What is the origin of the inspiration king in the journey to the west? How did it end?

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The king of inspiration is a monster in journey to the West. He was originally a goldfish spirit. Next, the Xiaobian of China story network will bring historical stories. Let’s have a look!

When Sun Wukong encountered difficulties on the way to get scriptures, he usually asked Guanyin Bodhisattva for help. At the same time, Guanyin also quickly helped Sun Wukong eliminate demons. But when she took over the king of inspiration, Guanyin appeared to be in a hurry. She not only wore revealing clothes and no makeup, but also asked Sun Wukong to wait. Even the king of inspiration was in a hurry to leave. Then why is Guanyin in such a hurry

First, the king of inspiration fights Bajie and monk Sha

The Chen brothers were very happy when they heard that Sun Wukong was going to get rid of his roots, so they arranged for the three to eat vegetarian meals and helped them arrange the salute. Sun Wukong said that his means in the water were not good, and asked Bajie and monk Sha to find the king of inspiration to settle accounts. Monk Sha was worried that the king of inspiration was not easy to deal with, and proposed to go down with Sun Wukong alone. Zhu Bajie complained that Sun Wukong had teased him many times and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to retaliate, so he proposed to carry him on his own. Sun Wukong guessed Zhu Bajie’s intention, and in order to play tricks, he agreed.

Zhu Bajie carried Sun Wukong for hundreds of miles and wanted to play tricks on him. But Sun Wukong turned into lice earlier and hid it in Zhu Bajie’s ear, leaving the hair on his back. Zhu Bajie deliberately became unstable and threw the fake Wukong out of sight. Monk Sha scolded Zhu Bajie for not walking well and suggested to go to Sun Wukong. Zhu Bajie said, “don’t worry. You and I can go to find our master.”. Monk Sha listened and said that he would never go without senior brother. Sun Wukong replied that he was here.

Pig Bajie was startled, kowtowed in the mud, and apologized to Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong said that he didn’t care about it, so pig Bajie and monk Sha continued to move forward and arrived at the mansion of King inspiration. Sun Wukong changed into a long legged shrimp woman and mixed in. When he learned where Tang monk was, he told him to wait and save him later. Sun Wukong asked Zhu Bajie and monk Sha to challenge the king of inspiration. He stayed in an ambush on the bank and let them lure the king of inspiration out.

Zhu Bajie and monk Sha came to the door to challenge and fought with the king of inspiration. The two sides fought for two hours without winning. Zhu Bajie and monk Sha pretended to be defeated, and inspired the king to go ashore. But he went ashore and fought with Sun Wukong for three rounds, but he was defeated and fled. Sun Wukong told Zhu Bajie and monk Sha to lure the king of inspiration again, but the king of inspiration learned that it was Sun Wukong who would not fight. Zhu Bajie and monk Sha attack the mansion of King inspiration and find that it is sealed. They have to go back to Sun Wukong.

Second, Guanyin subdues the king of inspiration


Sun Wukong went to the South China Sea to find Guanyin Bodhisattva. He met all the immortals, such as the twenty-four heavenly beings, the great God guarding the mountain, the wooden fork walker, the boy who was good at money, and the Dragon girl who held the Pearl. He told him to wait. In a hurry, Sun Wukong jumped into the bamboo forest to find Guanyin. He found that she not only didn’t have makeup, but also wore thin clothes and no shoes. Guanyin weaves a bamboo basket in the forest and asks Sun Wukong to wait. Soon Guanyin came out with a bamboo basket and went to Tongtian River with Sun Wukong.

Avalokitesvara threw the bamboo basket into the river and chanted a mantra: “go dead, live alive. Go dead, live alive!” The inspiration king then killed all his subordinates, changed back to goldfish, and entered the bamboo basket. Sun Wukong persuaded Guanyin to show her face in front of the people of Chenjiazhuang to show that the demon had been captured and show the kindness of Bodhisattva, and obtained consent. When the Chenjiazhuang people saw the fish basket Guanyin appear, they knelt down and kowtowed one after another. Then Guanyin returned to the South China Sea. Zhu Bajie and monk Sha entered the mansion of King inspiration and rescued monk Tang. Later, with the help of old turtle, Monk Tang and his disciples crossed the Tongtian River and continued westward.

III. Guanyin in the fish basket

“Guanyin in a fish basket” is one of the images of Guanyin in folklore. It may be derived from the story of “Malang woman on the golden beach”, which can be traced back to the “Xuxuan strange record” written by Li Fuyan in the Tang Dynasty. The book mentions a Yanzhou woman who said that she was incomparably beautiful and often made friends with some dissolute children. As a result, she died young. The local people were not ashamed of the woman’s behavior and regarded her as an adulteress. Later, a monk from the western regions came to worship the Yanzhou woman, which attracted a curious crowd. The monk said that the woman was a collarbone Bodhisattva. When they opened the coffin, they found that what the monk said was true, so they built a tower to worship the woman.

The story of “Yanzhou woman” in xuxuanguailu evolved into “Malang woman in golden beach” in the Song Dynasty. It was mentioned that the woman’s name was Malang woman, and the location was changed to golden beach. It was also said that she used beauty as bait to persuade people to abandon evil ideas through intercourse with people. Later, the story added the story of Guanyin incarnating as a fisherman, carrying a fish basket, raising funds from the people to build a bridge, and helping Cai Xiang, the governor of Quanzhou in the Northern Song Dynasty, build the Wan’an bridge. This is the story of Guanyin in the fish basket that we are familiar with today.

Fourth, why was Kuan Yin in such a hurry when she received the king of inspiration

This monkey king is quick-tempered and can make a fortune. The heavens can’t stay. I want to go inside. He dragged me into the deep forest and opened his eyes to peep at me. Looking from afar to save the suffering Zun, he sat on the broken Ruo. Lazy people are afraid of dressing, and their faces are more graceful. A nest of loose silk has never been worn. I don’t hang a plain basket gown, but a small jacket that fits me. Her waist was covered with brocade skirts and her feet were bare. There is no embroidered belt on the shawl, and the arms and shoulders are bare. With a steel knife in his hand, Yu is cutting the bamboo skin. (journey to the west, 49 chapters)

The hiker dared not to be strong, so he had to go out of the bamboo forest and say to all the heavenly beings, “Bodhisattva has reset his family affairs again today. Why don’t you sit on the lotus terrace, don’t you dress up, don’t you like it, and cut bamboo strips in the forest?” The heavens said: “but we don’t know. This morning, we went into the forest without dressing up. They also taught us to wait for the great saint here. We must do something for the great saint.” Walker had no choice but to wait. (journey to the west, 49 chapters)

Xingxing said: “Bodhisattva, in that case, I’ll ask the believers of Chenjiazhuang to wait a moment. Let’s have a look at the golden face of Bodhisattva: one is to leave grace; the other is to collect strange things so as to teach ordinary people to provide with confidence.” The Bodhisattva said, “well, go and call me.” The old and young men and women of the village all knelt down and kowtowed to the river, regardless of the mud and water. There are those who are good at painting and pass down the shadow God. This is the appearance of Guanyin in the fish basket. (journey to the west, 49 chapters)


There are several reasons why Avalokitesvara was in a hurry when she took over the king of inspiration, not only because she was thinly dressed and barefoot, but also because she didn’t punish the king of inspiration who ate boy and girl

First of all, the image of Guanyin in the fish basket Guanyin is that of a dissolute woman, which is somewhat similar to that of a decadent brothel woman. Therefore, when Guanyin received the king of inspiration in Tongtian River, she wore thin clothes and bare feet, which looked more fragrant and beautiful. Therefore, the scene of Guanyin in the “journey to the west” is to fit the element of “Guanyin” in the fish basket Guanyin, which is very different from the solemn image of Guanyin in other chapters of the book.

Secondly, Guanyin knew in the morning that the king of inspiration had run away and was a demon in the Tongtian River, so she went to the purple bamboo forest to weave a fish basket and prepare to take back her goldfish. Therefore, Guanyin has time to make up, but she still spends most of her time weaving fish baskets. In addition, when Sun Wukong came to Guanyin, although he was anxious, he was still waiting patiently. It shows that Guanyin still has time to make up, and can go on the road with Sun Wukong after making up. The reason why Guanyin spends most of her time weaving fish baskets is to fit the element of fish baskets and “baskets” in Guanyin.

Finally, the king of inspiration ate virgin boys and girls in Chenjiazhuang, which can be said to be a heinous crime. However, the king of inspiration is relatively restrained. In his nine years at Tongtianhe, he only ate 16 virgins in Chenjiazhuang (Yiqian Jin and Chen Guanbao escaped because of the scripture collection team), which also ensured the good weather of Chenjiazhuang for nine years. Therefore, Kuan Yin wanted the king of inspiration to kill all the little demons in the cave for the sake of these 16 virgins. Guanyin did not punish the king of inspiration, but also to fit the element of “fish” in the fish basket Guanyin. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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