What is the strength of Kong Xuan in the list of gods? What animal is his prototype?

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In Chinese mythological novels, many characters of different colors are created. They enriched our childhood life and left us many beautiful memories. With regard to the relationship between the characters inside, we can casually pick up the details inside. We don’t know whether we have noticed the details and what happened later?


There are many powerful people on the list of gods. They are in the immortal class. Kongxuan’s strength is recognized by everyone. His original body is a peacock, with both appearance and talent. He was so powerful that he was even rated as the strongest king under the saints. His magic power is five colors. The most powerful thing is that it can suppress magic weapons and hurt immortals. Many people avoid him and try to avoid direct confrontation with him.

Kongxuan, a powerful man, only served as the chief soldier in the Shang Dynasty, which was somewhat overqualified. When kongxuan and Jiang Ziya fought, they adopted the strategy of only defending but not attacking. When he caught the soldiers of Xiqi, he sent people to take strict care of them and didn’t hurt them at all. Faced with such a difficult opponent, Jiang Ziya was helpless and asked for help everywhere. But his master Yuanshi Tianzun said that he could not help. Only the sage could solve this problem. So he ordered people to invite zhunti Taoist of western religion to help.

Some people say that peacock is predestined by western religion, so they invite him to come. In fact, this is just a guess, without any basis. The real reason is that Yuanshi Tianzun and the Western church reached some kind of agreement in private. They gave the peacock to the Western church. Zhunti Taoist said that kongxuan had deep roots. It means that he has left too many sins in the world, and the smell of blood on his body is too heavy, so he needs their education. These are just one side of his story. Kongxuan only stopped King Wu from attacking Zhou. How could he be sinful.

After kongxuan was subdued, he was rode to the west by zhunti Taoist. Many people thought that he had come there to become his mount. Such a powerful person, even if others want him to be their own subordinate, his own self-esteem will not allow him to do so. It is impossible for a person with such great strength to be an animal and let others ride at will. Later, it was said that the peacock became the Daming king among peacocks. This result is mentioned in the original work.


A person with strength will not be buried at any time. Some people know their pearls with insight, and others offer themselves. The talents of these people with real skills will not be buried. In the long history of our country, we will find many such things. The king is recruiting talents, and they are thirsty for talents. Those talented people can introduce themselves. Truly talented people always have a way to show their talents.

What we should do is to enrich ourselves and enrich ourselves. Ability can attract more people. Zhugeliang lived in seclusion in the mountains. Liu Bei came to him three times. He took a fancy to Zhugeliang’s talent and hoped that he would assist him in dominating the world. Zhugeliang did not disappoint him. After Liu Bei’s death, Zhugeliang tried his best to help Liu Chan. Too many historical facts tell us that we must become talented, so that we can have more choices and more room to display. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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