What is the real body of Taoist Duobao? Why is there a rumor that it is a toad?

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Do you know what Taoist Taobao’s real body is? I don’t know. It’s OK. I’ll tell you.

When it comes to the question of what kind of animal Taoists changed, it is still a bit difficult. We know that Shen Gongbao changed from a leopard, but what exactly did Taoists change? Now let’s analyze and uncover the secrets to see who this Taobao Taoist is. Those who are interested can come and have a try!

Taobao Taoist priest is the first of the four disciples of the jiejiao Tongtian sect. He has a quasi holy peak cultivation and has countless spiritual and magic treasures. He is also a famous figure under the sage in the famine.

As we all know, the leader of Tongtian sect advocates that there is no discrimination against the disciples of the demon clan. All the disciples are treated equally. As long as they are sincere to the Tao, they will teach them carefully. Is the essence of Duobao human or demon? If it is a demon, what animal is it? So I read all kinds of books and finally found some clues.

The first one is that Taoists of Duobao are born with Duobao mice and become adults. They worship the master of Tongtian sect! Because of his natural talent, he has the ability to find treasure. He was named Duobao by the leader of Tongtian sect. Moreover, the leader of Tongtian sect did not give him many treasures. Most of them were found by him in the famine.

The second kind: Taoists of Duobao were born people, and were the first group of people created by Nuwa’s mother with nine days of earth. As you should know, the first batch of Nuwa’s people were made according to her own appearance, and the ones behind her were thrown out with a cane because she was too troublesome. Therefore, since the birth of dobao, its innate qualifications are excellent. Later, he traveled to the wasteland and encountered Penglai Fairy Island on the coast of the East China Sea. He was accepted as an apprentice by the leader of Tongtian Sect on the island. PS: after Nuwa created a man, the leader of Tongtian sect became a saint. After separating from Laozi and Yuanshi, he found Penglai in the East China Sea. When he met Duobao, he saw at a glance that this son was the first batch of human beings created by Nuwa and had excellent qualifications. He accepted me as a disciple and gave me more than n magic treasures, named Duobao.


Third: this kind of argument is actually a bit absurd. It is said that Duobao is a sheep, and it is the same as the 3000 people who listen to the Tao in Zixiao palace. Later, he was greedy enough to take 1000 pieces of small innate Lingbao at Fenbao cliff. As a result, he grew 1000 hands and almost burst. Tongtian saved him, so he worshipped Tongtian as his teacher. If this theory is true, it is that Tongtian received Taobao Taoist before he became a saint.

The fourth kind: say that Taobao Taoist is a toad or a three legged toad. Why do you say that? Don’t worry. I heard the reason from Xiao Bian.

Reason (1) the origin of the name: the toad has many bracts, so it is called multi bracts. After cultivating into an immortal, it is changed into multi treasure.

Reason (2) ability to resist beating: Taoist Taobao fought against the fan Tianyin of guangchengzi and was only beaten once. Because he is a toad, he is not afraid to hit the back. (laughs cry)

Reason (3) the hairstyle of the Tathagata: under the arrangement of the Supreme Lord, Taobao went to the west to teach and changed Hu into a Buddha. It is the Tathagata of later generations. You know, the hair style of the Tathagata is full of bags, and the lazy toad has many bracts on its back. Well, please make up your own image. I have to say it’s really a coincidence.


In the original book of Fengshen, there is no mention of what Taoists are. The above four statements are all found in modern novels. I can’t say which is more appropriate. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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