What is the post after eight immortals become immortals? Why are the eight immortals so idle?

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What is the post after eight immortals become immortals? Why are the eight immortals so idle? The following Chinese story network Xiaobian will bring you detailed answers.

The story of the eight immortals is also one of many myths in ancient China, and it is also very famous. In many works, the eight immortals often go out together, like a family. But many people know the story of the eight immortals before they become immortals, that is, they introduce how they became immortals one by one, but they do not know what they do after they become immortals. So in the fairy tale, what did the eight immortals do in heaven after they became immortals, and what official positions did they have?

Eight immortals should have no fixed position in heaven.

They are similar to the supernumerary personnel in Tianting. After all, people like Zhen Yuanzi, the founder of earthly immortals, have no suitable positions in Tianting, and the eight immortals have no fixed positions for them.

According to the classification of “the romance of deification”, the positions in the heavenly court are divided into the divine position and the immortal position. The gods can only serve in the heavenly court after the execution of the general’s deification. For example, marshal Tianpeng spent 28 nights.

Some gods will go to the lower world to experience misfortunes irregularly. Once the misfortunes on earth have been completed and their bodies have died, they can return to heaven and return to their original posts, but they can’t be promoted.

For example, the Wenqu star and the white tiger star will be extended to the lower bound.

After the battle to kill the general and enshrine the gods, only a few people, such as Li Jing and his son, served in the heaven.

Gods are different from immortals. Gods are similar to civil servants, while immortals are similar to business owners or manors.

People who become immortals have their own territory, such as Jinguang cave in Qianyuan mountain, Jinxia cave in Yuquan mountain. Immortals have their own caves, and the products of each mountain are used to support them.

This is a bit like the landlord in ancient times. They have their own farm property, and their own long-term workers and tenants work for their families to earn money. An immortal is an earth emperor in his own land. Why should he go to heaven to be a civil servant? He clocks in every day to listen to others’ instructions. Moreover, an important reason why an immortal does not go to heaven is probably that he is not qualified.

Because the positions in the heaven are arranged one by one, and the incumbents of these positions are sealed after the battle of the gods. These gods are immortal, so there is no way for the latter to seize that pit position.


Eight immortals become immortals later, so it’s probably very difficult to get a job in heaven, which is called an unlucky time.

The eight immortals become immortals through their own efforts. They are not gods, so their treatment is the same as that of immortals, that is, they have their own heaven and earth, a cave, and they grow and collect themselves. The heaven does not pay them any salary, and there are not many job responsibilities for them to undertake. In case there is a task of killing demons and demons, they will be invited to come out to help or wave flags and shout or go to the battle to kill enemies.

Therefore, the immortals are very leisurely, and the eight immortals are also very too idle. Therefore, the lively character like LV Dongbin only plays white peony three times in a while and flirts with other beautiful girls.

Later, he went to Yueyang Tower to drink and make trouble, but he suspected that the local people did not know him, leaving behind a famous poem: after three passes through Yueyang, the people did not know him, and Lang Yin flew across Dongting Lake.

Generally, people with serious work in the heaven have such leisure to go around. They have to punch in every day. If they are found not to work, they will be punished.

In journey to the west, kuimu wolf secretly went to the human world to be a demon. He was discovered by Sun Wukong and sued to heaven. The Jade Emperor punished him to go to doushou palace to burn a fire in the alchemy of supreme Lao Jun. if LV Dongbin really had a position in heaven, he would probably stay in doushou palace for a long time because of his loose personality.

The eight immortals should be a small group. They have their own place of work and life. This place is Penglai, and the place where the eight immortals go after crossing the sea is Penglai.

Penglai is one of the three famous overseas mountains, which are abbot, Yingzhou and Penglai.

It is said that there were five sacred mountains overseas. Two of them flew away, leaving only three, abbot Yingzhou and Penglai. Ancient books say that these three mountains are:

Its mountain is 30000 Li high and low, its top is 9000 Li flat, and the middle of the mountain is 70000 li away. I think it’s a neighbor. All the people on the stage are gold and jade, and all the animals on the stage are pure chimera. The nodes of the pearls and gannets grow in clusters. Every flower has its own taste, and everyone who eats them does not grow old or die. The people I live in are all saints and immortals, and there are countless people who fly back and forth day by day and night by night. And the roots of the five mountains have no connection, and often go up and down with the tide

In fact, immortals live better than gods. They enjoy various benefits that gods can enjoy, such as immortality, but they do not have to undertake various specific tasks that Gods undertake, such as wind and rain. They are a group of super beings who have leisure and money but have nothing to do. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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