What is the origin of the golden cudgel? Why is the golden cudgel so powerful?

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What is the origin of the golden cudgel brought to you by the Xiaobian of China story network today? I hope it can help you.

What is the most important thing in the demon world? It’s not how powerful you are, but whether you have a weapon in your hand. If it’s ancient, it’s better.

Let’s give a few examples first. The owner of xiaoleiyin temple, who openly expressed his arrogance, clearly agreed with Wukong to have a duel. As a result, he took out the race bag foolishly before a few moves. Another example is when facing the Bull Demon King, he said a good little partner with big fish and big meat. As a result, he turned his face and didn’t recognize the monkey. Before saying a few words about himself, a fan disappeared.

When it comes to weapons, we have to talk about the golden cudgel in the monkey’s hand. Some people think it is the first magic weapon in the journey to the west, but they don’t know that there is a mystery in it, sealed with an ancient monster.

As we all know, the founder didn’t give the great sage a weapon, which doesn’t mean he didn’t want to give it, nor did he. After all, hermits and masters always have some information in their hands, but they didn’t have the chance. The weapon is predestined with the owner, otherwise, if they don’t take advantage of it, they won’t come if they don’t agree. Then Wukong ran to the East China Sea to find weapons.

He didn’t look up to the first few things. Only when he saw the Dinghai magic needle, he was moved, and it was destined to belong to him. The Dragon King thought this was a problem for him, but he didn’t know that the weapon was waiting for the owner, automatically lit up the password input, and then became a good helper of sun Dasheng, fighting everywhere.

Its maker is Lao Jun, but what we need to do now is to focus on the opportunity of production.

We all know that water and fire are incompatible, so how can two immortals tolerate each other’s existence? So no accident, the two people fought. The battle was not small, and finally Xiaohuo won. As for Xiaoshui who lost, he was very unconvinced, so he wanted to make a big one, such as stirring up the lower world and venting his anger. Typically, if he couldn’t fight badly, it was easy to fight, and implemented the way of bullying the weak and fearing the weak.


Just when Dayu wanted to catch him, a demon jumped out, and it was a powerful demon. In order to deal with it, the two people in charge of the sky all went out to take the demon away. Unfortunately, the two people found a particularly cruel fact after fighting with it. They couldn’t beat the demon at all, which was a disgrace.

In this case, we have to think of a check and balance weapon, so Lao Jun, a small arms expert, came out and taught them what is called a small expert every minute. The sea god needle was made, and then it fell into Dayu’s hands.


Originally, Dayu wanted to use this monster to catch Gonggong back, but he didn’t expect it to be so tricky. In a fight, Dayu, who couldn’t pass the competition, took out this weapon. He didn’t expect that he would be afraid. Before long, he divided the victory and defeat. The monster was sealed in the stick he used to measure the water depth. As for Gonggong’s early escape, all the monsters stronger than him were defeated, and he was sure to lose.

Later, in order to prevent the regeneration of flood, Dayu, who had the task of flood control, directly pestled the stick into the sea and became a sea god needle. It can be seen that the hidden power of this weapon is the big demon inside, not how powerful it is. Therefore, peeping into a person and a thing can’t just listen and see, but rely on your inner feelings. Even weapons have secrets, not to mention people’s hearts that are more complex than them. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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