What is the legend of Jiulong Mountain? The story of Hezhen JiXiaolan and Jiulong Mountain!

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What is the legend of Jiulong Mountain? Readers who are not clear can watch it together with the editor of China story network.

Spring in Jiulong Mountain

Chapter 1 legend of Kowloon 2

Early the next morning, Huang Bolden rushed to the county seat. The county magistrate listened to Huang Bolden’s report, and did not dare to delay a quarter of an hour, but hurried to report to the superior government with 600 Li. Three days later, the news was reported to Emperor Kangxi. Kangxi heard that it was not bad. If someone wanted to rob my world, he had to find a solution immediately and immediately summon all ministers to discuss what to do. As soon as the monarchs and ministers heard this, they all showed their plans. Finally, Kangxi listened to Hekun’s plan and recruited a large number of stonemasons from all over the country to chisel these nine stone dragons to prevent their growth. Kangxi ordered Hekun to handle the matter.


After he Kun received the edict of Kangxi, he Kun took tens of thousands of stonemasons from all over the country to Jiulong Mountain and supervised the work himself. Tens of thousands of stonemasons began to chisel these dragons day and night, and hundreds of thousands of people transported the chiseled stones to far places, and the chiseled stones piled into a mountain. Hekun looked at these stones happily, and his heart was happy. He thought, “I have done such a big thing for long live, and long live will definitely be happy.” He thought about how Kangxi would reward him, and fell asleep. In his dream, he couldn’t help laughing.


Hekun was dreaming. A servant rushed in and said loudly, “it’s wonderful to be with adults.” This man disturbed Hekun’s dream. Hekun was about to lose his temper. Seeing that it was the supervisor on the mountain appointed by him, he suppressed the fire and said, “what’s the matter? So flustered.” The man returned: “it’s a big deal with adults. We chiseled the Nine Dragons during the day and grew back at night. The faster we chiseled, the faster the Nine Dragons grew. I thought I was wrong. It’s like this for three consecutive days, and other people saw it. Adults, please stop quickly. If we chisel like this, the Nine Dragons will grow faster to the river.


When Hekun heard this, he couldn’t dig any more. He ordered him to stop immediately and hurry up 600 miles to spread the news to Beijing. Kangxi summoned all the ministers to discuss again. Ji Xiaolan suggested that the stonemasons should stop immediately and send someone to quietly go up the mountain in the evening to listen, see what they could hear, and then try to solve it. Kangxi ordered Ji Xiaolan to rush to Jiulong Mountain immediately, with full supervision.

Ji Xiaolan thought, this time I’ll show you and Kun my ability, take the imperial edict starry night and rush to Jiulong Mountain. Three days later, Ji Xiaolan arrived at Jiulong Mountain, read out the edict in front of Hekun, and asked Hekun to return to Beijing and resume his life. Ji Xiaolan chose a brave man from the army and asked him to hide with Huang daring. During the day, they went to the place where Huang daring heard the voice last time.

Later in the night, the two men heard the Nine Dragons speak again: “this stupid Emperor sent someone to chisel. How did he know that the faster we chisel, the faster we grow. We are not afraid of chiseling at all. Why not chisel these two days? After chiseling for a few days, we can drink the water of the small river in front of us.” Another Dragon said, “our only fear is horse dung fire, which must not be known to Kangxi.” Another Dragon said, “don’t say this to prevent being heard.”

The two men listened all night, and nine dragons said a lot. They didn’t know that someone was eavesdropping. They listened carefully and remembered it for fear of missing a sentence. After dawn, the two dare to go down the mountain and report to JiXiaolan.


Ji Xiaolan ordered all stonemasons and nearby villagers to take horse dung to the mountain and pile it up beside nine dragons. In the evening, all of them lit a fire. The horse dung fire had been burning for half a month, and the stone dragon was turned pale yellow. This time it really worked. The nine stone dragons immediately stopped growing, and then their spirituality disappeared. Hundreds of years later, the nine dragons are still light yellow, looking from a distance like nine golden dragons hovering over the mountains, becoming a unique local scenery.

In order to monitor the nine dragons, for fear that they would regain their spirituality and one day resume their growth, Kangxi ordered these stonemasons to live in this town and named it Baima Township, while the village where Huang boldan was located was named depend mountain village, which was the nearest village to the mountain. Since then, the descendants of stonemasons have begun to live and multiply here. He has been following Kangxi’s will to monitor the nine stone dragons. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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