What is the story of the Yellow Emperor fighting Chiyou? Who won in the end?

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In ancient times, there were continuous wars in the Central Plains, and various tribes attacked each other. At that time, the Yellow Emperor, the Yan Emperor and the Chiyou tribe were the most powerful, forming a situation in which the three tribes stood in a confrontation. The Yellow Emperor lived in the Central Plains; Emperor Yan was in the west, west of Taihang Mountain; Chiyou is the king of Jiuli and lives near Mount Tai in the East. Emperor Yan and Chiyou fought for the lower reaches of the Yellow River. After the defeat, Emperor Yan fled north and asked the Yellow Emperor for help. A prehistoric war broke out between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou in Zhuolu.

Due to the long history and few historical records, the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou produced many myths and legends. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Chiyou was the chief of Jiuli tribe in ancient times. In Chinese mythology, he was the God of war! The war between Chiyou and the Yellow Emperor was not only tortuous and strange, but also full of myth.

It is said that Chiyou has eight feet, three heads and six arms, a bronze head and an iron forehead. He is invulnerable to weapons and knives. He is good at fighting with knives, axes and daggers. He never dies and is extremely brave.

It is said that Chiyou has 81 brothers, all of whom have copper heads, iron foreheads, eight arms and nine toes. All of them have extraordinary skills. They don’t eat grain, but only river stones.


Chiyou is good at fighting, “making five weapons, changing clouds”, “making fog, covering three days”, the Yellow Emperor “nine battles and nine defeats” and “three years of city”.

In the battle of Zhuolu, the balance of the war was initially shifted to Chiyou. Although there were brave and skillful tribes on the side of the Yellow Emperor, such as “bear, cat, dog, dog and tiger”, Chiyou created a heavy fog and stayed there for three days and nights, making the Yellow Emperor’s troops disoriented and besieged by Chiyou’s army.

The soldiers of the Yellow Emperor could not find their commander, and the commander could not clearly know where their soldiers were.

In order to solve this problem, the Yellow Emperor killed a monster called Kui. It is said that this monster “looks like an ox, but has no horns. If it has one foot, there will be wind and rain in and out of the water. Its light is like the sun and moon, its sound is like thunder, and its name is Kui” (Shanhaijing · Dahuang East Classic).

Unfortunately, this monster called Kui was killed by the Yellow Emperor because its voice was like thunder. The yellow emperor made the skin of Kui into a war drum and its bones into a drumstick. The effect was extraordinary. “One earthquake of 500 Li, and three thousand eight hundred Li in succession”. The Yellow Emperor ordered his soldiers’ actions with drums. This is probably the earliest record of using war drums on the battlefield.

What kind of monster is Kui? According to the analysis of later generations, it should be rhinoceros or crocodile. However, some people say that the “Kui” beast became an endangered animal because of the hunting of the Yellow Emperor. It is said that the later Qinshihuang also captured and killed a “Kui” beast. Since then, the “Kui” beast has completely disappeared from the records.

Although the Yellow Emperor was able to command his own troops, he still could not find the enemy. This was not a way. He took advantage of the fact that the Big Dipper star in the sky always pointed to the north and built a “guide car” to guide the troops out of the fog, so that Chiyou’s plan to encircle and annihilate the enemy army failed.

Did the Yellow Emperor really make a “guide car”? What exactly is this? No one knows whether it is the real existence or the false description of later generations.


Although the Yellow Emperor escaped from the encirclement, he was not safe. Instead, he fell into greater danger, because Chiyou sent his trump army, the Kamei army.

Monsters [ch ? mèi w ? ng li ? Ng] is separate. It is said that the demon is a face beast with four feet. The monster has ears and sharp eyes and is good at confusing the enemy. According to such records, some people think that the demon should be a force good at long-distance attacks, while the monster is a reconnaissance force.

Chiyou led his troops to pursue him. The Yellow Emperor had nowhere to hide and retreated. In a crisis, the Yellow Emperor summoned Ying long, his most powerful general, to reinforce him.

However, Ying Long was still far away from the main battlefield and could not be supported immediately. In desperation, the Yellow Emperor had to order his men to play the horn with cattle and sheep horns, imitating the unique dragon horn sound of Yinglong tribe, making the illusion that Yinglong tribe had come to reinforce. Yummy yummy yummy was really confused. He didn’t dare to pursue any more and began to retreat back.

After the Yellow Emperor joined forces with Ying long, he immediately organized a large-scale counter offensive. Ying Long is the most courageous general under the emperor. It is said that he is a winged flying dragon. He led his subordinates to launch a huge flood to besiege Chiyou headquarters.

Chiyou realizes that he can’t fight Ying long, so he invites reinforcements: Feng Bo and Yu Shi.

Feng Bo and Yu Shi are at the same level as Chiyou. They are also leaders of a powerful tribal alliance. Feng Bo and Yu Shi helped Chiyou fight against the dragon in the storm.

As a result, the flood initiated by Ying long did not flow to Chiyou’s position, but led to his army lost in the storm.

Ying Long’s failure forced the Yellow Emperor to send his last strength, his daughter, Yu [b á].

She is also a heavenly daughter. She wears green clothes and can emit strong light and heat. She came to the front of the array and exerted her magic power to defeat Feng Bo and the rain master. The rain and fog immediately dissipated.


The Yellow Emperor took the opportunity to organize a major counter offensive. Chiyou’s troops were in chaos and defeated by the Yellow Emperor. Chiyou himself escaped.

Ying Long and Yu established miraculous feats, but both seem to have lost their divine power and can no longer return to heaven. Ying long stayed in the south of the world. Since then, the South has been watery and rainy.

However, she stayed in the north. Since then, it has been more arid in the north. Wherever she went, she was cursed and expelled by people. She was called “dry dog”.

Although the Yellow Emperor defeated Chiyou, he did not capture Chiyou alive. In his opinion, Chiyou would not die, and the people would not die. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor led his elite troops to continue to chase Chiyou.

Chiyou’s remnant army crossed the Zhanghe River (the river between Hebei and Henan today) and fled to the middle of Hebei.

When the Yellow Emperor’s troops chased the Zhanghe River, the river was deep and cold, and the soldiers’ morale was low after marching for many days. It is said that the Yellow Emperor ordered Yue Guanling Lun to write the song of crossing Zhanghe. Although this song has not been handed down, according to the notes to the water classics, the song has a magnificent rhythm, which greatly inspired the morale of the Yellow Emperor’s troops.

Inspired by the military song, the Yellow Emperor’s troops quickly crossed the Zhanghe River and successfully captured Chiyou alive. In order to avoid long dreams, the Yellow Emperor killed Chiyou after capturing him.

The Yellow Emperor defeated the Jiuli tribe, killed Chiyou, and made Xuanyuan the Yellow Emperor famous all over the world. The chiefs of all tribes called him “the son of heaven” and respected him as “the Yellow Emperor”.

This battle enabled Yanhuang tribe to stably occupy the vast central plains and further integrate various clan tribes. As the leader of the tribe, the Yellow Emperor became the common ancestor of the Chinese nation and was gradually deified. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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