What is the origin of Laozi riding a green bull?

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Do you want to know the origin of Laozi’s riding on a green bull? It is said that this is what happened when Li Laojun accepted qingniu when he was eight or nine years old. The following interesting history series will give you a detailed introduction and have a look together.

At that time, a group of monsters suddenly appeared on a mountain south of the Taiqing palace. This monster looks like an elephant. Its nose is not as long as that of an elephant. Its mouth is big, its horns are long, and its eyes are like copper bells. It is called startling tiger and wolf. People call it a divine ox, which is so fierce that it can bite at the sight of things and eat at the sight of people. Even lions and tigers have no place to hide. In a short time, the mountain was almost cut off by them.

One day, Laojun Li and the second son, a child of the village, cheated the adults and mowed the grass at the foot of the south mountain. After a while, they cut the baskets full. Seeing that it was still early, they began to play games. Erzi put the sickle on the ground. Laojun Li and Erzi stood in the distance and set the sickle handle with Laojun Li’s heaven and earth circle (the good name he gave his bracelet). Win in the set, lose in the set.


Whoever loses will climb three times around the sickle handle. The two of them were playing hard. Suddenly, they let out a moo, and rushed down a divine cow from the mountain and rushed at them. Seeing the cow, old Li was furious. He thought: this animal has done nothing good since it appeared. It has disturbed the neighbors and hurt the people. Today, I must show him some strength.

He shouted to Erzi, “go, catch it.” As he spoke, he took up his sickle and greeted the cow. Erzi is not a soft bag either. After hearing the old gentleman’s cry, he also picked up the sickle and ran away. As long as the cattle were alive, they all ran away with their lives. Today, when the two children saw that he did not run, but ran towards him with a sickle, they thought things were a little bad.

But he couldn’t help eating the fat in his mouth. He stared and ran even harder. The cow leaped and jumped, came near and threw its head down. The two of them squatted down, and the cow was running over their heads. Seeing the bull’s momentum, the old gentleman thought to himself: give him some strength first, and kill him. Then he suddenly stood up, raised his sickle and cut hard at the cow’s bottom. The cow jumped high with pain, and only a sickle was exposed on its good ass.

The cow ignored them and ran up the hill. As soon as they saw that the cow had run away, they became more excited, shouting and shouting, and followed the cow up the mountain. The cow ran halfway up the hill and went into a big hole. Li Laojun and his second son were preparing to catch a steady one in the cave. Suddenly, a roar shook the hillside. With the roar, a green bull sprang out of the cave. Darling, he is half as big as the cow just now. He has a big head, a big mouth and a big hoof plate. He seems to have a tiger in his stomach. The two horns on his head stretch forward and are only one arm long. It seems that it is the leader in the cow hole.

It darted out of the cave and stood on the hillside. When it saw that it was two children, it was so angry that it gave them a slap in the face. How fierce! But when he lowered his head and stretched out his tongue to lick the grass covered ground, the place where his tongue passed was completely bare, and even the land was licked up by him more than half a foot deep.

He said in his heart: “since taking the mountain as the king, he has suffered a little loss. Today, he was taken advantage of by your two children. It’s really disgraceful. Let me see how I can deal with you. He shouted, and a hungry tiger pounced on them. Seeing that the big green ox was crazy, old Li thought: if you don’t take the big green ox, you won’t have a good life in the future. You must take the big green ox.

Before he could figure out a way to cure the big green ox, the ox had rushed to Erzi and bowed to Erzi. Erzi was not in a hurry, so he hugged the front leg of big green bull. The big green bull was so anxious that he opened his mouth and bit his second son. Seeing this, the old gentleman rushed up and pointed the heaven and earth circle in his hand at the big green bull’s upper teeth. With a click, the big green bull’s upper teeth were smashed off.

The big green bull was so angry that he hit the old man on the ground with a fierce cross. He lowered his head and stretched out his tongue to “hiss” and wrapped his two sons in his belly. The old gentleman saw that the second son was wrapped in his belly by the old cow. He was so angry that his anger rose from his heart and his strength grew from his bones. At this time, big green bull was bowing his back and rushing to him. He suddenly stood up, grabbed the horn and rode on the back of the cow. He clamped the back of the cow with his legs, held the two horns with both hands and moved them back hard. All at once, he moved the horn over. Big green bull jumped around and wanted to throw Lao Jun off his back. The old gentleman took off the heaven and earth circle, broke it with great strength, and put the ox’s nose firmly through. Big green bull is much more honest now.


The old gentleman jumped off the back of the ox, picked up the sickle of Erzi and cut the ox’s hoof in half. Big qingniu is completely honest. He is still in the belly of the cow. The old gentleman held the big green bull’s stomach fiercely and squeezed out all the things in his stomach. The two sons also came out. Because he was swallowed, he didn’t hurt his muscles and bones, and soon woke up. However, the big green ox has suffered a lot. Since then, it always has to pour out its food and chew it again.

Seeing that Erzi woke up, Lao Jun and Erzi rode on the big green bull and went down the mountain happily. Not far away, the old gentleman found a group of large and small cows followed. It turned out that when the cows saw that they had been subdued by the old gentleman, he obediently followed them down. The old gentleman went down the mountain and drove them to the grassland in the east of the village. From then on, he specially domesticated the cattle there. All the cows he followed were treated according to the method of curing big green cattle. They were only allowed to eat grass and taught to pull plows and carts. He gave the domesticated cattle to the villagers. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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