What is the origin of the ox demon king? What’s the relationship between Niu Mo Wang and Chi you?

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What is the origin of the ox demon king? What’s the relationship between Niu Mo Wang and Chi you? Readers who are not clear can watch it together with the Xiaobian of China story network.

The ox demon king and Chiyou seem to be two completely unrelated figures. One is a monster written in the journey to the west, but it has great powers and looks unusual in identity. The other is a demon God in ancient mythology in the ancient times. It should be irrelevant in any way. But why do some people say that the ox demon king is actually a part of Chiyou’s body? What’s the relationship between Niu Mo Wang and Chi you?

In the journey to the west, the ox demon king is a wonderful existence. He used to be Sun Wukong’s sworn brother in status, and his strength can be said to be a top expert among monsters. However, it is strange that such an identity has not been incorporated by heaven.

When he subdued the Bull Demon King, five passers-by and horses showed their magic powers, including various forces of Buddhism and Taoism. Their array can basically be compared with that of Sun Wukong when he was making trouble in heaven. In fact, it has something to do with his identity.

Before we speculate, we can see a clue from the name. The ox demon king has a magic word in his name, which is very different from ordinary monsters. Ordinary monsters are mostly cultivated by animals, and demons are much stronger than monsters, and ordinary immortals are not their opponents.

The ox demon king originated from Indian religion and naturally evolved from the “kumarashi” of “kumarashi”. To now, India regards cattle as sacred objects and regards them as the most sacred and inviolable animals in the region.

However, in the origin of this powerful character in the journey to the west, it seems that the ox demon king does not have a strong backstage or master. The ox demon king has a brother Ruyi Zhenxian and a son hong’er. It can be inferred that the ox demon king comes from a very prosperous monster family. In addition, the ox demon king has a wide range of friends and is quite famous. Among the monsters, he can be regarded as a truly peerless hero.


There are 72 changes, and the ox demon king has 72 changes. His martial arts are just like that of Sun Wukong, except that his body is cut by wolves, and he lacks drill speed and does not live much.

The magic power of the ox demon king is boundless. It turned out that the ox demon king was originally a part of Chi You’s body and was turned into resentment after death. The weapons are double swords and mixed iron sticks, not forks, which are known as the “great bull devil”. Mount a golden eye beast that can break the water. There will be 72 changes.

In the journey to the west, there are many monsters that have kept us dizzying, but if we want to mention the really awesome monsters, it must be the Bull Demon King. The ox demon king is known as the great saint of heaven, and is also the brother of Sun Wukong, the great saint of heaven. When he becomes Sun Wukong’s big brother, it can be seen that his skills are not small. Otherwise, he can’t convince anyone with the strength of sun monkey.

The ox demon king’s family is not easy to mess with. When it comes to assets, the ox demon king is the richest of the monsters. He has a villa on his own Jilei mountain, his wife on Cuiyun mountain and a villa, plus the fat job of a firewoman on Huoyan mountain. Even his son dominates the top of a huoyun cave. Of course, we should not forget the jade faced fox. The jade faced fox is not for the ox demon king’s money, You should know that Princess jade faced’s father is very rich, but he died and his daughter has no support. That’s why he married the ox demon king. With this family property and the powerful magic power of the ox demon king, the ox demon king is equivalent to a social elder brother in the demon world. No matter which fairy is, he should give him some face.


Of course, the ox demon king is after all a gangster, and being able to mix well in the demon world also shows that he has a good relationship. In fact, every monster has an account in his heart. They know that the great bull demon is not easy to provoke, because the Bull Demon is not a monster. Then the ox demon is not a monster. What is it? The ox devil is a demon. You can see from his name that he is an ox devil!

As for the origin of the ox demon king, there is actually an origin. The ox demon king is the result of Chi You’s resentment. In those days, Chiyou belonged to a barbarian tribe in the north, and his force value was extremely high. Moreover, his brothers were all bronze headed and iron boned. They were omnipotent, and they were called invincible in the northern part of the Great Wall. In the ancient times, resources were very limited and the population was large, so it was very difficult to allocate them. Everyone received too few resources, which stimulated their fighting spirit. So they decided to come to the Huangdi tribe. These Chiyou soldiers, with battle axes and bows and arrows, wantonly abused the people of the Huangdi tribe and robbed them of their hard-earned resources and property. After the emperor knew about this, he began to organize resistance against Chiyou. Finally, the two sides began a decisive battle. The God of war Chiyou was completely exterminated in this battle, and the emperor also won the war. But Chi you was very unwilling. After his death, his resentment floated in the sky and could not disperse for a long time. Finally, he plunged into the banner of the tribe. This flag is a tribal totem of Chiyou tribe. On it is a very powerful bull. This resentment penetrates into the bull and immediately becomes a demon king, which is the later Bull Demon King.

In fact, the ox demon king did nothing evil in the whole journey to the West. He was very charitable compared with some human eating goblins. The arrival of Sun Wukong and his entourage directly changed the fate of the ox demon king family. In other words, the ox demon king was deeply hurt by his brother. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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