What is the power of the golden cymbals of Maitreya in journey to the west? What is the ranking among all the magic weapons?

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Now let’s take a look at the article of Maitreya Buddha brought by China story net.

In the myth novel Journey to the west, there are many magic weapons. Especially those demon kings with backgrounds will basically take their masters’ magic weapons to the lower bound. For example, the king of golden horn and the king of silver horn have the most magic weapons. They have taken five magic weapons in total, namely, goat fat jade net bottle, purple golden red gourd, gold rope, banana fan and seven star sword; King Huang Mei has two magic weapons: Race bag and golden cymbal; Guanyin Bodhisattva’s Mount golden hair roar is relatively few, but he also has a magic weapon, purple golden bell. In fact, on the way to the west, the monsters were able to defeat the monkey king, largely thanks to the help of these magic weapons. So, among all the magic weapons, which one is the most powerful? Where is the golden cymbal in Maitreya Buddha’s hand? Next, we will compare and analyze it with the original work of journey to the West.

Because there are so many magic weapons in the original works, it is impossible to compare and analyze each one. Therefore, it is necessary to set the shortlist conditions: first, the magic weapons must appear in the process of learning scriptures; Second, the magic weapon is owned by the monster or its owner; Third, the monster used this magic weapon to attack the members of the scripture collection team. As a result, there are many magic weapons excluded from the comparison rankings, such as the clean bottle of Guanyin Bodhisattva, the bowl of the Buddha, the magic mirror of the king of tota, the golden cudgel of Sunwukong, etc. According to this principle, ten magic weapons that meet the conditions and have similar attack power are selected, including diamond carving, golden cymbals, purple gold red gourds, goat fat jade net bottle (Golden Horn king), gold rope, yin and yang two cylinders, race bag, purple gold bell, banana fan (Golden Horn King), banana fan (Iron Fan Princess). The ranking is as follows:

No. 10: Golden rope


The gold rope is owned by the supreme old gentleman. In fact, it is the old gentleman’s belt with a robe. When the king of gold horn and the king of silver horn are demons, they steal it and deposit it at the Nine Tailed Fox in the Dragon Cave of Yalong mountain. The method of using the gold rope is as follows: when fighting with an opponent, recite the rope tightening mantra to release this treasure, which can bind the opponent; When reciting the loose rope mantra, release the shackles. From this point of view, the gold rope is a magic weapon that restricts personal freedom and cannot directly kill people. In addition, from the actual use effect, this treasure did not cause too much trouble to the monkey king. He did not find reinforcements. He casually turned out a steel file to relieve the crisis. Therefore, among the top ten magic weapons, the golden rope is the last.

Ninth place: Banana fan (Princess Iron Fan)

In journey to the west, there are more than one banana fan. The most famous ones are the three banana fans owned by Princess Iron Fan and King golden horn. Among them, Princess Iron Fan owns two banana fans, both of which are from Kunlun mountain. They were born in heaven and earth since chaos was opened up. They are the essence leaves of Taiyin. One can make a fire and the other can put it out. The effect is just the opposite. Princess Iron Fan once attacked the monkey king with the fan that could extinguish the fire. As a result, the monkey king was blown away for 54000 miles, but it did not cause substantive damage and trouble to him. Finally, Monkey King restrained the magic weapon with the help of the calm wind pill given by LINGJI Bodhisattva. It can be seen that Princess Iron Fan, a banana fan, is also a kind of defensive magic weapon, which can not cause a fatal blow to the opponent.

Eighth place: Race bag


The human race bag, also known as the day after tomorrow bag, was originally owned by Maitreya Buddha. It was stolen by the boy under his seat, King Huang Mei, and brought to the lower world. Although the day after tomorrow bag sounds frightening, in fact it is just a bag for Maitreya Buddha to hold things. When fighting, the main function of the race bag is to trap the opponent in the bag, which can not play the role of attack. It is a defensive magic weapon. In the original work, the monkey king and the twenty-eight constellations were all put into the race bag, but they did not suffer any substantial damage. They just trapped them and could not be killed. However, the race bag has two powerful points. One is that the number of people can be unlimited. The other is that it can be used directly when fighting. It is very efficient and does not give the opponent reaction time.

Seventh place: Purple Gold Red gourd

The purple gold red gourd was originally owned by the supreme old gentleman. He got it from a fairy vine at the foot of Kunlun mountain when the world was created. The Golden Horn king and the silver horn King took it with them when they were demons. The use method of this magic weapon is: when fighting, open the lid and shout the other party’s name. As long as the other party answers (no matter what the answer is), it can be sucked into the gourd and die in a moment. Compared with other magic weapons, purple gold and red gourd can kill people in a shorter time, but the use method is cumbersome. Once the other party does not agree, they will not be able to exert their magic power. Especially in the process of fierce battle between the two sides, it is not convenient to use. But it can be fatal, so it ranks seventh.

Sixth place: lanolin jade bottle (Golden Horn king)

In journey to the west, there are two people who have this magic weapon, namely Guanyin Bodhisattva and Golden Horn king. Compared with the bottle in the hands of Guanyin Bodhisattva, the Golden Horn king is obviously weak. This bottle was originally used by the Supreme Lord to hold water. It was stolen by the king of golden horn and the king of silver horn and brought down to the world. Like purple gold and red gourd, Lanzhi jade purification bottle can contain people and turn them into pus and blood. As the lanolin jade net bottle is an offensive magic weapon that can directly kill people, it ranks ahead of the golden rope and the banana fan (Princess Iron Fan). But in fact, neither the purple gold red gourd nor the lanolin jade bottle posed a great threat to the monkey king, and they were easily cracked. As for the severity, there is no distinction between the two.

Fifth place: Yin Yang gas cylinder


The yin-yang gas cylinder is the treasure of the golden winged ROC carving and the treasure of the yin-yang gas. There are seven treasures and eight trigrams in the bottle. There are twenty-four Qi. Thirty six people are needed to carry them according to the number of heavenly gang. The use method of Yin-Yang gas cylinder is to open the bottle cap and put the captured object in. Once the person in the bottle talks, there will be a fire. It only takes an hour or three to turn it into pus and blood. In the original work, Monkey King was very anxious when he was trapped in the bottle. Finally, he got out of danger through the three hairs sent by Guanyin Bodhisattva. However, this magic weapon has two defects: first, it can’t pretend to be a human being on its own initiative, and it needs to capture a human being before it can be used; Second, the starting conditions are high and people need to speak. Therefore, it is ranked fifth, at a medium level.

Fourth place: zijinling

Zijinling was originally owned by the supreme old gentleman. It was trained in his eight trigrams stove and sent to Guanyin Bodhisattva in the South China Sea. As a result, it was stolen by his mount jinmaohou. Zijin bell is composed of three bells. When the first bell is shaken, it can emit 300 Zhang of fire; Shaking the second bell, you can emit 300 feet of smoke; Shaking the third bell can release threehundred feet of yellow sand. Whether it is fire, smoke or yellow sand, it can cause fatal blows to the opponent. It can be seen that purple golden bell is a very powerful attack magic weapon. In the original work, the monkey king suffered a lot in order to deal with this magic weapon. Later, when Guanyin subdued the golden hair roar, he said the power of this magic weapon: if it was not stolen, even ten Wukong would not be close to him.

Third place: Diamond carving


King Kong Zhuo is the self-defense magic weapon of the Supreme Lord, also known as King Kong Tao. It was stolen when the lower boundary of the green bull spirit was a demon. This magic weapon was made by Lao Jun himself. Water and fire can protect everything. When the two sides fight, if they use this magic weapon, they can take the weapons and magic weapons in the other side’s hands as their own. In the original work, the golden cudgel of Sunwukong, the golden elixir of the Tathagata, the firearm of Huode Xingjun, and Nezha’s weapons and magic weapons were all caught by him and sucked away, causing great trouble to Sunwukong. But this magic weapon has two weaknesses: first, there are banana fans that can be cracked; Second, the attack is not strong. Although the monkey king once suffered from it during the havoc in heaven, he just fell down and did not cause fatal damage, so he ranked third.

Second place: Banana fan (Golden Horn king)

The plantain fan in the hands of King Jinjiao was originally a fan for the fire when the Supreme Lord was refining pills. This magic weapon is not artificially refined, but created by heaven and earth at the time of the founding of the world. The power of this banana fan is that when the two sides fight, they can fan fire and directly destroy their opponents. The original book describes the monkey king’s reaction to the banana fan:

Seeing this evil fire, he was terrified. He twisted the formula of avoiding fire, made a vertical somersault and jumped up.

It can be seen that monkey king is very afraid of banana fans. In the story of subduing the green bull spirit, this banana fan reappears. At this time, its function is to crack the diamond carving. It can be seen that the plantain fan is not only aggressive, but also able to crack the top magic weapon of diamond carving. It deserves the first place.

First place: Jin Nao


The golden Nao was originally owned by Maitreya Buddha. King Huang Mei stole it and became a demon in the lower world. The main reasons why the golden cymbals rank first among the magic weapons are as follows: first, the golden cymbals are offensive magic weapons. People trapped in them can die after three days and nights; Secondly, the magic weapon is hard and can be big or small. Once a person is trapped, it is almost impossible to escape; Thirdly, the magic weapon is simple to use. It works immediately when it is released. When fighting, it can instantly put the opponent in the cymbal. Finally, the golden cymbal can be restored to its original state after being broken. More importantly, unlike diamond carving, golden cymbals have no nemesis, and are very fast and hidden when used. Therefore, if you carry the diamond carving to fight with the golden cymbal, the probability is that the diamond carving has not worked, it has been caught by the golden cymbal.

To sum up, the top ten magic weapons rank in the order of golden Nao, banana fan (King of golden horn), diamond carving, purple golden bell, yin-yang two cylinders, Lanzhi jade net bottle (King of golden horn), purple gold red gourd, race bag, banana fan (Princess of iron fan), and gold rope. Among them, Maitreya’s golden Nao ranks first, which is the most powerful magic weapon in journey to the West. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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