What is the origin of Kong Xuan in the list of deities? Why did Kong Xuan help the tyrant?

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you an article about the list of gods. Welcome to read it~

In the list of deities, Kong Xuan is a person with very high combat power. He came from a very unusual background, and was the descendant of the Phoenix, which was the first divine animal in chaos; He is endowed with extraordinary talent, superb magic power, and is endowed with five colors of divine light. He is even more omnipotent. He guards the Xiqi army in Jinjiling Town, with the momentum that one man can not open the pass; He has practiced for thousands of years. He is a person with high magic power. His cultivation has reached the holy realm. He can become a saint only by one step.


Then why didn’t Kong Xuan, a quasi saint with extraordinary origins and profound magic power, retreat and break through the realm of saints as soon as possible? Why did he stoop to be an official in the Shang Dynasty and help Zhou to do evil? In fact, there is a great cause and effect behind it, which is closely related to Nuwa’s mother! In the war of deification, Nuwa Niang was a saint, and the saint’s mind moved, which was the will of heaven. King Zhou once wrote a poem in Nuwa temple, which insulted Nuwa’s reputation and made her angry, so he wanted to do it himself. He would wait outside Chaoge city for 28 years to get lucky.


I went back to the palace and used the banner to attract the three demons from the Xuanyuan tomb, the fox spirit, the pheasant chicken spirit, and the pipa spirit. I said to them, “when the soup is turned into a bleak, I should lose the world; when the Fengming Qishan mountain, the Western Zhou Dynasty has given birth to a holy Lord.” Nuwa’s meaning is very obvious. When the Phoenix went to Qishan, it should be the king of the Western Zhou Dynasty. What does this have to do with Kong Xuan? The relationship is big! Kong Xuan is the first peacock in the world. At the beginning of chaos, three wisps of essence were separated to give birth to three divine animals, namely, dragon, Phoenix and unicorn. Kong Xuan’s mother is a Phoenix. She was born with the Qi of yin and Yang when chaos first opened!


Phoenix was originally the guardian animal of the Shang Dynasty. After Phoenix Nirvana, Kong Xuan took the place of his mother to guard the Shang Dynasty. Nuwa’s mother wanted the Yin Shang Dynasty to destroy her, but she said that Fengming Qishan, which made Kong Xuan unhappy and thought that she had insulted herself. Does he not know where his mother is? You can’t change the dynasty, but don’t use your current situation as a cover. It was because Nuwa’s mother said that she was not right about her temper, which made Kong Xuan very unhappy. So he went to help king Zhou and help him to do evil!

The army in Xiqi was stopped by Kong Xuan in Jinjiling, and even the powerful Taoist priest of burning lanterns fled in confusion. What I’m talking about is the routine of making the list of gods, which is to let Xiqi destroy the Yin and Shang Dynasties. Therefore, there were Western quasi Taoists who defeated Kong Xuan and took him away. If there were no Qimiao treasure tree of zhunti Taoist, how long would Xiqi’s army block it? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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