What is the origin of Bodhi? Is Bodhi master more powerful than supreme Lao Jun?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com has brought you an article about Bodhi and the Supreme Lord. Welcome to read it~

I believe everyone has seen the journey to the West. After the master Bodhi taught the monkey king for decades, the monkey king can make trouble in the underworld to change the book of life and death, so that he can avoid the suffering of reincarnation. The king of Tibet Bodhisattva who has great magic power in the underworld is indifferent to this. It can be seen how deep the background of the master of the monkey king is. Later, he made trouble in the heavenly palace, and even the Jade Emperor, who has experienced 120000 disasters, can’t help it.


Sun Wukong made a big mistake. Generally, the heaven would wipe out his monkey sun of Huaguoshan and his demon friends of 72 holes. The ox demon king, who was a friend of life and death, was also exiled to the western regions, but Bodhi grandmaster survived, and he never saved Sun Wukong. On Wuzhishan mountain, which has been pressed for 500 years, his master hasn’t seen him at all.

When Sun Wukong became seventy-two changes, Bodhi patriarch immediately drove him away, so he warned him solemnly before driving him away, “you go now, there will be bad things. Depending on how you cause trouble and murder, but don’t say you are my apprentice. If you say half a word, I will know that, peel and file your monkey, demote the spirit to the nine hell, and teach you never to turn over!” It can be seen that his master has seen his future and said that his ability can make the monkey king trapped in the nine secluded places, so that he will never be born again. What is Jiuyou? Ancient Chinese myths and legends say that there are nine yous and eighteen prisons behind the Youming back Yinshan in the hell of Cao. Bodhi’s ability to speak out proves that he has the ability to control nine yous.

Bodhi grandmaster retreated in the mountains and forests. Sun Wukong was looking for a master to learn magic for ten years. He saved the Taoist priest and knew the direction of Sanxing cave. Fate made Sun Wukong enter Sanxing cave to practice. Although Sun Wukong was eager to learn and wanted to learn the most powerful magical powers in the world, he was naturally rebellious. Bodhi grandmaster first let him chop firewood in the mountain for several years to smooth his mind. Later, one night, Bodhi promised to teach him magic. In just a few decades of teaching, Sun Wukong had the ability to fly through the clouds, fight thousands of miles and change like 72. Zhu Bajie, as marshal Tianpeng, will only change 36 times.

After not being the sage of Qi Tian, the four heavenly kings had nothing to do with him. Erlang God and Xiao Tian dog, who would change 73, fought equally with Sunwukong. Finally, the supreme Lao Jun used his magic tool Vajra ring to win Sunwukong. Vajra ring is the magic tool he used when he passed Hangu pass and became an immortal.

It can be seen that the profound background of Bodhi is the identity representative of the unity of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Even the Tathagata just suppressed him at the foot of the five element mountain. When suppressing the monkey king, he did not check who his master was. The five element mountain was just on the way to the west to learn sutras, waiting for people from the eastern Tang Dynasty to learn sutras, and let his eldest disciple Jin chanzi come to the Tang Dynasty, and let the monkey king be the eldest disciple of Jin chanzi. Maybe the Tathagata also sees that the monkey king has roots in Buddhism. Sun Wukong’s ability has been banned, but other immortals dare not come forward to torture Sun Wukong. Later, he went to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures, and the Supreme Lord was respectful when he saw him. Even the Supreme Lord didn’t mention a word about the background master of Monkey King, but occasionally scolded him as a monkey.


As one of the three Qings, taishanglaojun knows everything in the sky and on the earth. When he saw the seventy-two changes used by the monkey king, he must know who he learned from, but he didn’t mention a word. It can be seen that even the Supreme Lord dared not speak. Bodhi is even higher in seniority than him. He should be a figure of his senior brother or martial uncle. The Tathagata said that the Mahayana Dharma located in Xiniu Hezhou, the Tathagata saw the traces of the Dharma on the monkey king, so he did not lay a heavy hand on it, and exiled the monkey king in the wilderness and other dangerous places, and Bodhi is a recluse in Xiniu Hezhou, which belongs to the birthplace of the Mahayana Dharma. The spread of the Dharma is earlier than the birth of the golden cicada son, and Bodhi is a tree name, the place of Buddhist practice, and the name of Buddhism, It shows that Bodhi masters have double cultivation of Taoism and Buddhism. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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