What is the relationship between Pangu, Fuxi, Nuwa, Huangdi, Yandi, Chiyou and Houyi?

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What is the relationship between Pangu, Fuxi, Nuwa, Huangdi, Yandi, Chiyou and Houyi? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

Different civilizations in the world have their own creation myths. For example, the first volume of the Bible is the famous genesis, which records that God created everything in six days, and took the seventh day as the rest day. This is also the origin of the current seven day week and weekend rest system. In ancient Indian mythology, the supreme Brahman created everything in the world. In Greek mythology, Gaia, the mother of all gods, is the goddess of creation.

In China, there are many myths and legends about the beginning of heaven and earth and the birth of all things. For example, people are familiar with Pangu’s pioneering work, Nuwa’s mending the sky and creating people, Fuxi’s creation of the eight trigrams, and the invention of the method of fishing and hunting. The Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor jointly educated the people and became the ancestor of humanity. In addition, there are myths such as the battle between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou in Zhuolu and Houyi shooting down the nine suns to save the people suffering from the heat. These famous figures, either gods or sages, jointly created the brilliant civilization of the early Chinese civilization.

So, what is the relationship between them?

Let’s talk about Pangu first. Pangu first appeared in the “three five calendar” written by Xu Zheng, a native of the state of Wu during the Three Kingdoms period, which reads:; The world is as chaotic as a chicken. Pangu was born in it. He was eight thousand years old and the world opened up& quot; At first, heaven and earth were like an egg. Later, Pangu was conceived in it. As he grew up, heaven and earth gradually separated. Among them, the clear rises to the sky and the turbid sinks to the ground.

After 18000 years, the distance between heaven and earth was very long, and Pangu fell to the ground and died. His eyes become the sun and the moon, his limbs become mountains, and his blood flows into rivers. In short, the first appearance of the world was all created by Pangu himself.

However, in the Chu silk book, which was written in the middle of the Warring States period, it is believed that Fuxi was the creator God, and he was the earliest God born in the world; The head of the three emperors;. Because his appearance was earlier than Pangu’s appearance in historical materials, this view may have been recognized earlier.


There are preliminary records about Nuwa in the book of mountains and seas and the songs of Chu. In the book Taiping Yulan of the Song Dynasty, it is said that Nuwa created all kinds of creatures on the seventh day and created human beings on the seventh day. The ancient book of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) records the relationship between Fuxi and Nuwa. It is said that they were born in the world from the beginning of heaven and earth. Because there were only two people in the world, they married and created the Chinese ancestors who lived in the Central Plains.

It was written in the notes to the history of the three emperors by the three families that both Fuxi and Nuwa were descendants of the Huaxu family. They were originally brothers and sisters. However, the appearance time of this statement is far later than the appearance time of the images of Fuxi and Nuwa, so its value is not high.

Generally speaking, Fuxi and Nuwa are also the creation gods in Chinese mythology, and they have a similar brother sister relationship.

After Nuwa created human beings, human beings in heaven and earth gradually flourished with wisdom and formed tribes. Among them, the Yellow Emperor’s tribe is the most powerful. Therefore, when Chiyou, who was brave and good at fighting, led the Jiuli tribe in the East, not only did not pay tribute to the Yellow Emperor, but also oppressed the tribe of his ally, the Yan Emperor, the Yellow Emperor broke out a war with it. The two sides fought in Zhuolu, and finally Chiyou was defeated and died.

One theory holds that Chiyou and Yandi were originally a tribe, and later he set up his own portal.


From this record, we can see that the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor were basically allies. The Yellow Emperor was relatively strong, so his position was relatively high, and Chiyou was standing on the opposite side of the two. Various historical materials in history have recorded the relationship among the three in various ways. Some said that Chiyou was the descendant of Emperor Yan, and some said that Emperor Yan was fatuous and had been attacked by the Yellow Emperor. In short, the three people are at the same time, and their relationship is very complicated.

Hou Yi has existed in Chinese mythology and history. In mythology, he was the teacher of Yao, one of the five emperors, who taught him to shoot arrows. The representative event may be the shooting of the sun. At that time, there were ten suns in the sky, causing all things on the earth and the people to be poisoned. So Hou Yi pulled out his arrows and fired angrily, shooting out nine of them, saving all living beings on earth. In addition, his sad and beautiful love with Chang’e is often mentioned by later generations.

In the history books, there is also a story of Hou Yi, a Xia Dynasty man named & quot; Poor & quot; The monarch of the kingdom of the Xia Dynasty once attacked the Xia Dynasty while Taikang, the king of the Xia Dynasty who loved to play, and created the name & quot; Taikang lost its country; Historical events of.

Later, Hou Yi held the power of the Xia Dynasty, but was replaced by his son Han Zhuo because he was greedy for pleasure and ignored political affairs.

To be exact, & quot; Hou Yi; This name should specifically refer to Yi in history. However, because they had the same name and were all good at archery, later generations mistakenly passed on the mythical Yi as Hou Yi.

In mythology, Pangu was the first to create the world, but died after the creation of the world. Later, Fuxi and Nuwa were born in the newly opened world. They married, created mankind together, and established social rules.

After that, human beings developed into tribes. Among them, the most powerful Yellow Emperor led the Yan Emperor to defeat Chiyou and created the Chinese nation in general.

After the Yellow Emperor, the world experienced leaders such as emperor Kuo and Zhuanxu.

At the time of Emperor Yao, his teacher Hou Yi was very strong in archery. He bravely shot the sun and saved the people.

Generally speaking, this is the relationship between these people. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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