What is the status of Erlang God in journey to the west& ldquo; Listen to the tune and don’t listen to the propaganda ” What the hell is going on?

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With the continuous flow of time and the continuous development of history, let the small editor of China story network take you through the fog of history and go back to the era of swords and swords to see the story of Erlang God in journey to the West.

In the journey to the west, in order to capture Sunwukong, Tianting decided to send Erlang God! Erlang God has a special position in the heavenly court. He “listens to the tune but does not listen to the propaganda”.

What’s the matter with “listen to the tune but don’t listen to the propaganda”?

What is the difference between “Diao” and “Xuan”

The so-called “adjustment” means that if something happens, let’s discuss it. Before I give an order, I’ll ask for your opinion. Let’s get angry first. Is this OK? How about you help me with this? “As for the person being asked, they can also talk about the conditions – there are differences in status between the two people, but they are not too different.

The so-called “propaganda” is from top to bottom, imperative and compulsory. You can do whatever you are asked to do without any room for negotiation. Disobedience? You want to die, right? You can talk to the leader about the conditions?


So, why are those bullies so “bullies”? It doesn’t depend on who has more soldiers and who has more power! Everything depends on strength.

The strength of Erlang God is unknown. His nine turn Xuangong is superb. The three sharp two blade Sabre is extremely powerful. There are many brothers under his command! The school has a deep background. Of course, I have this confidence!

It is a helpless compromise to listen to the tune

Why do rulers tolerate people who “listen to tunes and don’t listen to propaganda”? There are generally these types:

I. out of political considerations: for example, Luo Yi, Luo Cheng’s father. Luo Yi was a great general of the previous dynasty. He was armed with heavy troops and guarded by danger. In the process of unifying the world, the Sui Dynasty could not quickly bite down this “hard bone”. If we concentrate our troops and attack, it will not be a problem to defeat Luo Yi, but we will have to pay a heavy price. Is it worth it? Of course not! Therefore, a certain compromise was made to allow Luo Yi to retain his own territory, army and taxes, with considerable autonomy. This compromise can obtain greater benefits at a lower cost. As long as you belong to the central leadership in name.

II. For the sake of stability: in ancient times, the biggest problem of military action was poor communication and lack of long-range mobility. The territory that a regime could control was quite limited. Therefore, for the sake of remote areas, especially continuous stability, border generals would be given considerable power, such as the Li family in Liaodong in the late Ming Dynasty, the Mu family in Yunnan, wusangui and gengjingzhong in the early Qing Dynasty.

III. out of consideration of buying people’s hearts. Liu Bang played this trick most smoothly. Liu Bang is one of the few emperors to understand. He knows that he is not good at fighting, so he wants territory for yingbu, Peng Yue, Han Xin and other fierce people who can fight well! To the Lord, here you are! Pay, give! Get these fierce people together and fight for them! Finally, the Han family was defeated! He forced a fierce man, Xiangyu, to commit suicide in Wujiang.

Myth is also the reflection and extension of political power

The story in journey to the west, the ruling structure of heaven, is no different from the ruling structure in the secular world. Therefore, considering many factors, it is normal for Erlang’s God to listen to the tone and not listen to the propaganda.

I. Erlang God is super powerful. Being able to draw with Sunwukong and master nine turn Xuangong, the potential of the school is unfathomable. If you are strong enough, you will naturally have the strength to say tough words.


II. Erlang is the nephew of the Jade Emperor. I won’t elaborate on this 666.

III. Erlang has no ambition.

So, what’s the matter if you have relations and strength and listen to the tune but don’t listen to the propaganda?

The last sad end of the fierce man

The so-called “listening to the tune but not to the propaganda” sounds very good, but we can peel off the phenomenon and look at the essence, which is nothing more than expedient and compromise.

“Listening to the tone but not to the propaganda” is an “abnormal” governance posture. A normal, stable and orderly political power cannot tolerate an isolated and uncontrollable force group. No one can’t tolerate a general without supervision, without checks and balances, and with a heavy army.

Han Xin was called the God of war. He made great achievements in war. In the Han Dynasty, he did not want to be a second person, but was finally killed in the deep palace! Wusangui opened the mountain customs and led the Qing soldiers into the customs. No one could match the dragon’s skill. In the end, he was defeated and died!

The ox demon king wandered away from the three realms. How free and unfettered, he was finally beaten up by his little brother, Monkey King, with a group of people!

Miserable or not? Miserable! But you deserve it!


No emperor will tolerate this hidden danger. After a temporary compromise and concession, sooner or later he will use thunder to take all his power back to himself! Who can guarantee that you will have no second thoughts in the future?

If you want to live in peace, you should honestly hand over the military power and the fief, and be a rich man in peace! Or sooner or later it will lead to death!

Only when Erlang God has the strength and relationship can he listen to the tune and not listen to the propaganda. Monkey King, a “wild monkey”, has been dubbed “the sage of heaven” outside the heavenly palace. It seems that there is no difference in scenery! And finally? I have been pressed at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain for 500 years!

Behind all the scenery and glory is the competition and collision of strength. How many imperial plans to dominate the industry, how many romantic Tianjiao, ultimately depends on whose knife is fast! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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