What is the relationship between Taiyi immortal and Taiyi Jinxian? How did Sun Wukong become Taiyi Jinxian?

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What is the relationship between Taiyi immortal and Taiyi Jinxian? How did Sun Wukong become Taiyi Jinxian? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

There are many identities of Sun Wukong, such as the monkey king, the great sage of Qi Tian, which he himself bestowed, and the battle victory Buddha bestowed on him by the Tathagata of the west after the successful completion of the Sutra. However, among his many identities, there is also one “Taiyi Jinxian”. Many people may not know this identity very well. When was this? Why was Sun Wukong called Taiyi Jinxian? Does Taiyi Jinxian have anything to do with Taiyi immortal?


For the explanation of the identity of “Taiyi Jinxian”, let’s first look at what is “Jinxian”. Jinxian is a realm of Taoist immortals and the highest fruit of Buddhism. Among the ancestors of Taoism, the highest realm is called Daluo Jinxian, also known as Tianxian. When the name Jinxian first appeared in the period of Huizong of the Song Dynasty, it can never die and never reincarnate. It can be regarded as a high pursuit of those who cultivate immortals.

If you want to become a Jinxian, you must have three flowers and five Qi. The so-called “three flowers gather at the top” means that there are people’s flowers, ground flowers and smallpox. Of course, this smallpox is not a disease smallpox, but it means that practitioners enter a realm of emptiness, and then smallpox comes into being. The five Qi Chaoyuan is the five Qi Chaoyuan of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. To reach this point, it requires the comprehensive success of the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. Only when the three flowers and the five Qi are achieved, can they become Jinxian.

Many people only know that Sun Wukong came out of a stone that absorbed the spirit of heaven and earth. He was born with many magical powers. In addition, the day after tomorrow, he had the Enlightenment of Bodhi, the sea fixing needle of the Dragon Palace, the ordeal of the alchemy furnace, the Five Finger Mountain and the hoop mantra. Finally, he followed the Tang monk to the west to get scriptures. His responsibility was to protect the Tang Monk and let him reach the West safely and see the Buddha, After that, he was also granted the title of fighting against Buddha, got the Scriptures, and returned to the Tang Dynasty.

However, it is very strange that it is on this title. The Tathagata gave a Buddha to Tang Monk and a Buddha to Sun Wukong. However, for other people, they are just any “emissary” and “arhat”. It is obvious that neither of them is a high-ranking role. Although the Buddhist status of Tang Monk and Sun Wukong is not high, they are at least one Buddha. It is obvious that he granted Tang monk the title of Buddha, because Tang monk is his disciple Jinchanzi. Even the Buddha will turn to his own people.

But why is Sun Wukong also a Buddha? Is it just because he works the most on the road and fights the most monsters? Not necessarily. When the Tathagata granted the Buddha to Sun Wukong, he said that Sun Wukong was originally a golden immortal of Taiyi, and then he joined the Buddhist sect to protect the Tang monk. He made great contributions to subduing demons and eliminating demons along the way, so he was granted the Buddha. Therefore, the Buddha’s focus is on the identity of Sun Wukong himself, because he is the golden immortal of Taiyi, and then he protects the Tang monk. Therefore, it depends on the background of others.

Just because Sun Wukong is not simple, everything he does has an explanation, and eventually there will be a good result. If Sun Wukong is just a very ordinary stone monkey, then even if he makes more efforts, he may not be able to defeat the Buddha in the end. The top is the same level as pig Bajie. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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