What is the relationship between Nuwa in ancient mythology and Fuxi, the first human of the Chinese nation?

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What is the relationship between the female cochlea, the goddess of creation in ancient Chinese mythology, and Fuxi, the forerunner of the humanities of the Chinese nation? Interested readers can follow the China story network editor to read it down.

The relationship between Nuwa and Fuxi

They are brother and sister, but also husband and wife. Nuwa kneaded earth to make man is just a legend. This legend is actually based on Nuwa’s teaching people to knead earth to make pottery. Hua Xu was their mother, and Fuxi was actually the son of Hua Xu and Sui people.

The legend of the combination of Chinese Xu and Thor is just a lie of Hua Xu. Because the society was still in a state of promiscuity and hybridization at that time, Hua Xu was unwilling to mate with others, so he said he was pregnant with Thor.

As mentioned above, it is only a legend that Nuwa kneaded earth to make man. Because of the great flood at that time, the Jiang tribe where they lived was facing the disaster of extinction, and only they escaped. Therefore, in order to make human beings immortal, they resolutely chose to combine and produce offspring. Landlord, I’m clear enough.


Nuwa basic information

Nuwa, the goddess of creation in ancient Chinese mythology. Also known as the emperor of Wa and the goddess of vulva, the history records Nuwa family, is the beginning of the humanities of the Chinese nation and the God who blesses the country.

According to legend, Nuwa created people, changing 70 times in a day, kneading earth to create people in imitation of herself, creating human society and establishing a marriage system; Because the earth collapsed, so molten colored stones to fill the sky, cut turtle enough to stand quadrupole, leaving a myth of Nuwa filling the sky.

Nuwa is not only a goddess who mends the sky and saves the world, but also a god of nature who creates all things. She has great powers to transform all things, and can create at least 70 things every day. She created things in the world, so she is called the mother of the earth. She is the creator God and primordial Mother God widely and long worshipped by the people.

[historical status]

First, it has outstanding historical and cultural research value and is an important historical material for inheriting Chinese civilization and national spirit.

Second, it plays an important role in realizing national integration, enhancing national cohesion and building a harmonious society.

Third, it plays an important role in enhancing entrepreneurship, enriching the cultural treasure house of the Chinese nation, and promoting cultural exchanges.

Fourth, it reflects the peculiar folk and folk cultural phenomena, which has far-reaching historical significance for life etiquette, human survival and cultural inheritance.


Nuwa’s status changed from time to time, sometimes above, sometimes within, and sometimes below the three emperors. It is said that there are three reasons:

1. In myths and legends, Nuwa transformed everything, and her position is very high, above the three emperors.

2. According to legend, Fuxi and Nuwa were both blood relatives and husband and wife, both of whom were family members. When they were included in the three emperors, sometimes both of them were selected, and sometimes only one of them was selected as a representative, which was embodied in the three emperors.

3. The eminent position of the Shangshu in the Scriptures makes the views of Fuxi, Shennong and the Yellow Emperor promoted by it recognized by most people, and Nuwa is in a matriarchal society, followed by a paternal society, with men as the priority, so she is under the three emperors.

Basic information of Fuxi

Fuxi, one of the three emperors of the Chinese nation, is also the God who blesses the country with Nuwa. Secretary Chu Bo described him as the creator God, the earliest documented creator God in China. The Feng surname, also known as Mi Xi, Pao Xi, Bao Xi, Fu Xi, also known as emperor Xi, Emperor Xi, Fu Xi in the historical records, merged with the gods such as Taihao and Qing emperor in later generations, and was officially called “Taihao Fuxi surname” by the imperial court in later generations. There is also a saying that the Qing emperor Taihao Fuxi (i.e. Oriental God). The son of Suiren, born in Chengji, must have his capital in chendi. The age is about the middle and late Paleolithic age. Fuxi is the cultural ancestor of the Chinese nation in ancient legends, the earliest King recorded in Chinese ancient books, and one of the ancestors of Chinese medicine.

According to legend, Fuxi people first snake body, married Nuwa brothers and sisters, and had children. According to the changes of heaven and earth, he invented the divination eight diagrams and created words to end the history of “tying ropes and recording events”. He also tied ropes into a net, used it for bird hunting, taught people the method of fishing and hunting, invented the harp, and created a song. Fu Xi died 111 years after he became king, leaving a large number of myths and legends about Fu Xi.


[main achievements]

I. the creation of Bagua has opened the source of Chinese culture. The holistic and intuitive way of thinking and dialectical thought of “harmony between heaven and man” contained in Fuxi Bagua are the origin of Chinese culture.

II. Teach people to make nets for fishing and hunting, which improves human production capacity. At the same time, teach people to domesticate wild animals, which is the origin of livestock.

III. change the marriage customs, advocate the marriage customs and etiquette of men hiring women to marry, and change the blood marriage to extraclan marriage, ending the original group marriage state that children only know their mother and do not know their father for a long time.

IV. the original writing is used to record events, replacing the previous form of tying ropes to record events.

V. invent musical instruments such as Tao long, Qin and Se, create music and ballads, and bring music into people’s lives.

Vi. divide and rule their ruling regions, and appoint officials to carry out social management, so as to provide reference for future generations to govern the society.

VII. According to the records in the Chu silk book of Changsha bullet depot, there was heaven and earth in the Fuxi period, but it was still deserted, so Fuxi married a wife, had four children, and named everything. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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