What is the record of Zhao Xu’s immortality in the ancient folk story?

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I don’t know in which dynasty, there was a man named Zhao Xu in Tianshui. When he was young, he was honest, righteous, interested in learning, and his appearance was outstanding. He is used to living a quiet life and is familiar with the way of Huang Lao. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

When the Zhao family came to him, he moved his family to Guangling and repaired a private room alone, leaving only two servants to serve. One night, he dreamed of a woman, dressed in blue wisps, teasing him in front of the window, as if she was nostalgic for him. When he woke up the next day, he thought about this dream all day, and felt that it was very strange, so he prayed silently in the bottom of his heart and said, “what kind of spirit are you? May you see the fairy and end your regrets in this life, and hope to give God a covenant.”

At midnight that day, I suddenly heard a soft laughter outside the window, like the voice of the woman the night before yesterday. Zhao Xu thought in his heart and felt that she must be a God, so he prayed again. When the woman saw him like this, she said, “I’m a fairy in the upper world! I’ve heard that you are moral and elegant, so I’m lucky to meet you in my dream. I’m willing to entrust my life to you, who is as elegant as the breeze. What do you think?”

Zhao Xu was surprised and happy. He hurried to tidy up his clothes, stood up respectfully and said, “in the past, King Xiang of Chu had a dream of meeting a goddess in Wushan, and Xiao Shi had a Dongxiao appointment with Nongyu. I really understand it today. Xianjia suddenly came, and Xiaosheng was happy, and Sansheng was lucky.” So he lit the lamp and wiped the bed clean to invite the fairy. Suddenly, Zhao Xu smelled the fragrance all over the room, and saw a jade girl, about 14 or 15 years old, with an unparalleled face, wearing light and thin six baht fog yarn clothes, shoes with five color patterns, lifted the curtain and walked in leisurely. Zhao Xu bowed and bowed. The jade girl smiled and said, “I’m the jade girl in heaven. I’ve lived in the Forbidden Palace of the upper world for a long time, and my feelings have been blocked. I’m at the lowest level, so I often have secular thoughts. My ordinary heart was known by the emperor of heaven, so I was punished to marry with my wishes on earth. I happened to meet Zhao Jun, because you are fresh and familiar with xuanmo. Now I’m lucky to be entrusted to you, and I’m willing to live a life in harmony with your bosom friend.”


Zhao Xu said, “I’m just a mayfly. I’m panting through the gap of the carving leak. I didn’t expect Gao Xian to bend down to save me. How dare I rise up secular feelings?” The jade girl smiled and said, “you have a way in your previous life, and your bone skill should be immortal, and it has been named in the golden lattice. The little girl is suitable for playing the flute with you on the Red Mansions, and touching the clouds in the blue fall, and you have understood it.”

Zhao Xu then sat down with Zhao Xu and told him something about the jade palace. Unaware that the night drum had declared the third watch, Zhao Xu was busy laying bedclothes. However, Zhao Xu is poor and has nothing to pave the way. The jade girl smiled and said, “don’t bother your husband.” In an instant, the fairy servant with him had prepared all the utensils in the bedroom. The indoor fog was misty, so the indoor furnishings were all rare things. Zhao Xu didn’t know what it was at all. The jade girl is graceful and rare. Late at night, I suddenly heard a woman calling out of the window, “Madam Qing!” Zhao Xu asked the fairy beside him in horror. The fairy replied, “this is the woman in my palace who is looking for me. We don’t promise her.”

At this time, the fairy outside knocked on the column and sang, “the moon dew is floating away, the stars are slanting, walking alone in a slim floating cloud car. Xianlang invited the jade girl alone, and tied the knot with her heart…” the lyrics were very long, and Zhao Xu only remembered the front. Zhao Xu said to the jade girl, “can you invite her in?” The jade girl replied, “this woman is talkative. I’m afraid she will divulge our affairs to the upper world.” Zhao Xu said, “set up zither and harp, and let people stir it. What are you worried about?” So he got up and went out to meet her. But I saw a goddess floating in the air, six or seven maidens, with nine bright coiled dragon umbrella, wearing a golden dance crown, and a long dress swaying in the wind, which made people feel very bright. Zhao Xu bowed and bowed, sincerely invited her, and then she came down from the air and said, “I’m Chang’e. I heard that you had a party with the jade girl, and I specially came to catch the fugitive.” Then he entered the room.

The jade girl smiled and said, “how do you know where I’m going?” Chang’e replied, “whose fault is it not to tell me such a good day?” With that, they talked and laughed together. Zhao Xu was also ecstatic and enjoyed playing with them.

At dawn, the maid came in and said, “the chicken crows. If we don’t leave, the patrolmen will find us.” The jade girl said, “prepare the car!” The maid replied, “it’s already ready.” Zhao Xu asked the jade girl to make an appointment for the next meeting. The jade girl replied, “you must not talk about this to people in the world. I won’t leave you.”

When the jade lady came out of the door, two colorful cloud cars were floating in the air, so the two fairies boarded the car and said goodbye to each other. They were spirited, flew straight into the sky, and soon went away. Zhao Xu looked around until there was no shadow, and then turned around.

Zhao Xu didn’t expect such a good thing, and his heart was too happy to describe. After the jade lady left, Zhao Xu just swept the courtroom and burned famous incense. At the same time, he cut off contact with others and waited for the fairy to come again.

After a few nights, the fairy came again. This time, there was a clear wind blowing, and then there was a strange fragrance. This time, she led more fairies. They play together, getting closer and more harmonious day by day. The jade girl brought Zhao Xu a cook to cook rare meals. Zhao Xu couldn’t name them, but the first dish tasted sweet and delicious. Zhao Xu was able to stay hungry for dozens of days with every meal, and he also felt physically full and mentally refreshing. Zhao Xu asked for the way of immortality again, and the jade girl secretly taught him some secrets. The method was generally as described in baopuzi inner chapter, and Zhao Xu soon realized it. The jade lady again invited Tianle and Xianji to play among the eaves and columns of the house without falling down. She said to Zhao Xu, “you haven’t been listed in the list of immortals, so you’re not suitable for formal enjoyment of Tianle, so you can’t come down.”

Among their musical instruments, only Sheng, Xiao, Qin and Se are slightly the same as those in the world, and Zhao Xu has never seen the rest. The melody is clear and rhythmic, fluttering like clouds. The jade lady brought Zhao Xu treasures and curiosities again and said to him, “these things should not be seen by secular people. I can try to satisfy your desires because you should be an immortal in your previous life. However, the fairy way is mysterious and wonderful, which is very different from the secular way. If you leak it, I can’t come again.” Zhao Xu swore repeatedly that he would never tell anyone.


However, later, Zhao Xu’s servant stole Zhao Xu’s glass beads and took them to the market to sell them. He happened to meet a hu man who held the glass beads and saluted Zhao Xu’s servant and was willing to buy them for a million. Hearing this, the servant was surprised, and knew that the glazed beads were Qibao, so he didn’t agree with the price. Hu people forced him, and finally they fought with each other for this.

After the government knew it, it interrogated Zhao Xu’s servant, who had to confess all the context of the matter. However, Zhao Xu did not know at all. When the jade girl came, she was sad and had lost her previous smile. She said, “your servant leaked our affairs. I have to go. Take care of yourself.”

Only then did Zhao Xu know that there was a servant at home. The jade girl is leaving. Zhao Xu is so sad that he can’t control himself and almost wants to die. The jade girl said to him: I know your mood very well, but from a logical point of view, I’m not suitable to keep in touch with you forever. It’s just days, that’s all. After farewell, you should strive to practice the Dharma, so that we can meet soon. The most important point of practice is that death in the heart can lead to physical life, and preserving essence can lead to God. So he left five chapters of “Xian Shu Long Xi Yin Jue” for him, but there were many hidden words in the chapter, so the jade girl gave Zhao Xu detailed instructions, and Zhao Xu soon fully understood.

At dawn, the jade girl was about to leave. Zhao Xu choked and grabbed the jade girl’s hand, crying sadly. The jade girl asked him, “where do you come from?” Zhao Xu said, “the care in my heart!” The jade girl said: the body is led by the heart, and there is a gap with the immortal. With that, he shrugged away and suddenly disappeared. After the jade girl went, the divine world instruments in Zhao Xu’s house were all gone in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Xu was unconscious and felt lost. Later, in a daze, it seemed that he was still in contact with the jade girl. Zhao Xu was still in the huaisi area in the early calendar year of the Tang Dynasty. He was occasionally seen in Yizhou, but he was short and often sold goods in market shops, so no one could recognize him.

Later generations also recorded these things about Zhao Xu in five chapters of Xianshu, which were described in detail and comprehensively. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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