What is the relationship between Hou Ji and Qi? Houji’s past and present lives!

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What is the relationship between Hou Ji and Qi? Houji’s past and present lives! Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Houji is a half man and half god in history, because his era is too far away from us, and he is a figure of the matriarchal clan period. Hou Ji is also known as the God of agriculture, because it is said that he is the originator of mankind’s mastery of farming. If this is the case, Hou Ji is the key figure in turning the matriarchal society into the paternal society. The ancients always regarded Houji as one of the three most meritorious men in ancient times. It was he who taught people to cultivate, which made human civilization have a new elevation. I believe many friends are interested in Houji. Let’s learn about Houji’s past and present lives.


It is said that Houji taught people to plant hundreds of grains and relieve the people’s suspense. Since then, hundreds of millions of people will not be tortured by hunger. Therefore, he is honored as the eternal God of agriculture of China. But when we talk about the great God’s life experience, it’s sad. He was originally the second generation of emperor, the son of Dihao, one of the three emperors and five emperors, but he was abandoned at birth. Later, his mother picked him up again because of a vision.

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Now we all know that King Wu of Zhou finally killed King Zhou of Yin, overthrew his rule, and destroyed the Shang Dynasty, thus establishing the Zhou Dynasty. On the surface, it seems that the two families are feuds. King Wen of Zhou was imprisoned in Chaoge by the king of Shang for more than ten years and almost killed by him. King Zhou also killed Ji Fa’s brother, the eldest son of King Wen of Zhou.

But if we look back, their ancestors are still half brothers.

According to the records in the historical records, the ancestor of the Shang Dynasty was named Qi, and his mother was the second wife of emperor Hao. Her name was Jane di. When she was bathing in the mountains with her companions, she met a black bird egg that fell on the ground. Jane Di picked it up and ate it. As a result, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son, named Qi.


Qi once made great contributions to the flood control together with Dayu. After Dayu ascended the throne, he was sealed in Shang, which was the capital of the Shang Dynasty.

The ancestor of the Zhou Dynasty was called Houji, which is now known as the God of agriculture. His mother’s name was Jiang Yuan, and she was the original wife of emperor Hao. One day, he saw the footprints of a giant in the wild. Yuan was curious and stepped on them. Unexpectedly, his body immediately sensed and he became pregnant when he returned home.

Everyone in the family felt that this matter was very embarrassing, so the child was abandoned just after he was born, so it was named abandonment. If this is the end of things, history will be rewritten, because the Zhou Dynasty will not come into being.

The predecessor of the God of Agriculture

For the first time, he was thrown into a remote alley, which is the only place for herdsmen to graze their cattle and sheep. He thought that he might be picked up or trampled to death by cattle and sheep, but every time cattle and sheep came here, they kept away from him for fear of stepping on him. A few days have passed and it is still the case. Nobody knows or dares to ask.

The people of Dihao’s family felt that he was not cruel enough. They threw him into the mountains and forests the second time. But when they met many people gathering here, they threw him on the frozen river again. They thought that this time he would be properly frozen to death. Miraculous things happened again. A group of big birds spread their wings one after another to shield the abandoned son from the wind and rain.

Everyone began to feel the magic and realized that the child was not simple. So Yuan Yuan took him back and brought him up.

When Xiang Yu was very young, he saw the convoy of the first emperor of Qin pass by. At that time, he was shocked by the luxurious pomp. But he was very ambitious and showed on the spot that he would take his place one day. Finally, Xiang Yu led his army into Xianyang and overthrew the rule of the Qin Dynasty.

In his youth, abandoned also had the same mind for the world, but he didn’t like fighting and killing. Instead, he liked to grow all kinds of grain. Later, he cultivated all kinds of crops and vigorously promoted primitive agriculture, teaching people to grow hundreds of grains and avoid hunger.

Origin of the seal


As we all know, the name of the ancestor of the Zhou Dynasty is Qi, and he and the ancestor of the Shang Dynasty are half brothers. Even their names are homonymous. Qi was enfranchised in the commercial land because of its contribution to water control.

And how did the ancestors of the Zhou Dynasty give up the name Hou Ji?

It turns out that since he began to promote agriculture, he has gradually accumulated many fans, and many people are his loyal iron core. When Emperor Yao heard of it, he recommended him as a teacher of agriculture, and all the people in the world benefited from him. At the time of Emperor Shun, it was enfeoffed in Taizhou, named Hou Ji, and given the surname Ji. This is the origin of the God of agriculture Hou Ji. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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