What is the real cause of death of biyou? Why did biyou kick monk Sha’s hand?

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What is the real cause of death of biyou? Why did biyou kick monk Sha’s hand? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Although Bi you and Bai Lianhua ling’er love each other very much, ling’er defines Bai Lianhua as his wife and Bi you as true love. In fact, ling’er was very serious about these two relationships. At that time, ling’er was also in the beginning of love and was somewhat ambiguous. The emotional foundation between ling’er and Bai Lianhua is based on moving and being moved. Bai Lianhua was moved by ling’er’s good deeds, and then awakened the good side of her heart. Ling’er was also moved by the change of lotus, and ling’er was very happy. White lotus is ling’er’s first love. When lotus was put in prison, ling’er never laughed, which shows that he cares about white lotus very much.


This can be seen after the release of white lotus. Ling’er and white lotus are walking hand in hand along the river. Both ling’er and white lotus are very comfortable. Ling’er felt very comfortable and relaxed. When white lotus said, “I hope we will be together all our lives,” ling’er replied, “let’s be together.”. In fact, ling’er and Bai Lianhua have a strong relationship, which is also due to their three life relationship.

If it were not for “no heaven against heaven”, it would have occupied three boundaries. Forcing the Tathagata to pass away, the true spirit of the Tathagata is attached to the spirit. For his safety, Sun Wukong will not take linger to Donghua mountain to see biyou. Then linger and white lotus will live happily, their third life.

When linger said that white lotus died for him, but he only had white lotus in his heart. Biyou is very concerned. She told her master, Emperor Donghua, that she can not only give up cultivating immortals, but also die for linger. And in the days with ling’er, he said, can’t you forget the white lotus. Ling’er said sadly, I don’t want to forget her. And biyou said, maybe you will meet a better one than the white lotus in the future.

Linger said, you won’t understand. Have you ever loved me. Biyou just said, not before. It is obvious that the subtext is that I have loved now, and I love linger. Almost every day, biyou tries hard and hard to make linger like and fall in love with her. Once biyou took linger to collect medicine and flew with linger in the sky. Ling’er accidentally fell into the clouds and fell. Bi you hurriedly caught ling’er. The two people hold each other carelessly. Ling’er is scared, but Bi you is happy to die.

Ling’er apologized to bi you for her recklessness, but Bi you said to ling’er, “what’s the matter, you little fool?”. The gentle and elegant biyou fairy is unexpectedly a little open. Her inner hope is that linger will forget the white lotus and love her alone. However, biyou finds that linger’s mind is not on her. And although biyou feels that it is painful and tiring to love someone, she still enjoys the sweetness of the pain.

But after a long time, biyou can’t stand it. It’s the first time ling’er has left. In order to save ling’er, Bi you wants to die with the virgin turtle. After being rescued, she still complained about why she saved her. Bi lobbied that she could not suffer any more.


Therefore, when going to save the underground Buddha, Sanzang dragged monk Sha’s feet in the reincarnation tunnel, while monk Sha dragged white lotus and biyou’s feet. Although the positive and negative whirlwinds of the tunnel were getting bigger and bigger, the four people could pass through the reincarnation tunnel smoothly. Moreover, although white lotus has learned a bit of magic with the Banshee giant scorpion, it is not as good as biyou, but later she can return to the reincarnation tunnel by herself.

Finally, biyou kicked monk Sha’s hand open with her feet, and was hit into fly ash by the positive and negative whirlwind with her dying heart. Bi you’s soul also drifted to the Lingxiao hall in the heaven to express its love to ling’er again. Gonggong commented that Bi you’s behavior was either a great injustice or a great love.

Therefore, in the reincarnation tunnel, white lotus did not die, but biyou died. It was strange at first. In fact, biyou died of her own accord. She wanted to free herself and end the pain of lovesickness. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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