What is the relationship between the ape and the queen of banshees? Do apes with arms love the Banshee queen?

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What is the relationship between the ape and the queen of banshees? Next, the editor of China story net will introduce the relevant content in detail.

Speaking of the monkey with arms, you must remember that very powerful monkey, and it still appeared in TVB. It’s not a domestic drama, but a Hong Kong drama. This drama is called “the monkey king of heaven and earth”. It’s not only the story of the real and fake Monkey King, but also the story of the real and fake Monkey King and a girl. In fact, it’s the story of the monkey with arms and the queen of demons, which many people have said recently, Does this monkey love the Banshee queen? Many people say that they just use relationships, so let’s carefully analyze whether we love them or not!


In fact, what we usually see about monkey king is his heroism. We think he is powerful and plays monsters. This is the interpretation of ordinary people. However, although monkey king was born as a demon, he is also human. In the play “world over the monkey king”, we write their love and hatred vividly.

In other words, the love story between the ape and the queen of banshee is also very tragic. Many people think that the ape only uses the queen of banshee, and the ape only knows revenge. It loves the queen of banshee, and the queen of banshee is just a tool, but is this really the case? Obviously not.

In fact, when the full back ape was a general, the queen of demons was still a bird fairy. At this time, the full back ape was the embodiment of justice, and all kinds of heroism, and the bird fairy has always been around. Over time, he was moved by this kind of behavior of fighting injustice, saving the world, and doing good deeds, so he fell in love.

Later, the ape with full merits and virtues returned to the seat of Maitreya Buddha, but the bird fairy was liked by the python of the ten thousand demon country. The bird fairy only had the ape with full backs in her heart. How could she be with the python? So the python turned the bird fairy into an ugly python. At this time, the bird fairy knew that she was not worthy of the ape, and she could only stoop to the python. Fortunately, she found a chance to revenge, and the bird fairy became the king of demons.

And the ape has a quarrel with the monkey king. As soon as he reads it, he becomes a demon. The ultimate goal of the ape is to defeat the monkey king. At that time, he found the queen of demons. Isn’t this the general he liked at that time? So he gave the position of the king and Nathan, thinking that in this way, he could spend a lifetime with the ape.

But the full back ape only has revenge. If he can’t win the monkey king, he won’t be happy. The queen of demons can’t help as much as possible, but in the end, the full back ape died in the hands of the queen of demons, so the queen of demons also hated the monkey king, but finally he lost, and finally met in hell.

The back to back ape also put down, persuaded the demon queen to put down, and the story ended.

Then the Banshee queen must love the ape. Does the ape love the Banshee queen? In fact, at the beginning, the ape said a sentence called “love is not general”, which refers to their relationship with the Banshee queen. At that time, they didn’t have the following story. They all said such words. It’s obvious that the Banshee queen is in the heart of the ape, but after the demonization of the ape, it was blinded by hatred. Everything else is not important, so it’s really tragic! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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