What is the origin of Ying Long? What image is Ying long in the record?

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What is the origin of Ying Long? What are the images of Ying Long? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian of China story network to read it down.:

Introduction to Yinglong

Yinglong is a winged dragon in ancient Chinese myths and legends, also known as flying dragon, also known as yellow dragon. Other scholars speculate that Yinglong is named after Gengchen; Originally living in the heavenly world, he once came to earth as the great general of the Yellow Emperor to kill Chiyou and Kuafu. He also used his tail to paint the earth into a river to help Dayu control the water. At the same time, Ying Long also captured wuzhiqi for King Yu.


Ying Long is in the center of the five directions and the five elements are in charge of the earth. He is the God of clouds, rain and thunder, and the God of goudu rivers. He is also the God of the dragon and the concubine of the God of heaven. His name is Ying Long God when God blesses Jifu.

There are two kinds of Yinglong: one is born to Maodu and Yujia, and the other is born to Phoenix and kylin; The second is that the dragon has been cultivated for 1500 years. The dragon has been a Horned Dragon for 500 years, and the Horned Dragon has been a Ying dragon for 1000 years.

The origin of Ying Long

Yinglong first appeared in the previous period of the Yellow Emperor, which is recorded in the book of mountains and seas and the historical records. The main idea is that the tribes in the Yellow River Basin led by the Yellow Emperor and the tribes in the Yangtze River Basin led by Chiyou fought. Both sides used various magical animals to help. Ying long on the Yellow Emperor’s side is good at “water storage”, and Chiyou’s side also has a spirit that is good at calling the wind and rain. His ability is better than Ying long, and the heavy rain floats to the Yellow Emperor’s side.

The Yellow Emperor was in a weak position, so he asked the goddess of heaven to help stop the heavy rain and annihilate the Chiyou tribe in one fell swoop. Ying Long made great contributions to the war and killed Chiyou and Kuafu. Because the war consumed too much energy, they were no longer able to fly back to heaven, and quietly came to the south to live in the mountains.

Living idly in the south, Ying Long has nothing to do all day. Things changed, and the stars changed. In a blink of an eye, the era of Dayu came. The flood was overwhelming and life was ruined. Dayu shouldered the heavy responsibility of saving the common people. Ying Long came to help, sweeping the floor with his tail and dredging the flood. Therefore, Ying Long was also Yu’s hero.

Later, as a symbol of feudal imperial power, the Yellow Dragon appeared in the imperial dragon vessels, but its biggest feature, the wings, has gradually evolved into cloud patterns since the middle of the Zongzhou Dynasty.

Ying Long’s appearance

Yinglong is characterized by two wings, scales, spine, large and long head, sharp snout, small nose, eyes and ears, large orbit, high eyebrow arch, sharp teeth, protruding forehead and long tail tip.

The image of Ying Long often appears on bronze wares in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, jade carvings in the Warring States period, stone carvings, silk paintings and lacquerware in the Han Dynasty. The earliest image of Yinglong belongs to the dragon pattern with a winged snake body found in Inner Mongolia 7400 years ago.

What are the images of Ying Long?

I. mountains, seas and Dragons

“The classics of mountains and seas ยท the eastern classics of the great wilderness”: “in the northeast corner of the great wilderness, there is a mountain called fierce plough mound. Yinglong is in the south pole, killing Chiyou and Kuafu, and cannot go back, so there is a few droughts, and the drought is like Yinglong, which leads to heavy rain”.

Some scholars have verified that the fierce earth mound is located in Penglai and Yuanqiao in the East barren sea, and believed that the image of Ying long with flames and waves in the Ming Dynasty’s painting of rivers and seas highlights the divinity of its oceans and volcanoes. Another scholar said, “the ‘fierce plough mound’ is regarded as the ‘fierce plough mound’.”.

Ying Long once made great contributions by “killing Chiyou and Kuafu”, and the annotation of Shanhaijing said: “Gai Kuafu and Chiyou are both descendants of Emperor Yan. In the struggle of Huang Yan, Chiyou set up troops to revenge for Emperor Yan, and Kuafu also joined the Chiyou battle group”.

In addition to the East Sutra, the Shanhaijing Dahuang North Sutra also includes: “Kuafu did not measure his strength, wanted to chase the sun, caught it in Yugu….. He will go to daze, and died here before he arrived. Ying Long has killed Chiyou, and killed Kuafu, but went to the south, so it was rainy in the south.” Guo puyun: “Shang Yun Kuafu did not measure his strength, and died competing with the sun. Now this Fuyun was killed by Ying long, and his death has no name. It is obvious that there is no way to change, and it is unpredictable”, Yuan keyin: “Guo (PU) explains myths with metaphysics, which is inevitable. Gaikuafu is the family name of ancient giants, not the name of one person”.


Ying Long was originally in heaven, so there was a saying in the eastern classic “no return”. The anthology said: “heaven has nine dragons, Ying Long has wings”. The Zuo Chuanzhu said that Ying long can “work hard and be virtuous, cooperate with the wind and cloud, surpass the sudden famine and become Hao Cang”. The detailed annotation of the anthology said: “sudden famine, the sky is also. Hao Cang, are all heaven’s names”.

Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty noted in the eastern classic that “the shape of the dragon should be” is “the Earth Dragon of today”, taking its “Qi should be natural” as the God of clouds and rain. This Earth Dragon is “the God of the dragon in the sky is also in the earth Dragon… The essence of the Yu sacrifice is also in the Earth Dragon”, and later generations also said that “the dragon should paint the earth through flowing springs”, which is popularly said to be the God of rivers and rivers.

According to the examination, Ying Long may be named after Gengchen. The “mountain and sea Sutra Guangzhu” quoted from the “Yue Du Sutra” that “in the ninth year of Yao, it was a sin to have no Zhi Qi, and the turtle mountain driven by Ying Long was at the foot of it, and then at the level”, while the “Gusu annals” recorded that without Zhi Qi, all gods were defeated, “only Gengchen fought… Moved to the foot of the turtle mountain in Huaiyin, so that the huaishui river was always safe”, which can be seen.

In the old Beijing City, there was a temple offering sacrifices to the “Yinglong God when God blesses Jifu”. Before liberation, when scholars visited Yingyang County, there were still natives who believed in Yinglong God, and the Xindu county annals also contained Yinglong temple.

II. Yellow Dragon trailing tail

“Chu Ci” said: “what should be the painting of dragons? What calendar does the river and sea have?” Wang Yi noted this sentence: “or when Yu ruled the flood, there was a divine dragon painting the earth with its tail and guiding the water path, so he ruled it”. Volume II of the collection of Relics: “Yu tried his best to guide the canal, guide the rivers and Yi mountains, the yellow Dragon trailing its tail in front, and the Black Turtle bearing the green mud behind”. There was a poem in the late Qing Dynasty, “or the Yellow Dragon responding to the dragon to help the fierce fire”. According to the annals of Shuntian mansion, “the five harvests of Yellow Dragon are called Yinglong”.

It can be seen from the above that Yinglong helped to set Jiuzhou, and it can also be seen that the theory of taking Huanglong as Yinglong has existed since ancient times. Modern mythologist yuan Ke also said that “Huanglong drags its tail”, which is naturally “Yinglong painted land”. This is also discussed in books such as the dictionary of Chinese dragon culture, the dictionary of Chinese mythological figures, and the dictionary of Chinese mysterious culture. Not only that, the early image of Huang Long is consistent with Ying long.

Ying Long is the imperial concubine of Taiyi, the God of the Yellow Dragon, the God of the thunderstorm, and the elephant of the harem, according to the historical records of justice, while Jingzhou Zhan records that “the outliner, the position of the Yellow Dragon, and the imperial concubine of Taiyi”.

“Shi Tudu disaster” said: “Huang Long, including, is also responsible for the earth; one is Chen Ling, the other is Quan Xing, the God of Thunderstorm”. “Shuo Lue” said that “its gods head pillow stars, Zhang, tail hanging willows, and reflect three platforms, Si Siji, Si Zhongyue, Si Zhongtu, Si Huanghe, Jiang, Han, Huai, Ji Zhishui, Si Huangdi’s descendants, Si luochong 360”, which is tied with the four spirits of heaven.

III. Mother God system

It can be seen from the above that Yinglong has strong combat power, respected status and noble blood, but even so, it is still a God’s horse. In Huainan Zi Lanming training “(Nuwa) riding a thunder car, driving Yinglong… Tao ghosts and gods, climbing the Ninth Heaven, facing the emperor at the lingmen, and Mi Mu Xiu under Taiyi”. Gao Yinzhu noted this cloud: “Yinglong has wings, and the dragon of Yingde”. If you look at the time in the myth, Yinglong was originally a subordinate of the Mother God Nuwa.

However, not only Nuwa drove Yinglong to rise for nine days to meet the emperor of heaven, but also the yellow emperor ascended to heaven in Dinghu and became an immortal, named Taiyi Jun. the “Yunji Seven Signs” recorded this matter, saying that “the Yellow Emperor lived for a total of 111 years and reigned for a hundred years. Since he became a immortal, he ascended to heaven as Taiyi Jun”. Perhaps the “Taiyi” of the “Princess of Taiyi” contained before is the “Taiyi Jun” formed by the Yellow Emperor.

Sun Simiao’s “tonic in the room” contains “the Royal daughter of the Yellow Emperor is 1200 and goes to heaven”. Is it not that one of the so-called “Royal daughters is 3000, and the sun rises in the sky”, that is, a woman should be a dragon for this, so sincere can be a joke.


IV. thousand load transformer

There are two kinds of Yinglong, one of which is Yinglong, born of Mao Du and Yu Jia, and born of jianma, Phoenix and kylin.

Huainanzi: “Maodu begets Yinglong, Yinglong begets jianma, jianma begets Qilin”, Tanjin Anthology: “Yu Jia begets Yinglong, Yinglong begets Phoenix”, but Huainanzi also contains “Yu Jia begets Feilong, Feilong begets Phoenix”, while Xu Shen of the Han Dynasty believes that Feilong also has a winged dragon, and it is suspected that Feilong is Yinglong.

Second, according to the book of legends, “water ASPS turn into dragons for 500 years, dragons turn into dragons for 1000 years, dragons turn into horned dragons for 500 years, and Dragons respond to dragons for 1000 years”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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