What is the origin of the golden eye beast? Why did the ox demon king have ancient animals?

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What is the origin of the golden eye beast? Why did the ox demon king have ancient animals?

The ox demon king is not an immortal, not a Buddha or a Bodhisattva. His attributes are demons. Most of the monsters appearing in the journey to the West were once the mounts of immortals, or they were trained by themselves. But no monster like the ox demon king can have its own mount to avoid the water golden eye beast. Moreover, the origin of the water golden eye beast is not simple. It used to be an ancient god beast, Why on earth can the ox demon king have such a big mount?

During the journey to the west, Guanyin arranged many obstacles along the way in order to make the team full of tribulations and look more real. However, some were arranged, and some were monsters that existed in Hezhou, Xiniu. It is also called the one without background.

Among these monsters, one kind is called mount, and the mounts of various immortals and Buddhas come down to earth. But among these mounts, one man’s mount is also an ancient god and beast, which is very powerful. Why would he be willing to become someone else’s Mount instead of setting up his own house to be a goblin? He is the mount of the Bull Demon King – the Golden Crystal beast that avoids water.

So what is the Golden Crystal beast that avoids water? Why has it become the mount of the ox demon king? The Golden Crystal beast that wants to wear and avoid water looks like a kylin. It has a lion’s head, a dragon’s mouth, fish scales, six positions, tiger’s claws and antlers. Its whole body is red. It can not only soar through the clouds, but also dive and float. But why is such a powerful mount willing to become the crotch of the ox demon king? In fact, Sun Wukong’s practice also shows the reason.

When Sun Wukong was in the Flaming Mountain, in order to borrow the iron fan and princess’s banana fan, he once turned into a Bull Demon King. The most important thing of the Bull Demon King was this mount, but Sun Wukong could not control him, so he turned into a Bull Demon King on an inspiration, so that the monster obeyed his words.


This means that the Golden Crystal Beast, which avoids water, does not know the smell and can only distinguish the appearance. Although it is loyal to its master, it only knows the appearance of its master. No matter whether it is true or false, anyone can ride it. That is to say, he is very confused and not as smart as other monsters. Naturally, he has no ideal and ambition to set up his own family!

It is also enviable that the Bull Demon King, who is himself a mount, also has his own mount, the golden eye beast. But who gave the Bull Demon King a water piercing golden eye beast and made him the only one with a mount in the demon world?

I believe most people can’t deny the communication ability of the ox demon king. He not only has the ability to work hard, but also has a strong family background. These are all the efforts of the ox demon king with his own talents. Only in the end did we achieve what we have achieved. He also became a big man who created incredible things. Of course, when the ox demon king ascends to all kinds of big people in his official career, there are also various demons and ghosts to cling to and woo him. This is inevitable. The Dragon King of all saints and the ox demon king are good friends. They often use the friendly title of “Lord Niu” to show the status of the ox demon king.


And the Dragon King is also a kind invitation to the Bull Demon King, who often visits the Dragon Palace of the all saints Dragon King. This was also seen by Sun Wukong and his party when they passed the Flaming Mountain. But the Dragon King of all saints only entertained the ox demon king with delicacies, which certainly could not satisfy the ox demon king’s greedy appetite.

Every time, we not only need delicious food, but also certain material requirements, which is also a bad problem of some people in our modern society. Of course, the Dragon King could understand the meaning of the ox demon king, so he wanted to give him something more valuable. People with status have their own mounts. So the king of all saints sent him a golden eye beast. In this way, the Bull Demon King, who originally belonged to the mount, also had his own mount.

From the event that the Dragon King of all saints sent the Bull Demon King mount, we can draw a conclusion that both in the contemporary society and in their era, there is a common characteristic, that is, never despise a person, no matter what his status! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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