What is the status of monkey king? Let’s see how many years Sun Wukong has been nurtured in stone!

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What is the status of monkey king? Let’s see how many years Sun Wukong has been nurtured in stone! Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

When it comes to monkey king, we all know that he was not brought out of his womb, but jumped out of a stone. In this way, her mother is not ordinary. She is a stone. This stone senses heaven and earth and gives birth to a stone monkey. Then, we can not say that Sun Wukong has no father and no mother, but that he has a mother and no father. In that case, who is his mother’s name, where does she live, and how old was she when she gave birth to him?

In fact, it is not difficult to talk about this issue, as long as you carefully consider between the lines.


At the beginning of the article, it is said: “there are 129600 years old in the world. If you divide the yuan into 12 clubs, it is the twelve clubs of Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, you, Xu and Hai. Each club should be 18000 years old.” Obviously, Mr. Wu Cheng’en also knows philosophy. Why do you say so? Because what is reflected here is the cosmological thought of Shao Yong, a philosopher in the Song Dynasty, that is, how the universe came into being.

According to Shao Yong, the universe goes through a big cycle from its birth to its end, that is, one yuan, which is divided into four stages, that is, the yuan will run the world. One yuan is equal to 12 times, one time is equal to 36 times, and one time is equal to 12 times. We know that one life is 12 years, that is to say, one luck is 360 years; It will be 10800 years, and one yuan will be 129600 years. The universe has to go through 129600 years from birth to death. After that, it went round and round, one dollar after another.


Well, let’s take a look at how the universe came into being.

“Five thousand and four hundred years old. At the beginning of the jiaohai meeting, it was dark, and there were no two characters. So it was called chaos.” In other words, 5400 years have passed since the birth of the universe, and it is still dark between heaven and earth, let alone there are people. It can be said that there is no grass. At this time, we call it the “chaos” era, which is the first stage of the universe.

“At the age of 5400, the Haihui Festival is coming to an end, Zhenxia is starting to prosper, the meeting of the sons is near, and the society is gradually opening up again. Shao Kangjie said:” in the winter solstice, half of the sons, there is no change in the heart of heaven. When the first sun moves, everything has not yet been born. “Here, heaven begins to have roots.” Another 5400 years later, all things were still unborn, but at this time, the sky began to have roots and gradually became bright. This has entered the second stage, which we call the “restoration of vision” era.

“Five thousand and four hundred years old, when the son is meeting, he is light and clear. There is a sun, a moon, a star and a Chen. The sun, the moon, a star and a Chen are called the four signs.” At this time, 5400 years later, with the sun, moon, stars and other celestial phenomena, it means that the dark era is over and the bright era is coming. This stage is the third stage of the birth of the universe, which can be called the “four images” era.

“After 5400 years of age, the Zihui will come to an end, and it will become a near ugly society, and gradually become solid. Yi said:” how great is the Qianyuan! How great is the Kunyuan! All things are born in accordance with heaven. “So far, the earth began to condense.” The way of heaven runs and strives for self-improvement. It has gone through 5400 years. At this time, the earth began to form. With the earth, there will be creatures. This stage is the fourth stage of the birth of the universe, which can be called the “Kun yuan” era.


“At the age of 5400, when the ugly meeting is going on, there is water, fire, mountain, stone and earth. Water, fire, mountain, stone and earth are the five forms.” This stage is particularly noteworthy, because after the formation of the earth, there are water, fire, mountains, stones, soil, etc., which can be called the “five shapes”. At this time, inanimate substances were produced, but the most important thing was that “stone” was produced. This also means that Sun Wukong’s mother was born at this time, and this is the fifth stage of the birth of the universe, which can be called the “five shape” era.

“After 5400 years of age, the ugly meeting ended and the Yin meeting began. Everything happened. The calendar says: the weather drops, the earth’s Qi rises; the heaven and the earth meet, and all things are born. So far, the sky is clear and the earth is cool, and Yin and Yang meet.” After that, everything came into being, but there were still no animals, so this era is still an era without vitality. This is the sixth stage of the birth of the universe, which can be called the age of “mass”.

“At the age of 5400, when you are in Yin society, you will be born with people, animals and birds. That’s what heaven, earth and people are. Therefore, life is in Yin.” It took another 5400 years for animals to come into being, and among animals, people are the most expensive. People and heaven and earth are called “three talents”. Heaven and earth originally have no intention, but take people as the heart, so people can participate in the transformation of heaven and earth! Since then, everything in the world has been transformed. This stage is the seventh stage of the birth of the universe, which can be called the “human” stage.

That is to say, the universe has gone through seven stages since its birth. Each stage is 5400 years, so the total is 37800 years. The stone was produced in the fifth stage, which is 21600 years from the birth of the universe. Then, how did the stone give birth to the monkey king? And where is this stone?

“Feeling the pioneering spirit of Pangu, the three emperors ruled the world, and the five emperors determined Lun, the world was divided into four continents: the eastern shengshenzhou, the western niuniuzhou, the southern supporting Buzhou, and the northern Dulu.” This is the world view of Buddhism. According to the legend of Indian Buddhism, the center of the world is mount Sumi, which is surrounded by eight mountains and eight seas, like an iron bucket, so it is also known as “Tiewei mountain”. And around Tiewei mountain, there are four major continents, namely the so-called Dongsheng Shenzhou, xiniuhezhou, nanxianbuzhou and beidulu. And we humans live in southern Taiwan. So where does Sun Wukong live? “This book list shows that the East is better than Shenzhou. There is a land overseas called Aolai country. The country is near the sea, and there is a mountain in the sea, called Huaguo Mountain.” Now we know that Sun Wukong lives in Huaguo Mountain of Aolai country in Dongsheng.


?? “On the top of that mountain, there is a fairy stone. The stone is three feet six feet five inches high and two feet four feet round. The stone is three feet six feet five inches high, which is 365 degrees of the week. The stone is two feet four feet round, which is 24 degrees of the political calendar. There are nine orifices and eight holes on the top, which are nine palaces and eight trigrams. There are no trees on the four sides, but there are Zhilan on the left and right. Since Gai was founded, it has been beautiful every day. The sun is refined and the moon is beautiful. It has a long-term feeling, and it has a sense of intelligence. It nurtures immortals inside The cells burst in a day, producing a stone egg as big as a round ball. Seeing the wind, he turned into a stone monkey, with all five features and limbs. Then he learned to crawl and walk, and worshipped everywhere. ” This paragraph clearly explains that Sun Wukong’s mother is a “fairy stone”, and the stone only appeared 21600 years after the birth of the universe. After the stone was born, it took many years for the stone monkey to take the spirit of heaven and earth and absorb the essence of the sun and the moon? It seems that there is no direct explanation in the article, but we can still deduce.

“It was also when he arrived. Since he boarded the raft, the southeast wind has been tight for days. Before he was sent to the northwest bank, he was on the southern shore of Buzhou. Holding a pole to test the water, he occasionally got shallow water, abandoned the raft, and jumped onto the bank. There were people fishing, wild geese, clams and salt.” This paragraph, we all know, is about Sun Wukong going to learn from his teacher. It was only three or five hundred years before he was born. That is, when Sun Wukong was 500 years old, there were already human beings. And these humans can already catch wild geese, dig clams and wash salt, which shows that humans are no longer in primitive society, but have entered civilized society.


According to archaeological findings, the earliest existing human being in China is Yuanmou people, with a history of 1.7 million years. China is located in Nanbu continent, and it has entered the civilized society 5000 years ago. It was 10800 years from the birth of stone to the birth of mankind, but it was still primitive mankind at that time, and it would take another 1.7 million years to enter the civilized society. Subtract 5000 from 1.7 million, and when Sun Wukong saw human beings, human beings had been born for 1695000 years. At this time, he was already 500 years old, that is to say, when he was born, mankind was born 1694500 years ago.

At this point, we know that it took 10800 years from the birth of stone to the birth of human beings. When Sun Wukong was born, mankind had been born for 1694500 years. This also means that this fairy stone gave birth to the stone monkey only after 1705300 years, that is, Sun Wukong’s mother gave birth to him after 1705300 years of pregnancy.

It can be seen that Sun Wukong’s birth is indeed not simple. He experienced the death and birth of the universe 13 times in his womb! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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