What is the image of tie Guai Li in the folk story? Why didn’t he cure his leg after he became an immortal?

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Tieguai Li, also known as Li Tieguai, is a legendary figure in ancient China and one of the eight immortals. Speaking of this, what will everyone think of

Among the eight immortals, tie Guai Li is the most qualified and has the most powerful magic power, but his image is not worthy of praise.

Tie Guai Li holds a long iron Guai in his hand and carries a gourd with miraculous medicine on his back. He is unkempt, dark, lame, chest bare, untidy, wears a gold hoop on his head, has a disorderly beard, and has big eyes. This image is really far from the handsome and elegant fairy.


Then, why can’t iron abductor Li even cure his leg when he is already a fairy?

It is said that tie Guai Li was a handsome man before he became a Taoist. She is gentle, beautiful and burly.

Then, how could the original beautiful man become such a vulgar and ferocious iron abductor?

Tieguai Li, whose original name is Li Ningyang or Li Xuan, is from Lijiaba, Shimen Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing. When he was young, he was gifted, had an excellent memory, and had the ability to remember.

However, Li Xuan’s family was poor, and he dropped out of school after only one year of private school. In order to survive, his family sent him to a blacksmith’s shop, hoping that he could learn a craft to fill his stomach.

Under the careful instruction of his master, Li Xuan quickly mastered the blacksmith skill. He often helped his neighbors to make farm implements and repair ironware, winning praise from all his neighbors. Li Xuan also relies on his exquisite skills to basically be able to live comfortably.

However, such days did not last long, and his hometown was full of war and war. Li Xuan’s blacksmith was also forced to close down, losing his source of livelihood.

Later, Li Xuanyuan left his hometown, resumed his old business, and opened a blacksmith’s shop. Business is still booming, and people come in an endless stream. Li Xuancheng believes in management, and his interests are thin and his art is fine. His life is still moist.

A local local villain, jealous of Li Xuan’s blacksmith shop, invited a dozen hooligans to make trouble all day long. As a result, Li Xuan’s shop was deserted, business plummeted, and almost no customers came.

Disillusioned, Li Xuan fled into the mountains to study immortality and specialize in cultivation. But after several years, the progress of cultivation was slow.

One day, the Supreme Lord Lao Jun was refining elixir of immortality in Xiuzhen rock. After lighting the eight trigrams furnace, Lao Jun drank happily with several Taoist friends and exchanged magic power. He completely forgot that the eight trigrams furnace was still burning.

When Lao Jun returned, the pill had been refined for more than an hour, and a horn of the eight trigrams furnace had been burned. The Supreme Lord had no choice but to go down the mountain to find a blacksmith to mend it, and he ran into Li Xuan.


The wise Li Xuan quickly repaired Lao Jun’s eight trigrams stove. At the same time, he realized that Lao Jun was not a very human being and had a deep path, so he begged him to accept him as an disciple. Seeing Li Xuan’s dexterity and a little foundation of cultivation, Lao Jun was moved by his sincerity and accepted the disciple.

Li Xuan, who has a high understanding, has been studying with the Supreme Lord for three years. After three years, he has become a successful Taoist and can guide the gods to travel.

The so-called “guiding the spirit to travel” means that the yuan Shen goes out of the body and travels everywhere, while the body remains in place. As long as the body is still there, after the yuan Shen turns around, he can still return to the body and become a normal person.

One day, Li xuanzheng was concentrating on practicing kung fu on the mountain. The old gentleman told him, “be ready, use the skill of guiding the gods to travel, and follow me to Huashan to gather the immortals.”

Before leaving, Li Xuan told his disciple to keep his physical body for seven days. If you still don’t see him back after 7 days, you can burn his body to prevent it from rotting and polluting the Wonderland here.

After giving an account of these matters, Li Xuan immediately settled down, leaving his body behind. The yuan Shen followed the old gentleman to drive Hehua mountain.

Six days later, the disciple who was guarding the body suddenly received the news that his mother was critically ill. The impatient disciple thought that Shifu might not be able to return on time. Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety have been difficult. It’s better to go home as soon as possible to fulfill filial piety.

So the disciple knelt down in front of Li Xuan’s body, kowtowed and said goodbye, and burned his body.

On the seventh day, when Li Xuan returned to Xiuzhen rock, he found that his body had been incinerated. Li Xuan’s original spirit can’t find a body to attach to. He wanders all day and is burning with anxiety. Just then, the Supreme Lord returned to the mountain.

Lao Jun told Li Xuan that if he wanted to recover his human form, he could only find a body whose death time was not more than 7 days and revive his soul from the corpse to save his life.

When Li Xuan came to the foot of the mountain, he happened to bump into a body that had just starved to death. The old gentleman said, “that’s it.”. Li Xuan entered from the head of the corpse. After the spirit returned to the shell, the beautiful man became an ugly man with curly hair, black face and big eyes, and a lame right foot.

This is the ultimate classic image of tie Guai Li.

Then, some people will ask: since Tieguai Li is a God who is good at curing all kinds of diseases, why not cure his lameness?


In fact, since tie Guai Li is a fairy spread among the people, his lameness is a symbol, which symbolizes a defect and a regret. This kind of regret is everywhere, whether in the world or in heaven.

Just like people who have beauty, they don’t necessarily have wisdom. People with wisdom do not necessarily have health. If you have health, you may lose wealth. If you have wealth, you may lose happiness.

Only when we face up to this universal defect, can we face it and overcome it, and can we live without regret.

At the same time, tie Guai Li has been ranked in the immortal class. He attaches great importance to cultivating his mind, and naturally does not care whether his appearance is bright or not. What he likes is to help the world and benefit all living beings. A lame foot will not affect his good deeds of striving forward and sending blessings to the world.

Third, even if Tieguai Li is disabled, it does not hinder the medical treatment. He is good at getting rid of people’s diseases, but difficult to get rid of his own accumulated diseases. It is the so-called “medicine does not cure itself”, which also reflects the subtlety of the ancient dialectical thinking. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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