What is the main content of Shanhaijing? What kind of secret does the book of mountains and seas have?

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The content of the book of mountains and seas is mainly absurd fairy tales. Next, China story network will learn about it with you and give you a reference.

In the northwest overseas, there is a god man in Zhangwei mountain on the North Bank of Chishui. He has a snake face and a red body. He is 1000 miles long. In the middle of his face, he has long eyes. Closing his eyes is night, opening his eyes is day. He doesn’t eat, sleep or breathe. He can call the wind and rain, and shine into a dark place. He is called “candle dragon”.


Some people call it “Miao people”. There is a God in its land. It has a human face and a snake body. Its body is like a shaft. It has two heads, wearing purple clothes and red hats. It is called “Yanwei”. Those who get it can dominate the world as long as they offer sacrifices.

To the west of Jianmu of Di people’s country, there is a human face, a fish body, and no feet. Ba snake here can swallow elephants and spit out elephant bones after 3 years. People with talent and virtue will not suffer from heartache and abdominal pain if they eat Ba snake meat.

There is a God called “tianwu” in Chaoyang Valley, which is Shuibo. He has an animal body, eight heads, a human face, eight claws and eight tails, and his back is blue and yellow.

Although there are many places in the book of mountains and seas that are considered absurd, many modern researchers (including western academic circles) believe that the book of mountains and seas contains a large number of codes of pre world civilizations. If it is cracked, it is the most important thing for modern people:

The story of Dayu controlling the flood and fixing Kyushu is much similar to the prehistoric flood history recorded in the West; Gonggong’s angry collision with Buzhou mountain caused the record of “the sky tilts to the northwest, the sun, moon and stars turn to the West; the earth tilts to the southeast, and the water of rivers flows to the East”, which coincides with the great geographical changes and continental drift that occurred before the Middle Ages in modern research


Moreover, it seems that in order to prove the theory of continental drift, some scholars have confirmed the strange mountains and rivers and geographical anomalies described in the classic of mountains and seas from America and Europe. Based on this research result, some people boldly speculate:

The book of mountains and seas is indeed a record or memory of pre world civilization, and the content is not accepted by later generations, which is completely understandable, because no one has lived in ancient times. These ancient events have been added, modified and deleted by generations, and even filled with mystery and absurdity. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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