What is the origin of black and white impermanence? What is the legend of black and white impermanence?

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Hi, meet you again. Today, the editor of China story network has brought an article about black and white impermanence. I hope you like it.

People often hear the words black and white impermanence, but whenever people mention them, it will make people feel terrible. The legendary black and white impermanence is under the hand of the Lord of hell, mainly to go down to the mortal world, find people’s souls, and bring them to the underworld.


The story between black and white impermanence is very touching. The man in white is called Bai impermanence. His real name is Xie Bi’An. He is very white and tall, belonging to the high cold fan. However, many people don’t call him Bai impermanence, but call him seventh master, which sounds more cordial. The other is the opposite. Black impermanence’s name is fan Wujiu. Listening to this name makes people daydream. He looks black and fat. The most important thing is that he is short. He looks fierce, but in fact, he is very weak inside. Two people have been good friends since childhood.

One day, the two agreed to go out together and meet on the bridge next to their home. Unfortunately, it rained heavily that day. Xie Bi’An told fan Wujiu to take shelter under the bridge. Now he will go back to get his umbrella and go out to play together. Unexpectedly, the rain became fiercer and fiercer, and the river also began to rise. Fan Wujiu looked at his good friend’s delay and was very anxious, but he was still firmly waiting under the bridge, and slowly the river spread over. Fan Wujiu was already low and soon drowned him.


Xie Bi’An trotted over with an umbrella and saw that the water under the bridge was almost flush with the bridge deck, and his good friend was gone. He was heartbroken and regretted that he had left him alone and jumped into the river to commit suicide. When they reached the underworld, they met. The king of hell knew the cause of their death and was moved by their deep feelings, so he let them work under his own hands. He is specially responsible for helping the dead to seduce the soul and let them go to the underworld. Since then, the two brothers have worked together and will never be separated. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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