What is the origin of jiulingyuansheng? Why should even the Tathagata give it face?

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What is the origin of the nine spirits and Yuan Sheng brought by the editor of China story network today? I hope it can help you.

When it comes to journey to the west, everyone loves to watch it, and so do the editors. Recently, many people have said that the journey to the west is too emasculated. The original book is called a awesome, which is excellent. The Tathagata in journey to the west is the most powerful. There is no big objection. But when it comes to this Tathagata, he is afraid of the nine spirits and Yuan Sheng. Some people want to ask why? What is the true identity of the nine spirits? Let’s continue to analyze and uncover the secrets of this problem!


The Tathagata’s fear of nine Lingyuan saints is not really afraid. To be exact, it should be to give face to nine Lingyuan saints. Why do you give face to nine Lingyuan saints? Because the master of nine Lingyuan saints is also very big.

When we talk about the journey to the west, there must be demons. When we talk about demons, we will think of the mounts of the immortals. Among the mounts of the immortals, the most powerful one is him – — the nine spirit Yuan Sheng. Indeed, his original name is nine lions. He is the only monster who ignores the arrangement of the Buddha Ling mountain to eat Tang monk in the western tour, and the only monster who can subdue the monkey king with one move.

Of course, this is reduced to a mount. No matter how powerful he is, there are still many great powers that can defeat him, such as Sanqing, Yandeng ancient Buddha, and the Tathagata… Yes, the Tathagata can easily punish him! Since the Tathagata can deal with him, why does he not listen to the arrangement and do not create disaster for the Tang monk? The Tathagata is not angry and does not trouble him?


In fact, how could the Tathagata not be angry? I don’t know how much it cost to travel to the west to reach an agreement with the forces of heaven and earth and the three realms. Now, these nine lions have actually acted in defiance of each other, which almost ruined the westward journey, resulting in the incompleteness of the eighty-one difficulty of the westward journey. The Tathagata had the heart to kill him. Don’t touch him, just for the sake of his master Taiyi’s saving Ku Tianzun!

How powerful is Taiyi’s saving the suffering heaven Zun. In the journey to the west, he did not appear, so there is no way to know. However, there are records about him in other ancient books. According to the book of Taiyi saving the suffering and protecting the body, there are great benevolent people in the Oriental Changle world, and Taiyi saving the suffering is like a constant number of sand, and things respond with the sound

To put it simply, the meaning of this sentence is that Taiyi saved the Suffering God and created the Oriental Changle world. He is a creator God.

Moreover, he not only mastered the creation of life, but also the reincarnation of death. He once incarnated in the underworld and served in the underworld. His legal body in the underworld was called “ghost king”, whose full name was “the ghost king of the netherworld sect, the ghost king of the netherworld”.


Of course, no matter how strong my strength is, I can’t let Lingshan Buddha give me such a face. The real reason is that there are so many people. That’s right. Taiyi rescues the suffering Tianzun has ten separate bodies, collectively known as the ten party rescues the suffering Tianzun. They are:

The Oriental jade treasure emperor, the southern XuanZhen Wanfu emperor, the western Taimiao supreme emperor, the northern xuanshang Yuchen emperor, the Northeast Duxian supreme God, the southeast Haosheng supreme God, the southwest tailingxu emperor, the Northwest wuliangtaihua emperor, the upper yuxu Ming emperor, and the lower zhenhuangdong God.

With these ten avatars, the whole three realms are under the monitoring of Taiyi Jiuku Tianzun, who is distributed in five directions and eight places in the western world. However, during the westward journey, the secret of heaven was chaotic, and no one could measure it. At this time, the power of intelligence was particularly important. How could the Tathagata offend Taiyi to save the Suffering God at this time for the sake of his Buddhist sect’s great plan of getting scriptures.


Introduction to Jiuling Yuansheng

Jiulingyuansheng, the monster in journey to the west, is also called nine lions; It’s the car of Taiyi to save your excellency kutianzun. In the whole journey to the west, it is one of the few monsters who are not interested in Tang Monk’s flesh.

While the lion slave of Tianzun was intoxicated by the samsara liquid of Taiyi Tianzun, he secretly fell grass in the Jiuqu Huandong cave of Zhujie mountain in Yuhua Prefecture for three years (one day in the sky, one year in the world), and received seven lions: yellow lion, lion lion, elephant lion, Baize, Fu Li, she lion and snow lion; It is honored by the seven lion spirits as the “ancestor” and has numerous disciples and grandchildren.


Roar: the three saints in the upper part and the nine springs in the lower part. Taiyi Tianzun introduced that the plot was unrepresented.

Nine mouth capture: shake your head. Once the nine mouths come out, you will surely capture the enemy. Even Sun Wukong will be captured by him. The actual plot is the second time that Sun Wukong turns around and jumps away.

Calculating ability: it takes a long time to bow your head before you know that the yellow lion sun has been poisoned. It’s a pity that the seven lions have been destroyed by the end of the calculation.

Driving black clouds: flying skill.

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