What is the origin of the multi eyed monster in the journey to the west? What did he end up with?

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One of the difficulties in journey to the west is that of the seven female spider spirits and the multi eyed monster in Chapter 72. Today, the editor of China story net has sorted out the relevant contents for you. I wonder if he can help you expand some knowledge?

The multi eyed monster (also known as the hundred eyed monster) is one of the few monsters in the journey to the West that can torture the monkey king to death and frighten him. The most powerful skill of the multi eyed monster is to put golden light into his eyes. However, in order to subdue him, pilanpo blinded his eyes. Since pilanpo has blinded the eyes of the multi eyed monster, why do you want him to watch the door? The captain will tell you carefully.

I. entertaining the scripture group


When the scripture collection team arrived at the yellow flower temple, they went in for the night and found that the spring festival couplet at the door read “yellow bud and white snow immortal mansion; yaocao Qihua feather scholar’s home” When Sun Wukong saw him, he joked that he was a Taoist alchemist. Tang Seng listened and told him to be careful in his words and deeds. Then the master and the apprentice went into the inner courtyard and found a Taoist priest (i.e. multi eyed monster) who made medicine. They hurried to say hello. After hearing this, the multi eyed monster quickly put down the medicine in his hand and welcomed the scripture collection team. Then the multi eyed monster invited the Tang monk to sit in the house and ordered the disciples to serve tea.

Seven spider spirits came to Huanghua temple. They wanted to tell the elder martial brother that the multi eyed monster had been molested by pig Bajie. However, because the multi eyed monster was busy making medicine, they had to wait for a while. When the spider spirits heard that someone was visiting the yellow flower temple, they asked who Tong came from. Knowing that it was the Tang monk, they asked Tao Tong to call his master. The Taoist boy served tea and winked at the multi eyed monster. He followed his disciples to meet the seven younger martial sisters and left the Tang Monk and his disciples to play in the house.

When the spider spirits saw the multi eyed monster, they immediately knelt down and saluted. They said that the monk who came was the Tang monk who went to the west to get scriptures. He could live forever after eating. They also told the two sides about the fight, and begged elder martial brother to help revenge. When the multi eyed monster heard this, he went to the room to get the poison. He took 1.2% of the poison and put it into 12 red dates. One date contained 1% of the poison. Then he divided the 12 dates into four parts and put them into a tea cup. Then the multi eyed monster went out to confirm the identity of Tang Monk’s master and apprentice, and ordered the apprentice to change tea. The seven spider spirits gave the poison tea to the Taoist priest and asked him to take it.

II. Poison the scripture group

The multi eyed monster first handed the poisonous tea to Tang monk, mistakenly thinking that Zhu Bajie was a big disciple, and gave him the second cup of tea, the third cup of tea to Sha monk, and the fourth cup of tea to Sun Wukong. When Sun Wukong saw that there were black dates in the multi eyed monster’s tea, he became suspicious and wanted to exchange tea with him. The multi eyed monster refused, so he pulled with the monkey king. Tang monk then made a speech to stop Sun Wukong from changing tea, but he was more suspicious, so he took the tea and did not drink it. After drinking tea, Tang Monk and other three people frothed at the mouth and fainted.

Sun Wukong was so angry that he threw tea at the multi eyed monster and asked why he had hurt people? Many eyes blamed him and asked him what he had done in Zhuozou spring? Then the two sides fought, and seven spider spirits rushed out to help the multi eyed monster. Sun Wukong became more angry and hit the spider spirits. Seven spiders are good at spitting out spider silk and wrapping the monkey king. Sun Wukong then rushed out, called the land, and inquired about the seven spider spirits.

Sun Wukong pulled off his hair, and first turned out 70 gokons, and then turned out 70 golden cudgels. Let the gokons take the golden cudgels to roll the spider silk and catch the seven spider spirits. The spider spirits begged Sun Wukong for mercy, and he offered to return the Tang Monk and his two younger martial brothers. The spider spirits then asked the multi eyed monster for help and persuaded him to release the Tang monk. As a result, the multi eyed monster refused to hand over the Tang monk for his meat. Sun Wukong was so angry that he killed seven spider spirits.

III. fight against the monkey king


Seeing the tragic death of the seven younger martial sisters, the multi eyed monster became angry and attacked Sun Wukong. The two sides fought for 50 rounds. Seeing that they were not rivals, the multi eyed monster took off his clothes. Sun Wukong laughed when he saw him. The multi eyed monster shows a thousand eyes and emits golden light, making it difficult for the monkey king to walk. Sun Wukong wanted to break through the golden light and escape, but he didn’t think that he could not get out. Instead, he hit his head soft. Sun Wukong had to turn into a pangolin, and only after drilling for more than 20 miles did he escape.

Li Shan’s mother came home from the Longhua meeting. On the way home, she found that the Tang monk was poisoned by a multi eyed monster, so she disguised herself as a filial mother and burned paper there. When Sun Wukong escaped, he began to cry bitterly. He found a woman crying too. He asked her who she was crying? Li Shan’s mother lied that her husband had been poisoned by the multi eyed monster. Sun Wukong then told her that she was crying because of her master and was also hurt by the multi eyed monster. Li Shan’s mother then explained the origin of the multi eyed monster and pointed out that pilanpo Bodhisattva in Qianhua cave of Ziyun mountain could subdue the monster.

IV. acceptance of pilanpo

Sun Wukong came to the thousand flower cave of Ziyun mountain and showed his intention to pilanpo Bodhisattva. She followed Sun Wukong to the yellow flower temple. Sun Wukong asked pilanpo what kind of weapon she used. She said that it was OK to use the gold needle made in the eyes of her son, the Pleiades officer. When she arrived at the yellow flower temple, she first released the golden needle, which broke the golden light of the multi eyed monster and made him blind. Sun Wukong wanted to hit the multi eyed monster, so Pilan stopped him and asked him to go to save the master first.

When Sun Wukong saw that master and they were poisoned and fell to the ground, he was helpless. Pilan Po then advised Sun Wukong not to be sad and took out three antidote pills to let him save Tang monks. Sun Wukong therefore put the antidote into the mouth of the Tang Monk and saved him. Tang Monk woke up and thanked pilanpo. Pig Bajie wanted to revenge on the multi eyed monster, but she was blocked by pilanpo, who said that there was no gatekeeper in the house and the monster needed to open the door. Sun Wukong wanted to see the true nature of the multi eyed monster. Pilan Po pointed at the monster. It turned out to be a centipede. Then Pilan said goodbye and returned to the cave with the centipede spirit.

Pig Bajie asked Sun Wukong, “why is Pilan so powerful that she can subdue the centipede spirit?” Sun Wukong replied, “pilanpo is the mother of the Pleiadian star. She must be a hen. The chicken can subdue the centipede best, so pilanpo can subdue the multi eyed monster.” Then the Tang Monk and his disciples found rice in the Huanghua temple and ate a full meal. Then they set fire to the Huanghua temple and continued to travel westward.

V. why did pilanpo leave a multi eyed monster to watch the door

It turned out that the Taoist priest stripped off his clothes and lifted up his hands together. He saw 1000 eyes under the two sides. The eyes burst with golden light, which was very dangerous… The walker was worried and said: “bad luck, bad luck, this head is not good today. You can’t hurt it by chopping and chopping. But how can you be softened by the golden light? After a long time, you must pay tribute to pus. Even if it’s better, it’s a tetanus.” (journey to the west, chapter 73)

The Walker said: “I can escape my life. I’ll protect master Tang monk from going to the west to collect scriptures. When master meets Taoist priest Huanghua temple, he pours the poison tea. When I bet with him, he puts the golden light over me. I let the magic power escape. I smell the golden light of the Bodhisattva. I’m here to invite him.” The Bodhisattva said, “who told you? I have been to the Yulan club for more than three hundred years and have never gone out. I am anonymous, and no one knows. But how do you know?” (journey to the west, chapter 73)


The main reasons why pilanpo blinded the multi eyed monster and kept him to watch the door are as follows:

First of all, the multi eyed monster is known as the “hundred eyed devil”. It has two eyes on its face and 1000 eyes under its armpit. Therefore, pilanpo was blinded only by the original eyes of the multi eyed monster, and the eyes under its arms were still there. So it was more than enough for the multi eyed monster to watch the door for pilanpo, and pilanpo did not worry about it.

Secondly, the golden light emitted by the multi eyed monster is so powerful that it can torture the monkey king to death. The Pilan mother let him watch the door, and there was no need to worry about the intrusion of outsiders. Moreover, she has lived in seclusion for more than three hundred years and is unwilling to communicate with the outside world. There are many strange golden lights that can completely frighten the outside world, so that outsiders do not dare to trouble her easily.

Finally, Sun Wukong had a copper head and an iron brain. Even the Supreme Lord and the jade emperor could not help him. However, when he met the golden light of the multi eyed monster, he said that his head was “softened by the impact, and would flow pus, and he would get tetanus.” this shows how much he was afraid of the multi eyed monster. Since Sun Wukong, who is not afraid of heaven and earth, is afraid of multi Eyed Monsters, then she can be very relieved to watch the door with him. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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