What is the real strength of Sunwukong? Actually, it’s better than the journey to the West

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Many people can easily subdue the Monkey King we saw in the journey to the West. The monkey king behaves like a sheep in front of Guanyin Tathagata, but in fact, the strength of the monkey king is so strong that it is heinous that even the Sanqing and the four emperors have no way to take him.

First, the strength of Monkey King is actually super strong, and there is almost no weakness!

Sunwukong fought with those monsters on the way to get scriptures. Those monsters could only support 50 ~ 60 rounds at most, while Huian, that is, Mu Zha, also had 50 ~ 60 rounds. Those monsters were at the same level as Mu Zha.

The only time Sunwukong showed all his strength was to fight against Erlang God. Erlang God and Sunwukong played more than 300 rounds, which was a draw.

As for the scorpion spirit, which is also very powerful, and the multi wood monster in Huanghua temple, both have obvious weaknesses and nemesis, but Sunwukong does not.

The magic power of the Pleiadian official to subdue the scorpion spirit may not be useful to the monkey king, but the golden light of the pin of the pilanpo Bodhisattva may be, but not to the monkey king. It is the so-called “one thing falls to one thing”. If you don’t agree, all the monsters on the journey to the West will go into Laojun’s gourd with Sunwukong, and all the other monsters except jiulingyuansheng will melt in the gourd.

Second, with the immortal body of King Kong, you can’t hurt the Monkey King (including the Tathagata) under the three Qings and four emperors

The most powerful protective method of the monkey king was obtained by eating the five gourd elixir of the old king. Moreover, the monkey king had not practiced advanced magic. Those protective methods of the heavenly lords were incidental to the cultivation of advanced magic. It is normal for the monkey king not to win them, but he can’t hurt the monkey king except for the Sanqing and the Siyu. Sunwukong’s tumbling clouds and body protection methods exceed his attack ability by several levels.


Third, on the way to learn scriptures, Monkey King is also hiding his strength, especially the power of the golden cudgel, which has been actively weakened!

In the original book of journey to the west, it was in the Guanyin hall. After all, the residence of the black bear spirit was only 20 miles away from the Liuyun lower court of Guanyin. It was too close. Is it possible that Sunwukong felt that the black bear spirit had something to do with Guanyin, so he didn’t win him, but just tied with him. The author pulled Sunwukong down to the level of the black bear spirit, so it was logical that Sunwukong became very weak later.

The power of Sunwukong’s golden cudgel is huge. In addition to breaking a wall, it also knocked down 8 ~ 9 floors. It can be seen that Sunwukong’s golden cudgel is so powerful that it broke stones several times. However, the time when Sunwukong used the golden cudgel to hit stones in the yellow wind monster, it shocked his hands.

What’s more, the advantage of Sunwukong is that he has great strength, heavy weapons and super strong martial arts moves. I don’t know why those monsters can last so long. Mu Zha’s demon subduing staff is only a thousand kilograms.


There are many contradictions. The little white dragon was not injured when the monkey king and the little white dragon fought. But the Yellow robed monster only used 80 kg of colored glass boring to hurt the little white dragon. It’s too strange.

In addition, the pickled lion in the Wuji kingdom can fight Sunwukong with the broadsword snatched from the general of the mortal town hall. It’s too strange.

The most likely truth is that the monkey king has been hiding his strength. Instead of using the golden cudgel, he only uses the fake golden cudgel made of monkey hair. In the past, when he was the saint of heaven, Sunwukong basically knew all the famous immortals in the sky. Later, on the way to get scriptures, because everyone knew each other well, Sunwukong has been looking for help. He can contact feelings without any effort. Why not. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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