What is the reason why Erlang God burned Huaguo Mountain in journey to the west? What does he have to do with Sunwukong

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During the journey to the west, the name of Sunwukong was much louder than that of Yang Jian, the Erlang God. One was the great sage of heaven, and the other was the little sage of the real king. However, because they were too similar, they were often compared together. Readers who are not clear can read it together with the Xiaobian of China story network.

After the monkey king caused havoc in the heavenly palace, the two ox and fork figures met. Only one represents that the heavenly court came to suppress demons, and the other represents that they are demons


Needless to say, Monkey King was caught in Tianting, but his Huaguo Mountain was burned by Erlang God. At that time, the monkey king didn’t know about it. He knew that more than 500 years had passed since Huaguo Mountain was destroyed. At this time, he was driven away by monk Tang because of three dozen Baigujing. He had no choice but to return to Huaguo Mountain and found a mess:

“Since Grandpa went, the mountain has been set on fire by Erlang Bodhisattva. We squatted in the well, drilled in the stream and hid under the iron plate bridge. We died.”

The angry monkey king did not dare to revenge Erlang, but killed a thousand hunters who came to catch monkeys:

“Poor for more than a thousand people: the stone smashes the Aconitum, the sand flies and the seahorses are all injured… The corpses are light powder lying on the mountain, and the red lady is looking forward to her home.”

Then there are a few questions, corresponding to the question, that is, why did Erlang God set fire to Huaguo Mountain and kill all the people without fear of Sunwukong’s Revenge in the future? What’s more, Sunwukong is also a man who will repay the enemy. Why did he never mention revenge when he met Erlang God again?

To explain this clearly, we must analyze the situation of the second meeting between monkey king and Erlang God. As long as we understand the strange performance of their meeting, we can see the truth through the clouds.


The second meeting between monkey king and Erlang God took place in jisaiguo. At that time, Monkey King and pig Bajie were fighting against nine insects. Monkey king saw a group of people flying in the sky:

“Bajie, those are my seven holy brothers. I wish I could ask them to help me. If I succeed, it will be a great opportunity.”

Remember the key words. Monkey king calls the Seven Saints of Meishan the Seven Saints’ brothers, which includes the Erlang God. Monkey king said this, but Zhu Bajie wondered. Since he is your brother, you just shout. Why do you let me go?


The explanation of Sunwukong is as follows:

“But there is an elder brother who showed his holiness. I was subdued by him. It’s hard to see him…”

This sentence is a big problem. There are many monsters who tortured the monkey king to death on the way to learn scriptures. A few even made the monkey king cry. I haven’t seen him ashamed to see others. He hasn’t been asking for war again and again, or moving soldiers or being hard.

Moreover, Sunwukong used the word “subdue”. Even if he came out of the eight trigrams stove later, he would dare to bet with the Tathagata Buddha. Where was he “subdued”? What’s more, Erlang won the victory over Sunwukong. He was invincible. In Ma Baoguo’s words, young people engage in sneak attacks and do not speak of martial virtue!

Monkey King and Erlang God were equal in strength and ability, but a king with a pile of bronze and a king with a group of platinum had a completely different result:

“Zhen Jun and the great sage fought for more than 300 times, but they didn’t know the outcome… When they were fighting, the great sage suddenly saw that the demons in the camp were scattered. He was flustered, took the Dharma elephant, and left with a stick.”

The emphasis of combat is on momentum. The domineering spirit of the United States and China is hard on both sides. Whoever counsels first will lose.

In the subsequent battle, the monkey king began to be suppressed everywhere. Finally, Erlang God directly asked the four heavenly kings and Kang Zhang Taiwei to besiege the monkey king. Not to mention, at the instigation of Guanyin Bodhisattva, the supreme old gentleman who was watching the war in the heaven threw down a diamond ring by throwing it from high altitude and severely hit the head of Sunwukong.

A Vajra circle fell from such a high sky. A common demon had already been smashed to death, but the monkey king could still resist it, but he was still hit by a somersault. Before getting up, Erlang’s pet attacked again. Xiaotian dog flew forward and bit Sunwukong’s leg and stomach, which made him fall again.

Therefore, the whole battle was not fair. In the case of one more fight, there were high-altitude throwing and pet attacks that did not speak of martial virtue. With Sunwukong’s character, he can use this as an excuse not to admit defeat to Erlang God, or simply fight again, rather than being ashamed to see Erlang God.


If it’s just that he is ashamed to see others, the key is that after seeing others, monkey king still calls them benefactors:

“Thank you for your great kindness, and thank you for your kindness… I saw my brother driving, and I dare to ask you to help me…”

Did Sunwukong learn to be worldly sophistication? After being tempered by the society, he knew that he would flatter others and say what they liked?

No, on the one hand, Sunwukong’s character made him suffer from Guanyin Bodhisattva everywhere on the way to learn scriptures. He dared to scold her face to face and said behind her back that she deserved no husband. When he arrived at Lingshan mountain, it was because he got the wordless Scripture that he dared to confront the Tathagata Buddha face to face.

More importantly, if the monkey king was just making polite remarks and Erlang was not stupid, he would naturally respond politely. Unfortunately, he readily accepted the title of “benefactor”:

“… fortunately, the great sage didn’t abandon the meeting and felt the old feeling…”

If Erlang’s expression quotient is not too low, or he pretends intentionally, it can only explain one problem, that is, Erlang God really owes Sunwukong. What exactly does the so-called kindness mean?

Before that, Erlang had done two things related to the monkey king. One was to catch the monkey king, and the other was to burn the Huaguo Mountain. We analyzed them one by one:

Let’s first look at catching the monkey king. At that time, the book described how the monkey king was captured:

“The Seven Saints hold it down with a hug, and bind the rope, so that the hook knife pierces the bone of the lute, and can’t change any more!”


This sentence is a big problem!


The big problem lies not in the fact that Sunwukong was captured on the spot, but in the later punishment of Sunwukong by the heavenly court, because no matter the use of knives, axes, fire and lightning, Sunwukong would not be injured at all.

But there is a problem. The monkey king’s head may really be unharmed. Whether it’s the big steel knife of lion essence, the nine tooth rake of pig Bajie, or even the King Kong bracelet of the Supreme Lord, it can’t hurt the monkey king’s head, but his legs are different.

At Wuzhuang temple, Monkey King was caught and tied up. At that time, Zhen Yuanzi asked people to whip him. Monkey king was afraid that his legs would be damaged:

“The walker was afraid of the immortal family law. He looked round and saw where he hit. It turned out that the walker twisted his waist and shouted” change! ” Turn it into two wrought iron legs and see how he plays it. “

Why is he afraid of kicking?

Because his weakness lies in this, this problem was described in detail when Sunwukong was sucked into the yin-yang gas cylinder at Shituo mountain:

“Sunwukong suddenly felt some pain on the Gu Guai. He stretched out his hand to touch it, but it was burned soft. His heart was worried and said,” how can it be? The Gu Guai is burned soft! “

The solitary crutch is the thigh. It can be seen that the weakness of the monkey king lies in the thigh. If the monkey king was tortured in the heaven, and the lute bone had not been changed, it would be sooner or later that the thigh would be burned, punctured and hacked.

Therefore, Erlang God cheated everyone. He didn’t really wear Monkey King’s Pipa bone, but just played a double reed with monkey king. There is even reason to believe that the secret of the eight trigrams furnace wind level of the Supreme Lord is also the monkey king told by Erlang God.

This is the main reason why Sunwukong, who never refuses to accept defeat, told Zhu Bajie that he had been subdued by Erlang God. Because when Huaguo Mountain was encircled and suppressed, only by cooperating with Erlang God can Sunwukong save his life and the little monkeys of Huaguo Mountain be preserved as much as possible!


After so much explanation, I finally come back to the topic. Why did Erlang God burn Huaguo Mountain?

Sunwukong, such a fearless demon monkey, sent so many great gods to heaven that they did not surrender, so Guanyin Bodhisattva recommended Erlang God.

As is known to all, Erlang God was at odds with his uncle, the Jade Emperor, and he was no longer an official in heaven. Instead, he “listened to the tune but did not listen to the propaganda”. The so-called “listen to the tone and don’t listen to the announcement” means that the Jade Emperor can’t speak to him in an ordered tone, but has to coax him and beg him:

“Good nephew, help me to root out the demon monkey. After the success, you will be the best, OK?”

Erlang God knew that the Jade Emperor was not a good man, but a cruel man. His mother was so unfeeling to Erlang God. He was even more merciless to the people of Li. Just because the dog ate the tribute from Fengxian County, he suffered a severe drought for three years, which brought disaster to the world.

Of course, the Jade Emperor is not so cruel alone. The whole western travel world is full of this virtue, even the compassionate Tathagata Buddha. On his own Xiniu Hezhou territory, the people of Shituo country were eaten by Dapeng bird. He was merciful. Even if Dapeng bird was finally caught, he kindly asked:

“I am in charge of the four continents, and countless sentient beings look forward to it. I will teach him to sacrifice to your mouth first if he does good deeds.”

Even Monkey King, pig Bajie and monk Sha from the scripture learning team have done a lot of such things. As long as the monster leader is killed or incorporated, none of the demons under him will stay. Kuimu wolf, red boy and yellow lion spirit are the same. Even the two children of the princess of Baoxiang country were smashed into meat sauce by pig Bajie.


Vi. therefore, how can the monkey of Huaguo Mountain survive when Sunwukong is caught?

On this condition, Erlang God made a deal with Monkey King and made him willing to surrender to the Dharma. In return, he saved his life on the one hand, and kept Monkey King’s direct line alive on the other.

So Erlang God informed the monkeys of Huaguo Mountain in advance, and they were able to hide in caves and ditches in advance and survive. This is why the monkeys who survived later called Erlang God “Bodhisattva”!

Therefore, it is obvious what purpose Erlang God has for burning Huaguo Mountain and what benefits he has:

The purpose of Erlang God is to hide people’s eyes and ears, so that everyone can be sure that all the monkeys have been killed, and Huaguo Mountain no longer exists.

The benefits were also obvious. The story of subduing the monkey king alone could be boasted for a while at that time. What’s more, he also made a friend like Sunwukong. Even if he became a fighting Buddha and met Erlang God, he would have to call him “brother”!

More importantly, Erlang God can make a small fortune with this. After all, he has six holy brothers and 1200 grass headed gods. The cost is really large. Just by:

“The three animals that Li Hu paid homage to, the blessing that Zhang long promised, the letter that Zhao Jia asked for his son, and Qian Bing’s good wish to report his illness.”

It is absolutely not enough to spend. Why did you meet monkey king in Jisai country? I was too poor to go hunting. Moreover, the Jade Emperor was really stingy. As Erlang’s God had expected, he thought that he had subdued the monkey king, and the jade emperor could reward more silver. In the end, he did not, but only:

“You will be rewarded with a hundred golden flowers, a hundred bottles of Royal Wine, a hundred pills of pills, exotic pearls, brocade, etc. to share with your righteous brothers.” Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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