What is the origin of the barefoot immortal? Why doesn’t he wear shoes?

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Many people don’t know about the barefoot immortal. Next, we will enjoy it with the Xiaobian of China story network.

In fairy tales, the fairyland actually has something in common with the human world. For example, people are diverse. Everyone is different from others and is completely unique. So are the immortals. They also have their own personality characteristics, such as the “barefoot immortal”. From the name, we can know that they are an immortal who often wears bare feet without shoes. But why do other immortals do this without shoes? Is it his personal hobby or something else?


??1. The origin of the barefoot immortal

Although the barefoot immortal is an immortal, he is different from the ordinary immortals in the imperial court. He has not been granted an official title by the heaven. That is to say, although his name is recorded in the heaven, he is not an immortal with status. We call him “Sanxian”. Just one word “San” is enough to explain some of the actions and characters of the barefoot immortal. It is loose and distributed, just like Li Bai.

Indeed, in most cases, the barefoot immortal travels all over the world. No one knows where he has gone, nor whether the barefoot man who just passed by is a barefoot immortal. In folklore, he is a free fairy. Where he wants to go depends on his own preferences. In addition, he will help people remove demons and demons. However, there is no absolute distinction between good and evil. If he meets a good demon, Of course, he would let it go, instead of trying to kill it all.


??2. Why not wear shoes

The title of “barefoot immortal” is of course because he never wears shoes, not because he doesn’t wear shoes. But why doesn’t he wear shoes? There are many sayings. One is that he is a kind of preference, personality, just like a person. If he wants to wear shoes, he will certainly wear what he likes, but if he doesn’t like to wear shoes, he will certainly not wear it. He will show his personality and highlight his unique side, so that he can be more easily remembered.

The second argument is that without proper shoes, the barefoot immortal was born with big feet, but the existing shoes are not suitable, which is certainly not as comfortable as not wearing them. The third view is that the barefoot immortal lost his shoes in a hurry in a battle with the black dragon that wreaked havoc on the world. The shoes turned into boulders, and the barefoot immortal would not wear shoes without shoes. From this time on, he got the name of “barefoot immortal”.


??3. Legend of the barefoot immortal

In the outlaws of the marsh, song Renzong was given the status of a fairy, that is, a barefoot fairy. Maybe it’s because the benevolence of the barefoot immortal is as famous as that of song Renzong, or maybe it’s because it’s said in the record of after the dust is blown that song Renzong didn’t like to wear shoes when he was a child, so someone called him a barefoot immortal. However, if there is such an immortal, he must be an emperor like song Renzong. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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