What is the legend about Zhu Rong, the God of fire? How did Zhu Rong’s name come from?

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Zhurong is a god of fire widely worshipped in China for a long time. According to the eighth volume of Luo Mi’s “Lu prehistory”, the Zhu chant surname, first named Zhu Dan, is the Zhu Rong surname… It was transformed by fire and named Red Emperor, so later fire officials thought it was called. ” “Historical records of the Chu aristocratic family”: “heavy Li for emperor Hao Gao Xin Ju huozheng, very meritorious, can light the world, Emperor Hao ordered to say ‘Zhu Rong’.” It is said that Zhu Rong was not only an expert in controlling fire, but also discovered the method of striking stones to get fire, and also invented the method of fire attack. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Zhu Rong was originally named Li. It is said that he was born in the clan society and was the son of the clan leader. Li was particularly fond of fire since childhood. At that time, Suiren just invented drilling wood to make fire, and people were very lack of knowledge about the preservation and use of fire. On one occasion, he accompanied his father on a long-distance clan migration. Because it was inconvenient to walk with fire, he only brought stones for drilling wood for fire.

At night, everyone was going to use fire, but Li couldn’t get it out. He was so angry that he threw the stone to the mountain. Unexpectedly, the stone fell and splashed several sparks. The clever Li had an idea and immediately came up with a new way to get the fire. He picked the dried reed flowers and knocked them against them with two sharp stones several times. Sparks splashed on the reed flowers, and then he blew them gently, and a fire broke out. This is the later method of striking stones to get fire. Therefore, at that time, the yellow emperor made him a fire official and gave him the name Zhu Rong.

The legend of fire attack is also Zhu Rong’s earliest invention. At that time, there was a clan in the south, whose leader was Chiyou, who often invaded the Central Plains. Zhu Rong was ordered to go to crusade. Chiyou is very strong with a large number of people. Zhu Rong ordered his subordinates to fight torches and deflagrations. As soon as Chiyou’s people arrived, they set fires everywhere, burning Chiyou’s team to the ground, and they collapsed in a panic. They pursued the victory and finally defeated Chiyou and made great contributions. For this reason, the Yellow Emperor rewarded him and ordered him to take charge of the fire in the world and guard Nanshan.


The legend of the God of fire zhurong is mythological, but it reflects the hope of human beings to fight against fire, and hopes that the God of fire can bring more light and happiness to people, drive away evil, and eliminate disasters. However, to truly prevent fire and avoid the harm that fire brings to mankind, it is useless to worship gods and Buddha. Only by relying on science and human wisdom can fire be defeated. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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