What is the story that the plain girl turns the wild goose? The allusion of plain women turning wild geese

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Maybe many friends are not familiar with the plain girl. In fact, the plain girl is the maid of the Yellow Emperor. She is very beautiful. Her skin is as white as snow, so she is called the plain girl. There is also a sad and beautiful love story about the plain girl, that is, the plain girl turns into a wild goose. The following is a detailed story on the China story network.

Plain girl is an expert at playing the zither. Whenever she reaches out her slender jade hands and drums up the Serna of fifty strings in the wild of Du Guang, the Luan bird can’t help singing along with the zither; The Phoenix can’t help dancing; The trees of Lingshou have also blossomed.

Su Nu fell in love with Dahong, the God under the Yellow Emperor. Dahong is brave and brave. He has a pair of wings on his back. He can fly thousands of miles when he spreads his wings. Therefore, he is called Dahong.


The Yellow Emperor held a grand wedding ceremony for the plain girl and Dahong. Married husband and wife: they love each other and live in harmony. Whenever the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, Dahong spreads his wings and takes the sorceress to the beautiful places of mountains and rivers to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature; On the night when the moon is bright and the stars are sparse and the wind is blowing gently, the plain girl sings and drums for the great Hong. They both think they are the happiest couple in the world.

But the good times did not last long. A war broke out between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou. Dahong, as a powerful general of the Yellow Emperor, of course, will follow the Yellow Emperor. Before parting, the two hugged each other tightly.

The plain girl tearfully asked Dahong: " Chiyou is fierce and vicious. You should be careful. I am waiting for you to return triumphantly;

Dahong agreed: &quote; Take care of yourself at home. Don’t think of me& quot;

Dahong went, and Su Nu’s heart followed Dahong to the battlefield. During the day, she stroked Dahong’s clothes and utensils and missed Dahong. What’s wrong now? At night, she either dreamed that Dahong was fighting with the enemy, or that Dahong was seriously injured and bleeding. At this time, she would burst into tears and wake up from her nightmare, sweating like rain.

When she is too sad, Su Nu will come to the mountain forest where she and Dahong often go and sit Playing her beloved se, the woods were still, the river was still, the birds were still, and the beasts were still. It seemed that they were immersed and solidified in the song of Suo Nu missing Dahong. X. The fierce battle is finally over. The Yellow Emperor took three years to settle the rebellion, and the good news came that he led ghosts and gods from all over the world, heavenly soldiers and generals to return to the dynasty. Because of the jubilation from the top to the bottom, it was not necessary to mention how happy the plain girl was. She dressed up and put on her favorite dress and headdress Three years of lovesickness. When it came to an end, she was about to meet her beloved Dahong. She swore that she would never be separated from Dahong again; If Dahong goes to war again She will go with him. She never suffered from lovesickness again

The victorious army of the Yellow Emperor marched forward in a mighty manner. The bear, the cat, the dog, the dog, the insect without feet district and the tiger opened the way in front of him. Feng Boyu’s division then blew the wind and sprinkled the rain to clean up the avenue. The emperor sat in the car with a mighty posture. The car was driven by Bi fangniao and pulled by an elephant. Six dragons were escorted behind the car. Behind the dragon were the ghosts and spirits of the four sides, and finally a group of energetic soldiers.

The relatives who had been separated for many years came to see their son. They held hands and hugged. They were so excited that they cried and laughed: the plain girl was looking for her in the happy crowd; Where is her Dahong? Why doesn’t he fly to the person he loves? Does he want to hide and give me a surprise happiness? Ah, Dahong, don’t you understand my mind? I want to see you right away! Thinking, finding, suddenly, she was afraid of her son, and her heart aroused an ominous omen. Could it be that he didn’t! no She separated the crowd and came to the Yellow Emperor’s car. Climbing the car porch, she asked the Yellow Emperor anxiously: " Where is Dahong? Where is my Dahong& quot;

As the plain girl asked, the noisy crowd suddenly calmed down All the generals and soldiers who returned from the battlefield hung down Zi tou, stand still.


The plain girl saw this strange atmosphere She was so scared that she asked the Yellow Emperor again and again: " Dahong, what’s wrong with him? Where is he& quot;

The Yellow Emperor’s four tests were full of sorrow, and eight pairs of eyes were full of tears. He said softly: " Plain girl, you should be calm. Dahong was a brave man, in a fierce battle He was tragically killed in battle;

It was like a thunderclap earth crumbles. The plain girl felt a pang of heartache Pass out. The Yellow Emperor hurriedly ordered people to carry the plain girl back to the palace.

Dahong’s body was brought back and buried. Su Nu’s heart was buried with Dahong. Her tears had already dried up. Day and night, she just held her fifty strings and told her endless sadness and missing in front of Dahong’s grave.

The sound of the psaltery is tragic and mournful. It only moves the world and makes the sun and the moon shine; It only makes the Yellow Emperor and other ghosts and gods sad and uneasy. The Yellow Emperor saw that the sound of the plain girl’s zither was too sad, and he was afraid that it would continue for a long time The virgin’s body could not bear it, so she changed her harp from fifty strings to twenty-five strings.

The plain girl kept playing in front of Dahong’s grave with her 25 stringed harp. Suddenly, Dahong’s grave exploded with a bang, and a stream of smoke floated out of the grave. Then, a wild goose flew out of the grave with a quack. As soon as she saw that Da Hong had changed, Su Nu immediately threw down Se and turned into a wild goose. She shouted loudly and flew away with the wild goose.

Hearing the news, the Yellow Emperor, deeply impressed by the constancy of love between Suo Nu and Dahong, appointed Dayan as a messenger to deliver letters to lovers all over the world, so that the hearts of lovers all over the world can always be linked and never forget each other. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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