What is the origin of mother Meng’s life? Does Meng Po know anything else besides cooking soup?

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What is the origin of mother Meng’s life? Does Meng Po know anything else besides cooking soup? Today, the editor of China story network will give you a detailed explanation~

In ancient Chinese myths and legends, after a person dies, his soul will return to the underworld and cross the Naihe bridge. On the Naihe bridge, there is an old woman who cooks soup, which is mother Meng. As long as you drink her soup, you can forget everything in the past and reincarnate. Mengpo is the Yin difference in charge of erasing the memory of the living soul in the underworld. What else can she do besides cooking Mengpo soup? Next, let’s learn about it together.


There are three kinds of folk legends about the origin of Meng Po. One of the most widely spread is that Meng Po was Meng Jiangnu who cried down the Great Wall.

That’s right. After Meng Jiangnu cried down the Great Wall, she saw countless corpses buried under the Great Wall. She could not tell who was who at first glance. In order to forget this painful memory, Meng Jiangnu, who couldn’t find her husband, secretly made a mementous Mengpo soup.

After Meng Jiangnu died, God pitied her and spared her the suffering of reincarnation. Finally, Meng Jiangnu was arranged to cook and distribute Meng Po soup by the Naihe bridge in the underworld, so that all souls could forget their memories.

It is said that Meng Jiangnu is a peerless beauty. Does it mean that she is not an old woman but a beautiful woman?

The second kind of origin of Meng Po is quite normal. She said that Meng Po was actually from the Western Han Dynasty. She was familiar with the Confucian scriptures since she was young. When she grew up, she went on to practice Buddhism and read the Buddhist scriptures all day. Meng Po’s life was very ordinary. She lived like a God who had no desire and no desire. She never recalled the past and never imagined the future. She only did one thing in her life, that is, to persuade people to eat vegetarian food and not to kill animals.


Mother Meng never married. She was still a virgin until she was 81. When she grew old, Meng’s memory became worse and worse. People asked her what her name was. She said that she only remembered her surname Meng, so people called her “old mother of Meng”.

Later, she moved to the mountains to live and practice. At that time, many people could recall their previous lives. Over time, the mystery of heaven was revealed. The God of heaven found Meng Po and asked Meng Po to serve as the God of the nether world. He built a forgetting platform for her and helped her make Mengpo soup.

The last kind of origin of Meng Po is quite strange. If you really want to trace it back, it may be mentioned at the time when the earth was created in the ancient times. We often say that the three realms are within the three realms and outside the three realms. The three realms refer to heaven, earth and people. The heaven realms have the greatest power and the highest status. The earth realms are the underworld, and the human realms are the places where mortals live.

Before the three realms appeared, Meng Po already existed. Because she couldn’t see through the world’s affairs and put down the world’s affairs, she specially went to the Naihe bridge in the netherworld and used a large pot to refine the memories that mortals could not forget after death into Mengpo Soup for the soul to drink. After drinking, the soul would forget these things.


The origin of this argument is the earliest, but it is also the most bizarre. The fact that Meng Po actually lives outside the three realms does not mean that she is more powerful than Nu Wa and the Jade Emperor?

There are many records about Meng Po in ancient books, but it is worth noting that in many records, Meng Po is related to wind. “Ci Hua of the past dynasties”: “it is said that the wind speaks of Meng Po”. “Jingjiang Baojuan”: “there is a Mengpo village in Yinsi, where a gorgeous woman sells tea and soup. People who eat soup and water do not feel fresh for 35 days.”

It is also mentioned in the book of mountains and seas that “the two daughters of the emperor swim in the river. They must follow the wind and rain when they come in and out. Therefore, they are called Mengpo because of the emperor’s daughter.”

I think the unique skill of Mengpo can not only cook Mengpo soup, but also control the wind and rain! Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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