What is the relationship between Zhuge Jun and Zhugeliang_ Who are Zhugeliang’s people

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Zhuge Jun, born in Langxie Yangdu (now Yinan County, Shandong Province), is the Han nationality and the son of Zhuge Yu. Ge Jun and Zhugeliang are brothers, and Zhugeliang is Zhuge Jun’s brother.



Zhugeliang, Zhuge Jun’s father, died early. His brother Zhugeliang, Zhuge Jun and two sisters were brought up by his uncle Zhuge Xuan. Knowing that Zhuge Xuan had an old acquaintance with Liubiao, the Jingzhou shepherd, he took Zhugeliang and Zhuge to WoLonggang, Nanyang, Jingzhou, to avoid chaos with his brother Zhugeliang and two sisters. In 207, Liu Bei asked his brother Zhugeliang to go out of the mountain to help him. After his brother Zhugeliang became Liu Bei, Zhuge still stayed in Longzhong to farm and spend their days. Later, his brother Zhugeliang introduced Liu Bei to the position of captain of Changshui.

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