What is the most powerful magic of Sun Wukong? Wukong only used this spell twice!

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Today, the Xiaobian of China story network brings you the most powerful magic of the monkey king. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

The novel Journey to the west, according to the present era, is a practical book of truth cultivation. The protagonists have grown from a small unknown role to a famous God in the three realms! What attracts readers is not how strong the host is, but what will be experienced and what will be gained on the way to becoming stronger. And this kind of thing can not be separated from three things: cultivation, magic, and powerful magic. There are some similarities between the hero of modern novels and the growth of Sun Wukong.

The birth of Sun Wukong is a divine stone. And this also laid the foundation for Sun Wukong’s talent to be different from ordinary people. After he was born, he was completely a wild monkey without anyone’s instruction. He knows nothing. By chance, Sun Wukong got his most important magic weapon, the golden cudgel. The origin of the golden cudgel is not simple at all. It was made by the Supreme Lord himself. The magic weapon is extremely powerful. There is a feeling of “divine Costume” at the beginning.


After obtaining the magic weapon, Sun Wukong met the first noble person in his life, Bodhi. Bodhi is quite mysterious among the three realms. In a short period of three years, he turned a monkey spirit who could not read characters into a great sage who could make a big fuss in the heaven. Sun Wukong himself was born of God stone, and his cultivation has also made rapid progress in a short period of several hundred years. He has transformed himself into a powerful person in the three realms, and the magic skills obtained by Sun Wukong are also the top in the three realms.


For example, monkey brother’s somersault cloud is both offensive and defensive. It can be fought or retreated. With the help of the somersault cloud, hundreds of thousands of heavenly soldiers can be fought in circles. The Supreme Lord thought that Sun Wukong was interesting. He taught Sun Wukong the immortal body of King Kong and a pair of fire eyes and golden eyes that can see through everything in a different way. King Kong’s immortal body is completely a defensive skill. For example, Sun Wukong was crushed and chopped off the Sendai, and the falling immortal knife was directly broken by Sun Wukong’s neck. The fire eyes and golden eyes are auxiliary skills to identify demons and ghosts, Seeing through the real body is omnipotent. Sun Wukong can be said to have gained more opportunities in hundreds of years than ordinary immortals in ten thousand years.


It seems that Sun Wukong is invincible, but the Tathagata can subdue him with one move, and the attention is attracted by this book in the midst of the ups and downs. This is also the wisdom of Wu Chengen, which makes readers more interested in reading the Sutra road behind Sun Wukong. However, Sun Wukong’s true magic of pressing the bottom of the box only appears twice in the book, which was later banned by Buddhism. This spell is the phase law of heaven and earth. Why is it prohibited? Let’s look down


Xiangfa heaven and earth can make the user become incomparably huge, and the same power will increase. Sun Wukong and Erlang God were both released during the fight with the Bull Demon King. The main reason why he was banned was that the user became extremely huge, with the sky on his head and the earth on his feet. His body was similar to Pangu. Every step he took would lead to the death of all living creatures within a hundred miles of his feet. If fighting is added, more people will be trampled to death. There is a saying of the Tang monk in the journey to the West: Wukong, if you do this, it will be bad to trample on flowers and plants! And it’s not just flowers and grasses that can be trampled to death by releasing this spell.

Therefore, the Western Heaven forbids Sun Wukong to release this kind of magic, and monkey brother is quite clever. He has used it twice and never released it again. Who taught this magic to Sun Wukong? Xiao Bian speculates that it is very likely that it is the Bodhi founder. The seventy-two changes of Bodhi Buddhism. Although the tumbling clouds are all top-notch, they lack aggressiveness. And this phase law heaven and earth is just suitable for Sun Wukong, and Sun Wukong’s golden cudgel is also suitable for this magic, and the golden cudgel can be large or small. We can all make up the picture. A giant with a huge Ruyi golden cudgel in his hand can hardly be in awe inspiring! Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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