What is the origin of Dinghai Shenzhen needle? What’s the change in the East China Sea without Dinghai Shenzhen?

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As we all know, the golden cudgel is the weapon of the monkey king. The role of the golden cudgel is indispensable for killing demons and Demons along the way. And this, which he “grabbed” from the Dragon King, was originally the sea fixing needle of the East China Sea. However, this sea god needle does not exist naturally. Do you know the origin of the sea god needle? Moreover, as the “sea god needle”, why has the East China Sea not changed after the golden cudgel was taken away? Then what is the significance of the existence of the sea god needle?


??1. Origin of golden cudgel

Although the golden cudgel is just a stick, it is not an ordinary stick. It is a “Tianhe dingdi God precious iron” weighing 13500 Jin. Before it became a ruyi golden cudgel that only obeyed the orders of the monkey king, it stayed quietly in the depths of the East China Sea. However, when the monkey king came, this God precious iron, which looks like a divine object, seemed to regain life, stirring the Dragon Palace, Then follow the monkey king to make havoc in the heavenly palace, and then cut off demons and demons to protect Tang monk.

??2. How did the sea god needle come from

According to journey to the west, this precious iron was first refined by the Supreme Master, that is to say, its first owner was the Supreme Master. After that, Dayu was borrowed when he was controlling the flood. At that time, he had the function of following his own length and was placed in rivers, lakes and seas to measure the depth. But after that, Dayu threw this iron into the sea, hoping that the Haihe River would be forever solid, and the Dragon King of the East China Sea offered it up, which means “precious iron, the God of the sea”.

Note that the original work is not “divine needle” but “divine treasure”, which is certainly no problem. After all, its origin is unusual, but because “needle” is more vivid than “treasure”. When it can change into the size of embroidery needle with the instructions of the monkey king, isn’t it more appropriate to use “needle”. As the saying goes, the sword matches the hero. When the monkey king came to the East China Sea to borrow weapons, the sea god needle began to shine. It has to be said that the aura of the protagonist is not as powerful as those in the novels now.


??3. What about the East China Sea without the sea god needle

However, after all, the sea god needle is the sea god needle, which was taken away by the monkey king. What should Donghai do? As we mentioned earlier, the so-called sea fixing needle is the instrument used by Dayu to measure the depth of water. Does it really have the function of “fixing the sea”? Obviously, when the monkey king came to the East China Sea, shenzhentie was also very excited. It was an unprecedented state. Otherwise, it would not only listen to the orders of the monkey king. For the East China Sea, it was already a symbolic significance, not a practical role.

There is also a legend that can explain this matter, but Xiaobian doesn’t think it’s necessary to take it seriously. It’s said that Dayu didn’t enter the house for three times, and his wife had been waiting for him to come back, so she turned into a Wangfu stone. At that time, she was still pregnant, and the stone jumped out of the monkey king after it split, so the Dinghai Shenzhen was also the owner of the thing. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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