What is the strength of the lightbulb Taoist? Why can’t he defeat zhaogongming?

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The Taoist priest who lights lanterns, one of the 3000 guests in Zixiao palace and the first disciple of Yuanshi Tianzun, the leader of the yuxu palace cult, is called burning lanterns because everything around him is as bright as a lamp when he was born. Hunyuan’s accomplishments are the golden immortals of the great Luo Dynasty. The Taoist temple is located in Yuanjue cave of lingjiu mountain. The twelve golden immortals are called teachers. Their status in teaching is second only to that of the founder of the Yuan Dynasty. They are crowned as deputy leaders and have the reputation of being the head of the immortal class and the source of the Buddha. At the invitation of immortal Taiyi in the golden light cave of Qianyuan mountain, Li Jing and Nezha were first introduced to the scene to resolve the grievances between Li Jing and Nezha. He instructed Li Jing to abandon his official position and retire to await the opportunity, and accepted it as a magic weapon, the golden exquisite pagoda, given by his apprentice.

After the first battle between grand master Wen and Jiang Ziya was defeated, he invited shitianjun from jin’ao island to help him, and set up a carefully built Shijue array to besiege Xiqi. Jiang Ziya knew that it would be difficult for him to be a leader in Taoism in the last 40 years. He asked the twelve golden immortals to command the battle. Guangchengzi in the Taoyuan cave of Jiuxian mountain shook his head and said, “it’s not that we don’t help you. In fact, we are also mud Bodhisattvas who can’t cross the river. Although we say that we are a little good at Taoism, we still can’t break the left Taoism.”

Just as they were giving way to each other, there was the sound of deer chirping in the air. The strange fragrance was everywhere. The Taoist priest who lit the lamp came by riding a sika deer.

One day the auspicious lights flickered, and the five colored auspicious clouds could not fly through. The deer roared in the air, and the purple Ganoderma lucidum showed thousands of leaves. The middle gate looks like a real person, and the strange face is different from the original. The rainbow dances through the sky, and the treasure record hangs on the waist. At the foot of the lingjiu mountain, the number lights up and goes to the flat peach area to add longevity.

– “the romance of gods” ยท forty five chapters

This is the official appearance of the Taoist priest of burning lanterns in the Deity: Double bun, heaven and earth in two colors, soap Taoist costume, white crane flying cloud. Xianfeng and Daogu are combined, and the rosy clouds appear on the body. The top is bright and far away. It is all inclusive. The golden elixir of the ninth return doesn’t speak at all. When you become a saint, you will feel bright and bright. You will be a guest of lingjiu mountain and light a lamp in Yuanjue road.

In terms of its status and Taoism, burning a lamp is called quasi saint, which is worthy of the name. However, after the ten Jue formation in the war of gods, it seems that the quasi saint of the Taoist priest burning lanterns is not worthy of the name. The overall record is that more defeats than less. In addition to subduing the feather winged immortals and the lantern Ma Shan on Penglai Island, the rest are fleeing. For example, if you can’t beat Sanxiao in Sanxian Island, zhaogongming and kongxuan in Jinjiling mountain, especially Xiqi against zhaogongming, almost half of the twelve golden immortals led by him were wounded, and they were chased in a panic. The sika deer was also cut off. It was really a disgrace. The deputy leader of the magnificent yuxu palace was beaten by a disciple and fled. I’m afraid no one believed it, But this is the fact that the facts are firm.

Since he is a quasi saint, why can’t the Taoist priest burn lanterns beat zhaogongming?


On this issue, first of all, it is necessary for us to have a detailed understanding of zhaogongming.

Zhaogongming, a truncated disciple, is the first generation of disciples under the leader of Tongtian cult in biyou palace. The practice center is located in Luofu cave of Mount Emei. The elder martial brother of Sanxiao Fairy on Sanxian island. The emperor has been cultivated into a jade muscle fairy body. He rides a black tiger and carries a magic whip. He has two magic weapons: a dragon rope and twenty-four sea beads. At the invitation of the grand master, he went down the mountain to help. As soon as he came out, he killed Jiang Ziya with a divine whip, captured immortal Huanglong of Magu cave, and taught five immortals in a row. His Taoism and magic skills were not bad.

Heaven and earth cultivate morality, and the universe cultivates the original God. The tiger and the Dragon roar together on the wind and cloud tripod, and the black rabbit revolves around the Mao in the morning. Five reclusions and three dismissals are easy to play and move mountains and seas. There was a formula of heaven and earth on your palm, and a pair of straw sandals were used for patrolling. The five Qi Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty are really rare. The three flowers gather at the top from Changchun. The foot of Mount Emei is well-known. How many people got Luofu.

— the romance of gods, forty-six chapters

As the saying goes: the train is not pushed or boasted. Zhao Gongming of Mount Emei is by no means an ordinary person. His real strength is obvious to all. When Xiqi provoked him, the Taoist priest told Jiang Ziya to act according to his circumstances. The implication was that he was not a good quarrel. The Taoist priest’s tone was more or less afraid. When zhaogongming came to Xiqi, it was no exaggeration to use the word “sweeping” to describe it, and he did not pay attention to the lamp burning Taoist.

Yuanmen asked him to answer by name and surname, and angrily said to him, “am I not as good as you?” Obviously, he didn’t treat the Taoist priest as a dish. If it had not been for the help of Xiao Sheng, a scattered man in Wuyi Mountain, and Cao Bao, and Lu Ya, an old Chinese medicine practitioner in the West Kunlun Mountains, the quasi saint of the burning lamp Taoist would have been no match for zhaogongming.

The main reason why he couldn’t fight was that he couldn’t bring down the magic weapon in zhaogongming’s hands. What magic weapon? Dinghaizhu and Jinjiao scissors.

Fengshen is not a martial arts in the Jianghu. Regardless of the fist and foot moves, strength ranking is a magic weapon except for Taoism. Having a magic weapon, especially congenital, is equivalent to learning mathematics, physics and chemistry well and being afraid to travel all over the world. It is definitely a pull wind. Zhaogongming’s cultivation of “three flowers gather at the top of five Qi Chaoyuan” relies on the magic weapon “Ding Haizhu”. Xi Qifu, assistant Grand Master Wen, threw this treasure into the air and emitted five colors of light. Even the immortals could not see it clearly. He knocked over the red sperm, guangchengzi, Taoist Tianzun, Yuding immortal and Lingbao grand master. I don’t know what the treasure is when I look at it with my eyes. If I can’t find any disease, I can’t write a prescription. So I can only escape from the thirty-six schemes.


There are twenty-four Ding Hai beads, which are inborn treasures. After chaos appeared, it once shone on the xuandu. The ancestor of Fen Baoyan Hongjun passed them on to the leader of Tongtian cult, and then the leader of Tongtian cult passed them on to the disciple zhaogongming. The magic weapon can emit five colors of light and dazzle the opponent’s five senses. It is as powerful as the power of the four seas. The Taoist priest of the immortal killing array used a sea bead to beat down the saint Tongtian cult leader.

The leader of Tongtian cult just parried Yu Ruyi and was accidentally hit by zhunti’s blessing pestle. The leader of Tongtian cult rolled down the Kui cow and ran away with the earth. I don’t know if the burning lamp was waiting in the air. When I was waiting, the sea bead must have hit me again.

— romance of gods 78 times

The whole sky can’t bear the sea bead. It can be seen that the magic weapon is really extraordinary. However, the level of the leader of Tongtian cult is the saint of Luo Jinxian of Hunyuan. The Taoist priest who lights lanterns is only a quasi saint, that is, a reserve member. He is still a distant Hunyuan from the saint. Naturally, he couldn’t settle Haizhu, so he couldn’t beat zhaogongming. Xiao Sheng and Cao Bao, the scattered people of Wuyi Mountain, received dinghaizhu as a gift to the Taoist priest who lit lanterns with the money of falling treasure, which became their treasure for preaching Taoism. Later, they joined the Buddhist sect and became the twenty-four heavens, making boundless contributions to the prosperity and prosperity of Buddhism. This also shows that dinghaizhu is not a small thing.

Another is the Golden Dragon scissors. This treasure and the Hunyuan golden bucket are the treasures of the town cave of Sanxian island. It is transformed by two dragons. It absorbs the spirit of heaven and earth and receives the essence of the sun and moon essence. It folds up and down in the air and is protected by auspicious clouds. The head turns to the head like cutting the tail and twisting the tail like a strand. It is difficult for a Taoist deity to escape. It can be called a sharp weapon to kill a demon. After Haizhu was collected, Duke Zhao Mingding angrily went to the island to borrow this treasure with his sisters. In an instant, he cut the mount sika deer of the Taoist lamplighter into two pieces. Fleeing back, he said to the crowd tremblingly, “what a great advantage! Rising up in the air is like two dragons twisted into knots and falling down with sharp blades. I saw that the situation was bad, and I borrowed wood to escape in advance.”

The magic weapon, Jin Jiao, is not only a Taoist who lights lanterns, but also Lu Ya, who sentenced zhaogongming to death. Sanxiao fairy goes down the mountain to avenge her brother. She uses the Hunyuan gold bucket to hold Lu Ya. When Bixiao releases the Golden Dragon scissors, Lu Ya can only turn into a rainbow and leave. Lu Ya’s magic is above the Taoist priest who lights lanterns. This great God who claims not to worship the old king, not to go to the flat peach, also chose to avoid the Golden Dragon scissors, which is enough to show the power of this magic weapon.


Therefore, it is impossible for the Taoist priest to defeat zhaogongming. Dinghaizhu and Jinjiao scissors are both unusual things.

If zhaogongming was only a Taoist, he would be less coquettish. When the Four Saints would kill the immortal array, the task assigned by the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty to the Taoist who lit the lantern was to ambush the leader of Tongtian cult with Dinghai beads. Although there are many people who dare to challenge the saints, such as Sanxiao fairy, Duobao Taoist, Caiyun fairy, Guiling virgin, etc., these people do not know how deep they are. However, the lightbulb Taoist was ordered by the emperor of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, which shows that the lightbulb Taoist has certain strength. In particular, from the mouth of Yuanshi Tianzun, his affirmation is equivalent to the official, with a high degree of persuasion and authority.

However, as we have already said, the Taoist firm is only one part of judging strength, and the other part is a magic weapon. The level of quasi saint is only to achieve the cultivation of quasi saint, not to become a quasi saint. Yuanshi Tianzun is the sage of the Yuan Dynasty luojinxian, but he can’t kill the four immortals with his own strength. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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