mouth and a thick voice. He likes to swallow things all his life and is water-based, so he is used to avoid fire.


??3. Why is it so different from dragon

The nine sons born by the dragon are different, not only in character, but also in appearance. But why are there so many differences between the nine sons? Moreover, although the nine sons of the dragon are not exactly the same as the dragon, they still retain some characteristics of the dragon, and also mixed with the characteristics of other animals. That is to say, the nine sons of the dragon are actually “hybrid”, born of the dragon and other different kinds of animals, not the same kind, that is, the dragon, so their appearance is naturally very different.

The Dragon itself is also divided into male and female. It is generally believed that having horns is the male and having no horns is the female. There are still some gender differences or misunderstandings between the “dragon and phoenix” and the “phoenix”, but over time, these misunderstandings have been retained, and there is no need to be overly demanding. It is enough to understand the meaning. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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