What is the story of Di Renjie burning the temple? What is the purpose of Di Renjie burning the temple?

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What is the story of Di Renjie burning the temple? What is the purpose of Di Renjie burning the temple? Interested partners come and have a look.

It is said that Lao Di is a born laborer. As the saying goes, those who can do more work. Because he has created a reputation in the judicial field, he is of course recommended to the local government as the second tier cadre of the state’s focus on training, and also as a pillar of the party and the country in the future based on his political achievements at the grass-roots level.


In 686 ad, Lao Di served as the governor of ningzhou. Ningzhou is a remote mountainous area (somewhat similar to the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia border region) and a poor place where many ethnic groups live in concentrated communities. If a mediocre official goes there, he will still be regarded as being exiled and servitude. However, the enterprising and pioneering practical officials who are good at opening up Xintiandi and creating a new era will be regarded as an opportunity and a reward for meritorious service. This is in line with the famous topic of Psychology: optimists see that there is still half a glass of water, while pessimists see that there is only half a glass of water left. Different attitudes do have different effects.

As soon as Lao Di, who advocates hard work, came to ningzhou, he immediately “pacified Rongxia, made peace inside and outside, and made people feel at ease”. That is to say, he implemented the policy of ethnic equality, actively promoted ethnic integration measures, and let the Han people and ethnic minorities live together on an equal footing and love each other. There has been an unprecedented end of Moral Governance and ethnic groups, and ningzhou has become a truly peaceful state. The eyes of the masses are bright, So the people of ningzhou were very grateful and wrote a monument for him. Anyway, a good public servant of the people is highly respected. It is a good official who only appeared five hundred years ago.

Lao Di’s life is good, and he didn’t do good deeds in vain. It happened that an officer in charge of discipline inspection, Comrade Guo, came to inspect the work. He unexpectedly let the people all over the road gather around and argue about how Lao Di loves the people and is an advanced element representing the interests of the people of ningzhou. It can be regarded as a folk recommendation and opinion poll. Of course, Lao Guo is also a good discipline inspection cadre who asks for the people’s life. When he returns to the DPRK, he immediately reports and writes advanced materials, Di Renjie, a good cadre of the people, was recommended to the higher authorities.

Therefore, Empress Dowager Wu, who appreciated Lao Di very much, immediately transferred him back to the capital, appointed him as a senior official in the court, that is, a fat winter official (Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry, in charge of construction and other affairs), and served as the governor of Jiangnan. So Lao Di toured around specific problems. Unexpectedly, he found that there were so many temples in Wu and Chu regions in Jiangnan at that time, which were very extravagant and superstitious, There is even a taste of “personality cult”. This is really a stimulus to Lao Di, who often cherishes the people’s worries and loves the people like a son. He also immediately reported it to his superiors for handling. Finally, in addition to the more important super celebrity temples such as Xia Yu, Wu Taibo (the eldest son of the king of Zhou), Ji Zha (the sage respected by Confucius), and Wu Yuan (Wu Zixu), more than 1700 temples were burned down, greatly reducing the burden of the people, This is of course a matter of boundless merit and virtue. As Laozi said, “saints have no constant heart and take the people’s heart as their heart”. Our great Lao Di is such a brilliant example of diligence and love for the people with the people’s heart. He will be immortal and live in our hearts forever.

Only such people can interpret the great truth that “evil cannot prevail over right”.

Just because Lao Di is upright, even unofficial legends have stories about subduing evil spirits in ningzhou. How is it? OK, now let’s talk about the story of Di Renjie’s haunted house.

It is said that when Di Renjie was the governor of ningzhou, the governor’s mansion was a big and dangerous house, because more than 10 predecessors died here strangely, which was very scary.

In view of the fact that such a dangerous house with a very high risk coefficient is really difficult to live in, for the sake of the safety of his boss, di Renjie’s horse boy had no choice but to suggest that he choose another official residence.

However, di Renjie, who does not believe in evil and is bold enough to steal, carries forward the spirit of detective and wants to find out. With the encouragement of Yuan Fang, his right-hand assistant, and despite the opposition of other subordinates, he has made up his mind to live here. Then there will be a human Ghost War that is more exciting than solving cases. Niuren is different.

However, although Di Renjie is not afraid of ghosts, he still meets them.

In the first few days, whenever night fell, this famous murderous house gave people a “hairy, strange” feeling. There were all kinds of strange sounds of big and small beads falling on the jade plate, which made people feel angry. It was really not a false name.

Seeing that everyone was trembling, chickens and dogs were restless, and the thief who was a little angry was bold, di Renjie. So he shouted to the legendary evil spirits across the space and time: “I’m the owner of the new official residence. Who dare to make trouble in my territory? If you have the courage, come out and confront me. Who wronged you?” Before the old Di said anything, a dark ghost really jumped out, To di Renjie, I said quietly: “Mr. assassin, I have something to ask you to do before I make such a bad decision. I’m sorry to disturb you. We are still the same people. I was the life officer of the previous dynasty. I was buried under the big tree in the west of the courtyard after my death, but I was pierced by the roots of the tree. I wanted to ask every new assassin to help me change my burial, but they were all scared to death. Fortunately, I met you today, so that I could deliver the change of burial to the world Please do me a favor and help me deal with this matter. I will never be disturbed again in the future. Everyone lives in peace. ” Then he disappeared without a trace.

Sure enough, the next day Di Renjie’s subordinates dug the tomb under the tree in the west of the courtyard. It was really the same thing, and they immediately buried the man elsewhere. From then on, the assassin’s mansion was really calm, and there were no more fierce ghosts. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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