What is the origin of Jiutian Xuannv? Why did Jiutian Xuannv teach the art of war of the Yellow Emperor?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com brings you an introduction to the origin of Jiutian Xuannv. Interested readers can follow the editor to have a look.

Speaking of Jiutian Xuannv, in fact, you should also know that this person is still very powerful. She taught us a lot of things now. Among them, she taught the art of war of the Yellow Emperor. This is very powerful. Knowing the art of war and not knowing the art of war to fight are completely different things, so it is really powerful to learn the art of war. Then some people need to ask, Why did this nine day Xuannv teach the art of war to the Yellow Emperor? Now let’s uncover and analyze the reasons for this!


Before talking about why Jiutian Xuannv taught the art of war of the Yellow Emperor, let’s have a brief understanding of Jiutian Xuannv.

Jiutian Xuannv, abbreviated as Xuannv, is commonly known as Jiutian Xuanmu Tianzun. It is the goddess who taught the art of war in ancient Chinese mythology, and is regarded as a high-level fairy and the God of magic and number in Taoism.

Jiutian Xuannv’s position in folk beliefs is not high, but she is a god of justice who is familiar with military strategy and magic power.

Why did Jiutian Xuannv teach the art of war of the Yellow Emperor?

You should know that in ancient times, the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou often fought for the interests of the tribe.

Once, the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou were defeated in nine rounds. The Yellow Emperor retreated to Taishan for three days and nights, and the mountain was filled with fog. In order to defeat Chiyou, the Yellow Emperor was helpless, so he knelt on the ground and prayed to heaven.


At this time, a great God with human head and bird body appeared in the sky, stepping on the shining colorful clouds; The Yellow Emperor quickly knelt down and kowtowed. The great God said, “kind Yellow Emperor, I’m nine heaven Xuannv. What do you want to ask me?” The Yellow Emperor said, “Dear goddess, I want to know how to win battles in a row? How to set an ambush and not be found by the enemy?” So Xuannv decided to teach the Yellow Emperor the art of war.

Xuannv Tianzun said, “the most important thing for soldiers is to conform to heaven and earth. The laws of heaven and earth have their own manifestations. Heaven is manifested in Liujiazi, and the earth is manifested in liuguiyou. If you can conform, you can be safe.”. Then she drew a yin-yang diagram for the Yellow Emperor, continue saying: “In the process of fighting, soldiers must top ten with one, so as to obtain the basic guarantee, that is, manpower; then soldiers should take the lead, so as to control the six gods and win. If the enemy attacks, then this team must be the one that the enemy often wins. Then we should pay attention to breaking it. If the enemy is a straight array, we will attack with a square array; if the enemy is a square array, then we will attack with a square array A zigzag attack. The enemy is in a curved formation, and we attack it in a circular formation. In order to defeat the enemy, we attacked him with a curved array. In addition, when the troops are about to leave the army, they should be stationed and garrisoned at the same time, and fight with the enemy several times. We must pay attention to using drums to boost the morale of soldiers, and be good at judging the strength of the enemy from the sound of the enemy’s drums. “.

After being taught the art of war by Xuannv Tianzun, the Yellow Emperor marched and arranged the formation, which was unpredictable. In addition to teaching the art of war, Xuannv also asked the Yellow Emperor to find a kind of red copper on Kunwu mountain and cast it into a sword. This kind of sword is blue after casting, with cold light everywhere, crystal transparent and extremely sharp.

After the Yellow Emperor was taught the art of war by Xuannv, and the weapons were handy, the soldiers’ morale soared. Although Chiyou united with Feng Boyu and Miao people, his strategy and wisdom were not as good as those of the Yellow Emperor, and he was finally defeated.


After defeating Chiyou, the Yellow Emperor hid the diagram of Liujia Yin and Yang painted by Jiutian Xuannv in a deep hole at the foot of Kuaiji mountain.

Jiutian Xuannv is a god of justice, protecting the country and the people. She teaches the art of war to the Yellow Emperor because the Yellow Emperor is kind and kind to his people. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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