What is the mount of the Taoist priest who lights the lamp? What are the animal mounts in the romance of gods?

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Today, the Xiaobian of China story network brings you the divine animal mount in the legend of Fengshen. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Speaking of the Taoist priest of secret burning lamp, we all know that his position in the apotheosis is still very high. Up to now, I can’t tell whether this person is good or bad. I don’t care about that today. Let’s talk about other problems of this Taoist priest of secret burning lamp, such as the mount problem. Some people asked, what is the mount of this Taoist priest of secret burning lamp? Let’s analyze and uncover the secrets together!

In fact, the mount of Taoist lamplighter is also very interesting. There are more than one, oh, there are two in front and back. It is said that one is “Sika Deer” and the other is “golden winged Dapeng carving”. This is very powerful.


Check the mounts and their owners in the list of gods

No1. The Jiulong Chenxiang chariot mounted by the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty is based on Hongmeng Chenxiang wood. The upper part is the colorful stone of the nine heaven, and the lower part is the dark gold of the nine secluded five Qi. It absorbs the essence of the sun, moon and stars, and receives the divine show of the heaven, earth, mountains and rivers. The Yin and yang are flowing, and the five elements are moving. There are nine five clawed golden dragons coiled on the chariot. When the chariot travels, the nine five clawed golden dragons will fly out together to pull the chariot. The chariot is surrounded by dense clouds and bridges, with fragrant fragrance, Phoenix singing and dancing, auspicious clouds and auspicious animals flying. A golden lotus appears on each of the four wheels of the chariot. There is a tiny light on the lotus, and then a lotus appears on the tiny light. In an instant, ten thousand Golden Lotus shine on the whole world. It is the supreme treasure that Hongjun’s ancestors have refined for 129600 years with the balance of heaven and earth.

NO2. Kui Niu, the mount of the leader of Tongtian cult, looks like a cow. Its whole body is gray, without horns, and only has one foot. Every time it appears, there will be violent storms. It shines like sunlight and moonlight, and its roar is as loud as thunder. It is also known as thunder beast.


No3. The full name of the mount of Taishang Laojun is BanJiao qingniu. It looks like a buffalo, but its fur is blue black. There is a bull horn in the middle of the forehead. Only when the world is about to prosper will it come out of this world. This green cow is actually an ancient auspicious animal Si, not a blue cow.

No4. Qingluan, the mount of the cloud fairy, is a kind of divine bird that often accompanies the queen mother of the West. Most of them are immortal mounts. Those with more red colors are Phoenix, and those with more blue colors are Luan. It is also one of the five Phoenix in the legend.

No5, Qiongxiao fairy’s mount is a swan, which is a white phoenix in mythology.

No6. The blue sky fairy’s mount is a feather bird. No relevant information can be found on the introduction of the feather bird. From the name, it is very likely that it is a peacock.


No7, Huang Feihu’s mount is a colorful God cow. It has fast feet and great courage. It is not afraid of fierce animals. It is said that it is a divine horse with great strength and can walk with clouds.

No8. Master Wen’s Mount, Mo Qilin, is said to have been born by black dragon and divine cow, so it is fierce and likes to fight bravely. Later, she was accepted by the virgin of Jinling and presented to the disciple Wen Zhong.

No9, Huang Tianhua’s Mount jade unicorn is a kind of Unicorn, but he doesn’t know what kind of dragon and cow were born.

No10. The mount of Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun is a green lion, the mount of the immortal Puxian is a white elephant, and the mount of the Taoist Cihang is a golden hair roar.

No11, the crane mounted by the Antarctic fairy and the Yellow Dragon immortal, this is not much to say, there is no wonderful place.

No12. Zhao Gongming’s black tiger was honored as the true king of Xuantan when Zhao Gongming was awarded the title of “Golden Dragon Ruyi Zhengyi dragon tiger”. This loyal black tiger was also honored as the “black tiger of Xuantan”.

No13, Wang Mo’s Mount, Pang, and Yang Sen’s Mount, lion dragon, are two of the nine sons of the dragon.

No14. Zhang Kui’s Unicorn black smoke beast can emit black smoke from the unicorn on his head. It’s as fast as a God, like a cloud of black smoke, like lightning.

No15, Li xingba’s mount is ferocious. It is recorded in the book of mountains and seas that it is human and can walk upright with a terrifying face. When meeting people in the wild, they first cover their faces with their upper limbs. When people approach, they suddenly put down their upper limbs to reveal their faces, which frightens people to death. It is also a fierce beast.

No16, chongheihu and Zheng Lun (the second general of hum HA) have fire eyes and golden eyes. This beast should be similar to the unicorn. It belongs to the same category and different species as the blue water golden eyes of the ox demon king in the journey to the West.


No17, Yu Yuan’s mount is a golden eye five cloud camel, with golden eyes, a black camel body with tiger head and dragon tail, a crane crown on the top, four hoofs treading on the clouds, and a cry like thunder.

No18. The mount of the Taoist lamplighter is the sika deer and the Dapeng. The sika deer has nothing to say. The Dapeng is the golden winged Dapeng bird.

No19. Jiang Ziya’s Mount looks like a horse with head and face, horns like a deer, neck like a camel and tail like a donkey. It can be understood as the current elk.

No20, Shen Gongbao’s black spot tiger is different from Zhao Gongming’s black tiger. It is called “black spot”, and it may be a leopard. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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