What is the legendary Mengpo soup made of? What are the stories about Meng Po?

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What is the legendary Mengpo soup made of? What are the stories about Meng Po? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

Mengpo soup can be said to be a very mysterious thing. In ancient Chinese myths and legends, as long as people drink Mengpo soup, they will forget everything. Then, after reincarnation, they will be a brand new person. They will remember nothing and start a new life. But what is this magical Mengpo soup made of? Why do you forget everything after drinking? What is the raw material of Mengpo soup?


Meng Po soup is a folk legend spread in ancient China. It is said that after drinking this soup, you can forget all your worries and worries, and all your love, hate, love and hatred will never appear in your memory. Because this soup is cooked by Meng Po and also served by Meng Po to people, it is called Meng Po soup. However, it is only a legend and is not real.

It is said that after people die, they will go to another world, and after walking through huangquan Road, they will see the Naihe bridge on the forgetting river. Everyone who comes to huangquan road must pass through the Naihe bridge, and Mengpo boiled Mengpo soup next to the bridge. It is said that this soup is very complicated. First, the sentenced ghosts must be collected, and then various medicinal materials from the world must be added. Only then can this kind of Mengpo soup like wine be mixed, As long as the ghosts who are ready to be reincarnated must drink this soup before they can walk on the bridge of Naihe, no soul can escape without drinking. If any cunning souls do not want to drink, they will be caught under their feet by hook knives, and their throats will be pierced, forcing them to drink.

All souls who have drunk Mengpo soup will forget all their memories, and will no longer remember the past happiness, anger, sorrow, love, hate, and hatred. Mengpo will always carry a bowl of Mengpo soup boiled by forgetting the river, stand in front of the Naihe bridge and wait for the passing souls to drink it. There are always many hardships in life. As long as you drink this bowl of Mengpo soup, you will be forever relieved, It can also be said that he has made a complete settlement with his previous life. After that, he forgot all the people and things in the past and was reborn in this way. This is the story of Meng Po Tang.


What is Mengpo soup

A large part of the folk legends tell stories about people after death, that is, there are legends about the soul and the underworld. In these legends, without exception, Mengpo soup is mentioned. It seems that there is an important connection between the soul, the underworld and Mengpo soup. It is said that every soul preparing to be reborn needs to drink a bowl of Mengpo soup. What is Mengpo soup?

The question of what Mengpo soup is is also recorded in legends. It is said that Mengpo soup is actually ecstasy soup, which is the tea soup that makes the soul forget all the memories of previous lives. All souls who are ready to be reincarnated will meet Mengpo with Mengpo soup in front of Naihe bridge, and every soul can not avoid drinking this tea soup, even if they do not want to drink it, they will be forced to drink it. After drinking the Mengpo soup, the soul will forget the past memory, including all the people and things in the previous life, all the love and hate, and all the joys and sorrows. Therefore, in the legend, Mengpo soup is very important and the only way for the soul to be reborn.

It is said that the production of Mengpo soup is very complicated. It needs to collect the ghosts that were previously judged to be sent to various places, and then add some medicinal materials from the world. After that, under the mediation of Mengpo, a tea soup similar to wine is formed. This tea soup can also be divided into five different flavors: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. All souls who want to be reincarnated must drink this enchanting soup. There are some different opinions about the raw materials of Mengpo soup. There is a saying that when people live, they always leave tears because of sadness, pain, love, hate or separation. Mengpo collects these different kinds of tears mixed with different emotions to make soup.


The story of Meng Po Tang

There have been many different legends about Mengpo soup in the world, which have emerged in endlessly since ancient times. Although these stories are not true, they have been circulating in the world for a long time. Most of the stories about Mengpo soup are related to Mengpo. What is the story of Mengpo soup?

The story of Meng Po Tang also begins after the death of a person. It is said that after the death of a person, he will enter another world. If he wants to go to another world, he must first pass through huangquan road. After that, he will see the forgetting river. There is also a small bridge called Naihe bridge on the bridge, and a earthen terrace is set beside the bridge, which is called Wangxiang terrace. Next to the earthen terrace, there is an old man selling Meng Po Tang, The old man is of course Meng Po. The tea soup she cooked seems to be the same as wine, but it is made by very complicated methods. When a dead person passes by, Meng Po will let his soul drink this bowl of soup. After that, he will forget everything. The Sansheng stone beside him is also engraved with people’s previous and present lives. After drinking the soup, the soul will take a look at the Sansheng stone and finally go to another world.

There are many different versions of the origin of Meng Po. However, in all the stories of Meng Po soup, this tea soup has only one function, that is, to make people forget all their memories in life. All memories will disappear, and people can reincarnate without care. Those things and people that can not be forgotten before, as well as countless sorrows, joys, separations, love, hatred and hatred will disappear in this soup, Therefore, Mengpo soup will also be called “ecstasy soup”, because after drinking Mengpo soup, people’s souls will be lost and everything will become indifferent. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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